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Ornement Crochet - modèle gratuit

Ornement Crochet - modèle gratuit
I hope you haven't forgotten me and my little space here. In case you have, I have come with a free pattern for you to enjoy and remember me for some more time. I created this pattern long ago but due to my neck and shoulder pain I had to stay away from crochet and computers for a few days and eventually lost interest in it. Today I somehow regained my mojo and completed it. So here is the free pattern for you. You may use any yarn and a suitable hook. I have written the pattern using American terminology. Abbreviations that I have used are: sc - single crochet (UK - double crochet) dc- double crochet (UK - treble) sl st - slip stitch (UK - single crochet) st - stitch Cluster: 3 double crochet (UK - treble) stitches worked together into the same stitch or space Begin Pattern Round 1: Using color A make a magic ring and 16 sc into the ring (or) chain 4 and join with a sl st to form a ring and 16 sc into the ring. Join yarn and make a few chains and join them to form a loop. Have a great day!

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Sweet girl applique Hi there, I revised one of my older free patterns called Sweet girl applique. I made some changes, added many pictures, wrote the text clearer and it is ready for you :-) No long talks today and let's go to crochet :-) Oh, after all I have to say something - the design of this cute little girl is not entirely mine. I tuned it to a collection of fashion brand Next 2010. Me and my little one Natalka like this little cute girl very much, so I made it as a crochet applique too.

Boot Cuffs by LBK63 pattern by Lori Bennett Kramer This is a quick and easy boot cuff pattern. One size fits most, but length is easily adaptable by adding or subtracting the beginning number of chains and width is easily adaptable by adding or subtracting in multiples of 2 rows. The bottom portion is crocheted in rows, joined together, and then the top portion is added in the round. This cuff is made all in one piece, so do not cut yarn until entire cuff is complete, unless you are changing colors. Materials: 6.0 mm (J) hook About 2 ounces worsted weight yarn scissors yarn needle for weaving in ends Little Spring Mandala Pattern: Made in K-Town by Barbara Please respect my rights as designer: do not sell, share, translate, or publish any parts of my patterns (including pictures) online or elsewhere without my permission. Do not claim this pattern as your own.

A new crochet stool cover Ta da! A new crocheticious stool cover… I love how bright and cheerful it turned out. Would you like to make one of your own? Well you have come to the right place, read on… Crochet stool cover tutorial Magic Spike Mandala Square - 12" Afghan Block A mandala… square? Yes! I recently had a request come in asking me to turn the Magic Spike Mandala into an afghan square. I thought it was a great idea ( particularly for such a busy week). Here’s the result – the Magic Spike Mandala Square! The Magic Spike Mandala Square is a 12″ x 12″ afghan block that retains the look of the original mandala but is decidedly blanket-friendly.

Adding a Crochet Edge to Paper – Valentines & Frames I am so excited to finally share this fun crochet project! For the past month I’ve been trying to come up with a way to use my old 2011 calendars. They were far to pretty to just put in the recycling bin so I decided to recycle them in my own way. I initially thought I wanted to make a bunting, then a photo album, but I knew I had to incorporate some yarn into this project. Free baby crochet pattern bib and booties usa Free Baby Crochet Pattern Bib and Booties USA Format Abbreviations

CROCHETED ROPE BASKET I love having little baskets and containers around to keep things tidy, and have really been wanting to experiment with different materials to crochet with recently. This little basket is not only a perfect way to practice crocheting with rope, but also to hold little odds and ends! For this project I used a Size P crochet hook and one package of clothesline rope. This rope is nylon, but it would be fun to use cotton rope and experiment with dyeing it different colors! How cute would it be to dye the rope a few different colors and make a giant granny square rug? African Flower Hexagon Join-as-you-go Tutorial Today was a quiet day...we spent it at home, just pottering about. Gerry had to go and do rounds, and the kids did homework while I photographed the tutorial. It was a warm, sunny summers day here in SA, and the kids spent the afternoon swimming.... A visitor asked for a tutorial on how to join-as-you-go when you are crocheting African Flower Hexagons... here you are ....

Pom Pom Edge I was looking for a cute border to put on a granny square blanket I just finished I needed to modify it

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