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The 70 coolest free applications in existence - Software -

The 70 coolest free applications in existence - Software -
Posted on Sunday 16th of September 2007 at 14:37 in SoftwareAt the end of August I created a list of the 40 coolest free applications around which proved quite popular. As with all lists of this type the wisdom of the crowds brought forward numerous other suggestions that I'd overlooked for one reason or another - so here is the revised list. As with the original list, the purpose is to collate some of the best free applications (and sometimes online services) that can be found on the Internet. I spend a lot of time on the Internet (through my work as a web developer) so it's always worth pooling a decent list of resources to those who are more fortunate to have time away from computers. See below for a brief list of what's covered: Image, Image Editing and GraphicsOfficeWeb and web developmentDevelopment Applications (IDE's)Operating SystemsVideo PlaybackAudioAnti-Virus and SecurityDownloading and Download ManagersRemote AccessUseful Applications that don't get their own categoryGames Related:  Software/Freeware Lists

2006 December Fingerprint Illusion What do you see in this fingerprint illusion picture? I can’t see anything. Please tell us what do you see! It is an ape. Read the rest of this entry » Permalink Elephant Legs Illusion How many legs does this elephant have? Permalink Hidden Word Illusion What do you see in this illusion picture? Permalink Black Dots Illusion How many black dots can you see in this illusion picture? The illusion is known as the scintillating grid, and was discovered by E. Source: Scintillating Grid Illusion & Black Dots Permalink Jesus Illusion First, focus on the four dots in the middle of the image for about 20 seconds. Source: Jesus Optical Illusion Permalink Color Illusion Look at the chart and say the COLOR but not the word. Permalink 7 Dolphins There are seven dolphins in this picture. Source: Seven Dolphins Permalink Vanity Illusion What do you see in this optical illusion picture? Permalink Donkey or Seal? What do you see in this optical illusion picture? Tell us what do you see. Permalink

The Best Free Software of 2010 Get what you DON'T pay for: Here are 196 programs that cost nothing but will make your computing life richer—all while keeping your wallet fat. We don't want to make you feel bad, but, uh... are you really still paying for software? Wow. Well, we're here to spread the word: There's no lack of free software to be found online. Some of it is as powerful, if not more so, than the name-brand packages found on shelves at Best Buy for big bucks. Knowing all this, every year PCMag puts together a fresh look at the Best Free Software. In addition, we know there's plenty of free software available for smartphones, so we've made a notation if the app has a mobile component, but we'll leave the full list of no-cost apps for your phone to our mobile experts (See "The Top 100 Free Apps for Your Phone.") Did we miss any great no-cost programs? In This Story:

Jazclass - Jazz Theory 20 : OTHER CHORDS Rhythm Class - In Focus - Learn to Read Music - Jazclass Links (Down - Top - Links) JT 20.1 - Major and minor 6th Chords The major 6th chord is a major triad with the 6th (note of the major scale) added. Both chords function as major chords (never as dominant chords).They are especially suitable as ending chords for a song. Audio 1 For improvisation over these chords use the major scale or the major pentatonic scale. The minor 6th chord is a minor triad with the 6th (note of the Dorian mode) added. Both chords function as minor chords. Audio 2 For improvisation over these chords use the Dorian mode or the major pentatonic scale with a lowered 3rd (C D Eb G A C). (Down - Up - Top - Links) JT 20.2 - The Augmented 7th Chord The augmented 7th chord is a dominant 7th chord with a raised 5th. The augmented 7th chord always functions as a dominant chord. Audio 4 The augmented chord symbol is C+7 or C7aug or C7#5 or similar. (Down - Up - Top - Links) JT 20.3 - The suspended 7th Chord Audio 5 V7sus4 - V7 - I

100 of the Best (Useful) OpenSource Applications | Ubuntu Linux Help The following is a list of about 100 of the best OpenSource Applications, that actually help make Linux more usable for people. It is my hope that this list shows potential Linux users that there really is a large, effective, productive and usable range of free, OpenSource applications. The majority of these applications can be installed by either apt-get or synaptic, however I’ve included the web site addresses of these applications so that you can obtain more information. This list took a long time to put together and I tried to keep it in alphabetical order for you. – You might want to bookmark this and come back later. Enjoy! Ardour: ( Ardour is a digital audio workstation. Ardour capabilities include: multichannel recording, non-destructive editing with unlimited undo/redo, full automation support, a powerful mixer, unlimited tracks/busses/plugins, timecode synchronization, and hardware control from surfaces like the Mackie Control Universal. Record live audio.

find MP3 files with intitle index of and parent directory Suche deinen Lieblingssong und nutze die Vorteile des MP3-Fomates Stelle dir vor, du hast ein ganz bestimmtes Lied im Kopf. Die Melodie summst du die ganze Zeit vor Dich hin und beim Sitzen in der U-Bahn kannst Du die Beine nicht stillhalten und du wippst den Beat dieses Tracks. Was ist Gooload und wie funktioniert die MP3-Suchmaschine? Richtig, Gooload ist eigentlich eine ganz simple Suchmaschine, so zumindest die Optik, die zum einfachen Bedienen einlädt. Besonders praktisch ist die Funktion, die dir auf Gooload mit der Artist Directory geboten wird. Das MP3-Format bedeutet Freiheit und Nutzbarkeit auf deinen digitalen Abspielgeräten Klar, Filestreaming-Dienste sind praktisch, allerdings musst du für den Nutzen meistens kostenpflichtige Abonnements abschließen und bezahlst damit auch immer für Inhalte, welche Du persönlich selber gar nicht nutzen möchtest. Mit Gooload hast Du die Möglichkeit verfügbare MP3-Songs aufzustöbern und diese zu nutzen.

Freeware Top 30 The following is a list of 30 freeware programs that I cannot live without. I wanted this to be the one page a reader can turn to get all the essential free programs they need to install on a new computer. This list doesn’t cover the best free program in every conceivable category, but for those categories that are represented the programs showcased here in most cases, I would argue, are best-in-class. This list last updated July 17th 2010: 1- Everything: desktop file search that will transform the way you use your PC 2- Launchy: my favorite launcher 3- LastPass: centralized, cloud-based password manager 4. Some notes before proceeding: 1- Everything: desktop file search that will transform the way you use your PC Sounds hyperbolic, perhaps, but I stand by it 100%. Right clicking “search everything” on folders will soon become your method of choice when seeking, well, anything. “Everything” is relatively low on resource consumption (11 megs on my PC). > Go here to download.

Les moteurs de recherche anonymes, libres et décentralisés Yauba Présentation Tout d'abord tout le monde sait ce qu'est un moteur de recherche, non ? Un moteur de recherche est, comme son nom vous l'indique, celui qui vous aide à mener à bien vos recherches, l'un des plus connu étant Google. Yauba est aussi un moteur de recherche mais pas comme les autres. L'utilisation et les différences Pour utiliser Yauba il vous suffit de vous rendre sur le site suivant : tout simplement. Sites internet Nouvelles en temps réel Les informations traditionnelles Les nouvelles sur le Web Les blogs Les réponses Les images Les vidéos Les PDF Les documents Word Les documents POWERPOINT Yauba est disponible en plusieurs langues dont le français, il possède deux filtres que vous pouvez activer ou non à savoir : « la version légère » qui est activée par défaut et « les recherches filtrées » désactivées par défaut. Voila pour Yauba : facile à prendre en main, il sera bientôt votre moteur de recherche préféré. Ixquick Fonctionnement Différences

The Best Free Software of 2009 - Video The best things in life often actually are free. Here, a list of 173 of the best things in life—free software, for launching apps, networking, backup, synchronization, entertainment, and more. Video 169. 170. 171. 172. 173. The festival of free software doesn't have to end! • The Best Free Software '08 • Free iPhone apps How Music REALLY Works!, Chapter 6: How Chords and Chord Progressions REALLY Work 6.17.1 Optimizing Unity and Variety in Chord Progressions 6.17.2 Emotional Effects of Chords The writer Tom Wolfe once advised that, just as a doctor learns, “First, do no harm,” so an artist must keep in mind, “First, entertain.” In songwriting, this applies to every aspect: harmony, rhythm, melody, form, lyrics, performance. “To entertain” means pretty much the same thing as, “Create sufficient variety. At the same time, every element has to be accessible. Figure 128 summarizes this concept: FIGURE 128 Scales of Unity and Variety Aim for the upper right. Your song (or the song you’ve chosen to play, if you didn’t write it) won’t grab your audience emotionally if it confuses them musically or lyrically, or if it bores them, musically or lyrically. A great song, performed competently, gets everything right. • Harmony and chord progressions • Pulse, meter, tempo, rhythm • Phrasing and form • Melody • Lyrics • Performance values (live or recorded) (NOTE: As always, these are not hard-and-fast rules.

The Best Free Software of 2009 - RSS Readers The best things in life often actually are free. Here, a list of 173 of the best things in life—free software, for launching apps, networking, backup, synchronization, entertainment, and more. RSS Readers 158. Google | Mobile After three years, Google's RSS feed reader is tops, not only mimicking the best of what desktop readers can do but also mashing up nicely with other Google services, like the iGoogle home page.Read our review of Google Reader. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163.

Créer une signature avec image pour ses mails Avec Thunderbird Thunderbird ne comporte pas d'éditeur de signature. Pour la créer, nous allons simplement utiliser l'outil de rédaction d'un nouveau message et l'enregistrer sous la forme d'un fichier HTML. Vous pourrez ainsi réutiliser ce fichier pour vos signatures. Lancez Thunderbird. Ouvrez un nouveau message vierge en cliquant sur le bouton Ecrire. Rédigez alors votre signature et mettez-la en forme. Etape suivante : Avec Outlook Express

45 Interesting Web 2.0 Services And Applications That Can Make Your Life Easier Web 2.0 is a category of new Internet tools and technologies created around the idea that the people who consume media and use the Web shouldn't passively absorb what's available. Rather, they should be active contributors, engaging and interacting with each other, helping customize media and technology for their own purposes, as well as those of their communities. So we would need powerful Web services and applications to aggregate and remix micro-content in new and useful ways. Web applications can be defined as "software delivered as a service over or on the Web" in short SaaS. But when could a Web service or application be considered part of Web 2.0 generalization? Web 2.0 has definitely morphed into something more than a set of ‘fascinating’ and new technologies and services. Based on the original Tim O’Reilly discussions of Web 2.0 and the seven principles that he describes as Accounting, Finances & Invoice LessAccounting is a comprehensive online accounting tool for small business.

21 Awesome (But Lesser-Known) Open-Source Applications for Windows | Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in Madagascar for the last few years, you undoubtedly already know about the All-Star open-source applications for Windows. I’m talking about applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird, GIMP, OpenOffice, and VLC. However, there are hundreds of lesser-known but highly-useful open-source applications available for Windows. These applications range from moderately popular to downright obscure, but all of them are open-source and FREE. Here they are, in random order: 1. ZScreen is an open-source screen capture program that quietly resides in your system tray until needed. If you frequently take screenshots, ZScreen is light years faster than pressing Print Scrn and pasting into MS Paint. 2. PDFCreator allows you to create PDFs from any program that can print. There are several similar programs, but if you dig open-source software, PDFCreator trumps many of the others. 3. I use KeePass to manage hundreds of usernames and passwords. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.