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The 70 coolest free applications in existence - Software -

The 70 coolest free applications in existence - Software -
Posted on Sunday 16th of September 2007 at 14:37 in SoftwareAt the end of August I created a list of the 40 coolest free applications around which proved quite popular. As with all lists of this type the wisdom of the crowds brought forward numerous other suggestions that I'd overlooked for one reason or another - so here is the revised list. As with the original list, the purpose is to collate some of the best free applications (and sometimes online services) that can be found on the Internet. I spend a lot of time on the Internet (through my work as a web developer) so it's always worth pooling a decent list of resources to those who are more fortunate to have time away from computers. See below for a brief list of what's covered: Image, Image Editing and GraphicsOfficeWeb and web developmentDevelopment Applications (IDE's)Operating SystemsVideo PlaybackAudioAnti-Virus and SecurityDownloading and Download ManagersRemote AccessUseful Applications that don't get their own categoryGames

Apache OFBiz, The Apache Open For Business Project - Open Source E-Business / E-Commerce, ERP, CRM, POS, SCM, MRP, CMMS/EAM 23 Lesser known but Incredibly useful Windows Shortcuts Sponsored Links Keyboard Shortcuts are a great way to increase productivity as they save a lot of time and also relieve hands from that pain caused by using mouse repetitively. Here are 23 lesser known Windows Shortcuts categorized into their area of use that are incredibly helpful in increasing productivity as they make common daily tasks a lot easier. Windows Explorer 1. F2: Rename object – Forget right clicking a file or folder to find Rename option, Just select any file or folder with a single click and press F2 to rename selected object. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9 SHIFT:To prevent a CD/DVD from running automatically press and hold Shift while inserting CD/DVD into your optical drive. 10. 11. 12. 13. Windows Management 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Miscellaneous 21. 22. 23. If you know some more lesser known but useful windows shortcuts, you can discuss in comments below.

ZePy - Collecting best of Internet Tips! Simple Help - Common questions, simple answers 15 Online Tools that You Will Come to Love as a Tech · I have compiled a list of 15 free online tools that will help you greatly as a tech. I’m sure that there are other good ones that I have left out so please feel free to post the ones that you like as well. IPTools offers a wide variety of online networking tools. BugMeNot allows you to find and share logins for sites that require you to register. allows you to test your Internet connection speed. is a social bookmarking site that allows you to bookmark sites and view them from any computer. Omnidrive is an online storage service that allows you to upload large files, access them from any computer, and share them with other people. 10 Minute Mail allows you to create temporary email addresses that expire after 10 minutes. Free Password GeneratorFree Password Generator generates very strong and unique passwords. Trend Micro HouseCall is an online virus, spyware, and malware scanner that runs in your web browser. 3Share2 2Share42Share0 7 141

8 hacks to make Firefox ridiculously fast Firefox has been outperforming IE in every department for years, and version 3 is speedier than ever. But tweak the right settings and you could make it faster still, more than doubling your speed in some situations, all for about five minutes work and for the cost of precisely nothing at all. Here's what you need to do. 1. Enable pipelining Browsers are normally very polite, sending a request to a server then waiting for a response before continuing. Keep in mind that some servers don't support pipelining, though, and if you regularly visit a lot of these then the tweak can actually reduce performance. 2. Large, complex web pages can take a while to download. Type about:config and press [Enter], then right-click (Apple users ctrl-click) somewhere in the window and select New > Integer. Right-click again in the window and select New > Boolean. 3. Type about:config and press [Enter], right-click in the window and select New > Integer. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

9 Amazing Firefox Add-Ons That Will Save Your Time! - Opensource, Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster. Firefox is a fastest growing popular web browser. There are lots of ease provided by the firefox and this is the main reason for its popularity. There are lots of free download able extensions and add-ons available on the internet for firefox and there demands are increasing every day. You are welcome to share if you know more amazing firefox add-ons that will save time which our readers/viewers may like. Read It Later It lets you save articles and webpages so you can read them later, even when you’re offline. Chunkit This add-on is so badass, that if search engines made a superhero movie, this would be the Batman. Remove Cookie(s) From Site So, you visited a website you’re not too proud of, but you don’t want to delete your cookies or you will lose your progress on Defend Your Castle. This is your childhood cardboard fort of Firefox add-ons. TryAgain IMDb Preview Aging Tabs

The Ultimate Tweaker's Guide To Firefox3 One of the main reason why Firefox has been so successful, is that you can tweak it to match your needs. Though there are another 12 million Firefox users out there, still you can make your Firefox installation unique, matching your personality. This short guide gives you a myriad of options that can be tweaked in Firefox 3. Read along. Auto complete in the address bar as you type an address. This may not be that evident at first, but will soon reveal to be a no-brainier once you know it. What other tricks and tips have you found on Firefox 3? Reinstall Windows and outfit your system with all freeware programs I recently clean installed Windows XP on my laptop, and this meant that I had to re-install all the essential software that I use. It also presented an opportunity to write a posting about how you can outfit your computer with all the essential (and non-essential) software you need using strictly 100% freeware and/or open source titles.This posting could have been titled any of the following: Pre-installation: before reformatting my hard drive, I used the following programs: Installation: re-installed Windows XP on the re-formatted primary partition. Used the CD that came with my laptop to install all the proper drivers without hitch. If you have drivers issues try to find the drivers you need on the internet and, if not 100% successful, use the ones from the DriverMax backup (#4 above). Post installation: now the fun begins.