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Ocean Wave Simulation

Ocean Wave Simulation

Foundation 2012 Annual Report Dear Friends, Community. It’s the first word that comes to mind when I think about the LIVESTRONG Foundation. In 2012, I never felt more strongly about the power of community as we—together with you by our side—faced difficult headwinds and uncharted territory. Through that and beyond, as we move with excitement into a new, promising and singularly focused era for our Foundation, we have remained intently focused on what matters: people affected by cancer today and our mission to improve their lives. Second, we worked on the front lines and across the globe to advance cancer care. Our accomplishments would not be possible without the steadfast commitment of our Chairman Jeff Garvey, our Board of Directors and our millions of dedicated supporters. Although some things have changed, one thing remains absolutely true: This Foundation doesn’t back down from a challenge. Continue Reading

Zero-Friction Free Online Mind Mapping Software - Mind Map in the cloud This operation requires a valid MindMup Gold License. Export, save and embed larger maps using MindMup Gold. We have sent a temporary access code to your e-mail. Please wait, your license is being restored We could not find that email or username. If you are a new user select I want to sign up, or go Back to provide a different email. Please wait, sending the access code to your e-mail The code you entered was rejected. If you think this is an error, please email us at This operation is not authorised under your current MindMup Gold License. Click on Log Out to change the active license in this browser or Renew to extend the current license. If you think that this is an error, please send us an e-mail at and include your current license. This license is invalid or expired Click on Log Out to change the active license in this browser. This license server is unavailable at the moment. A subscription has not been purchased for this license

Nasty Icons. 50 free vector icons to spice up your designs! Treeview Da File In Jquery : Javascript Tree Menu Q: We have a question and a problem. This is a link to our website with your menue: Down the navigation point "FAQґs" is a submenue like darm, diverses, einlagen etc....) If you click on a link in this submenue a new window open _BLANK! Is it possible to open the new site in a popup in dhtml drop down menu, like 800 x 600 or something? A: You should paste the following code inside 'Link' field of menuItems (you can do it inDeluxe Tuner):' status=yes,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no'); Q: I am having an issue using JavaScript Tree Menu with Netscape 7 and cross-frame support across domains. A: The menu will work correctly in the cross-frame mode if you load pages into the sub frame from the same domain. More info about cross-frame mode you can find here: A: The main menu in java has only two states normal and mouseover.

提升品质!丰富APP动态效果的六点原则 这篇文章是百度云UE负责人@elya妞撰写的,从动效的6个方面详析怎样借移动应用强力提升APP品质!篇幅虽短,但是总结精炼,很值得一读。 @elya妞 :如果想让你的移动应用更活泼更灵动,丰富的动效是不可少的,丰富的动效可以让你的应用更具活力,充满生机;丰富的动效可以让你的应用彰显效率,提升品质感;丰富的动效可以让你的应用充满魅力,引人探索;丰富的动效可以让你的应用减少焦虑,消除等待感;丰富的动效可以让你的应用充满韵味,有节奏感;丰富的动效可以让你的应用有出奇的信息组织,整洁高效。 动次打次再来一篇动感干货: 《掌握动效设计!让你的设计富有未来科技感(上)》 《掌握动效设计! 这里主要介绍六种简单通用的方式 ———— 转场、邀请、过渡、反馈、缩放、吸附。 原则一:转场 由于手机屏幕空间有限,更多的内容会被隐藏在屏幕后边,或者屏幕的左边、右边、下边,转场动效能帮助应用营造一种空间方位感。 原则二:邀请 直接提供邀请,告知用户可以做的事,效果最直观,引导性最好。 原则三:过渡 当应用正在加载数据的时候,一定要给予过渡,让用户知道应用正在努力工作,系统级的过渡分为两种——进度条和菊花转,进度条是用在可预知完成进度和剩余时间的情况下;菊花转是用在无法预知剩余时间的情况下。 不是所有情况下,都要清晰的告知用户当然任务的加载进度的,比如iPhone自带的短信应用,发送短信的时候有一个进度条,本意是好的,让用户知道短信发送的进度。 原则四:反馈 当任务成功或失败之后,需要有办法告知用户。 如果是成功类的提醒,往往只是告知状态就可以了,用户无需执行操作,反馈就可以自己消失。 原则五:缩放 在一寸土一寸金的手机界面上耕耘,恨不得盖个复式小洋楼,一行当两行用。 比如Bluga这个输入框,当你不需要输入的时候,它看起来就是一个输入的入口,但是当你点击的时候,输入的辅助信息都出来了,更大的文字撰写框、位置、图片、发送按钮,你可以打开盒子,编辑一条丰富的消息。 原则六:吸附 吸附是网格系统中一个很具有美学色彩的设计,当你拖拽着一个应用切换位置的时候,这个应用会被自动吸附到对齐网格的位置,保证界面整洁利索(不像Nokia的某些手机,Widget可以满屏幕拖拽,跟我凌乱的桌面一样);当你拖拽一个应用到另外一个应用上的时候,就可以变成一个文件夹,这里也是通过文件夹的样式和吸附的效果,让用户明白建立文件夹的交互的。

45 top examples of JavaScript | JavaScript JavaScript creates platforms that can engage a user and ensure that they remember your site and continue to revisit. It can be used to create games, APIs, scrolling abilities and much more. The internet is full of web design inspiration, including great examples of JavaScript being used to bring a website to life and provide great user experiences. 01. If you've ever watched Cosmos, you may remember Carl Sagan talking about the Cosmic Calendar. 14 billion years of events is a huge dataset, and displaying it in a browser is no easy task. The son of a historian, Stauber created Histography as a student at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, under the guidance of Ronel Mor. The site scans and indexes events from Wikipedia, grabs the article, and pulls in a Google image and YouTube video. 02. This online portfolio showcasing the talent of Italian 3D artist Filippo Bello was conceived, designed and developed internally at Adoratorio by Enea Rossi and Alessandro Rigobello. 03. 04. 05. 06.

Building a Circular Navigation with CSS Transforms A tutorial on how to create a circular navigation using CSS transforms. View demo Download source In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create circular navigations using CSS transforms. Like I mentioned, there’s going to be some basic math involved, along with CSS transforms to create these styles. I also want to mention that credit for the original technique goes to Ana Tudor. So, without further ado, let’s get started! The Markup We’re going to be building a navigation, so we’ll start with a regular navigation structure. The icons we’re using in this demo are from Font Awesome. The Math Behind the CSS Transforms The best way to explain the math is to use a visual explanation instead of a written one. First let’s go over what a “central angle” is. Suppose you want to distribute all navigation items on a semi-circle like the example we’re making here, and you have 6 items in your navigation list, then each angle would have a central angle of: 180deg / 6 = 30deg 360deg / 6 = 60deg Step 7

9 個網站設計容易遺漏的小細節 照片來源:Horia Varlan 要設計出一個使用者體驗絕佳的網站,除了視覺美觀、功能完整之外,細節也是不可或缺。甚至我們可以說,兩個功能相近的網站,決定使用者體驗差異的關鍵,正是細節。 1. 不論是新聞、Google 搜尋結果、部落格文章或是 Facebook 上的內容,一般來說都會有很多連結。 我們熟悉的 Google、CNN、BBC、紐約時報等都有這樣的設計,不過像是華爾街日報、聯合新聞網等則沒有。 2. 有時候網站會出現一個浮出視窗(modal window),例如我們要分享 Facebook 上的貼文時跳出來的那種,不過比較討厭的是當我們要關閉那個視窗時,點擊視窗以外的地方並不能直接關閉視窗,只能點右上角的「X」,這樣樣一來我們還得精準地移動滑鼠,顯得不是那麼方便。 這個部分 Twitter 就做得不錯,在使用者發表推文的浮出視窗外點一下,就可以關閉視窗了。 ▲ 點外視窗外面的灰色區域以關閉視窗,是不是比點擊「X」簡單多了呢? 3. 當使用者看見網頁上出現待填的表單(例如常見的網站登入介面或報名表),這個時候如果游標可以直接出現在第一個待填的欄位,不必勞駕使用者移動滑鼠,那麼體驗自然會比較好。 另外一個例子是 Yahoo 字典,他們的游標會自動出現在查找單字的欄位,而不是上方的網頁搜尋——畢竟使用者都點進來字典了,要找的當然是單字而非網頁。 4. 不知道大家有沒有這樣的經驗——填完表單(或是登入網站時要填帳號密碼)按下 Enter 鍵之後卻什麼也沒發生? 這樣的設計有好有壞,例如可以避免因為誤觸而送出未完成的表單,但相對而言麻煩許多,畢竟有很多情況只是我要登入一個網站,而不是要轉帳或是送出大學聯考的志願序。 5. 我們知道在網站上使用圖示代替文字描述是個優雅的方式,例如垃圾桶代表刪除、購物車代表,呃,購物車。 6. 現在絕大多數的網路服務都會放上部落格連結,但是別忘了要在部落格上加入連回網站的連結。 例如「Castro」這個最近剛推出的 podcast app,網站跟 app 本身都設計得不錯,可是點了部落格連結,讀完他們發表的宣言或是產品更新資訊後卻會發現:回不去產品頁面了。 7. 8. 一般而言,像是部落格或網路相簿等等,都會讓使用者編輯已經發送出去的內容(文章或是照片的文字描述),然而有些情況並不適合讓使用者「反悔」,例如 ID、留言等等,因為那容易造成混淆或是誤會。 9.

35个在网页设计中使用矢量插图案例 返回顶部下载帮助 站长俱乐部 网站建设资源 站长水吧 ALEXA排名查询 百度权重查询 SEO概况查询 友情链接查询 Google PR查询 Whois信息查询 域名备案查询 字体下载 高清壁纸 手机壁纸 高清图片 矢量素材 PPT模板 PSD素材 立即登录 注册新帐号 站长素材 快速导航 jpg psd ai eps cdr ppt ttf html png mp3 fla swf gif 您当前位置:站长素材 >>资讯>>酷站资讯>>35个在网页设计中使用矢量插图案例 35个在网页设计中使用矢量插图案例 创建一些真正独特的特别的网页设计,就应该有一个适当的图片排版。 svkariburnu Melbourne Remote Control Tourist Full English Toasted Digital JAX Aviation The Wes Anderson Collection Play It Forward Duplos by Ricardo Mestre Cuisines Schmidt Noir Et Renoir Flip-Universum InfoQuest Infographic Moving Things Design Company Abby Putinsky Reunite the River Lets Yep! Future Bristol My Own Corks Super Sync Sports Metropolis Legwork Studio Kick My Habits DrupalCon Portland Michele Lana Illustration and Design House Kitchen Sam Markiewicz ContextAd Octave and Octave Boy-Coy Quiz Amplifon Multimedium Boomset Enso Then vs. 文章来源:站长素材资讯 热门资讯 热门素材内容推荐 关于站长之家 - 联系我们 - 广告服务 - 版权声明 - 友情链接 - 栏目地图 - 帮助说明