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Guter Umgang - Deutsch lernen mit Umgangssprache Willkommen zu Guter Umgang - Deutsch lernen mit Umgangssprache In der Kolumne Guter Umgang stellen wir Lernern für Deutsch als Fremdsprache aktuelle Themen vor. Dazu gibt es Grundwortschatz zum Thema, interessante Redewendungen und umgangssprachliche Ausdrücke. Letzte Podcasts Keine Kunst Na? Ressources pour enseigner : ressources générales Les ressources documentaires a) CNED : Deutsch für Schulen : Collège - Lycée Vous trouverez les guides pour la connection des professeurs et des élèves ainsi que les guides pour mettre en place une classe virtuelle ci-dessous. Sgoth repairs Fundraising efforts are underway to try and keep a piece of Hebridean maritime heritage afloat. “An Sulaire” a traditional full-sized Sgoth Niseach, a fishing sail boat typical to Lewis of over 100 years ago, has required major repairs. Comhairle nan Eilean Siar provided a vital grant to save the timber clinker-built replica vessel but paying out the final bill of around £10,000 has drained the bank account of the volunteer community trust which looks after her. The committee desperately needs to raise some cash for the £2000 running costs for next year which includes maintenance and insurance.

neuneinhalb aktuelle Sendung Dauer-Demo – Was will Pegida eigentlich? Dauer-Demo – Was will Pegida eigentlich? Sendung vom 19.03.2016 Top Thema mit Vokabein Toutes les ressources en ligne pour apprendre l'allemand Parce que la grammaire peut sembler être le nuage noir de tout apprenant en allemand, voici une liste de ressources présentant la grammaire allemande de manière simple et ludique. Prononciation de l'allemandGuide pratique des règles de bases de la prononciation allemande par Lexilogos. La grammaire allemandeLa grammaire allemande simplement expliquée par Lingolia (temps, verbes, pronoms, adjectifs...). Vocabulaire allemandListe de vocabulaire utile en allemand par Language Guide : passez sur chaque image pour entendre et lire le mot correspondant. Entraînement de vocabulaireVocabulix vous offre un portail d'entraînement pour apprendre du vocabulaire allemand en images !

St Kilda row Fight over St Kilda name 30/8/12 The National Trust for Scotland (NTS) and Western Isles Council are embroiled in a tit-for-tat battle over the rights to the St Kilda name. In what islands' development chairman Archie Campbell called an "ongoing 30-year war with NTS" the council wants to commercially promote the St Kilda brand and capitalise the huge global interest in the archipelago of islands which lie 40 miles into the Atlantic off the Hebrides. But while the council got the first call on the European trademark the NTS has nipped in to try and grab the UK rights for the islands which are a World Heritage Site and an European Special Area of Conservation. The council successfully obtained an European-wide trademark under the English and Gaelic names for St Kilda. But the NTS lodged official opposition claiming it was the best owner of the trademark given its longstanding ownership of the islands.

Stichwort MODEL OF WHALING VESSEL ON DISPLAY IN FERRY TERMINAL BUILDING A scale model of the whaling vessel ‘Southern Actor’ is now on display in the Stornoway Ferry Terminal Building. The vessel, known as a catcher, was used throughout the 1950s and early ‘60s to catch whales in the South Atlantic. Many islanders worked as whalers in the South Atlantic on-board catcher vessels such as the Southern Actor which harpooned whales. The islanders also worked on the factory vessels, often over-wintering in Leith Harbour in South Georgia. Pentland Road Centenary 1912 - 2012 - Community This Saturday (8th September) sees the Carloway Historical Society celebrate the Pentland Road Centenary. There will be plenty to see and do including a Walk/Cycle/Run from Stornoway to Carloway at 10.30am and a Walk/Cycle/Run from Breasclete road end to Carloway. If you are interested in taking part in either of these please contact Iain Macarther on by today (Monday 3rd September). At 3pm on Saturday there will also be a Rally of vintage vehicles, leaving from the garages at Marybank. Everyone is welcome to take part, and all vintage vehicles will be warmly welcomed.

Peace Camp About Valtos Travelling through the extraordinary bleak terrain that leads from Stornoway past the ancient Callanish stones to the west side of the Isle of Lewis, the road leads to Valtos, its white shell sand beach forming a perfect teardrop shelter from the incoming might of the Atlantic Ocean. A site of continuous settlement for thousands of years, the village of Valtos once sat on high ground overlooking Cliff bay where archaeological evidence of a temple, burial ground, castle and smithy still remains. Following a bad storm in the eighteenth century, the village shifted towards the sea to protect its essential fishing boats against bad weather and now sits on the relatively sheltered water across from the Isle of Pabbay. This tiny village, with its population of around 35 people, is the largest settlement in the parish of Uig and was bought by the local community in 1999. The historic presence of ancient peoples can be felt throughout the island and the Gaelic language.

Events @ Faclan Hebridean Book Festival Tachartasan Faclan this year is an eclectic mix of writers and subjects on parallel, convergent and divergent paths; journeying into the past, into darkness, into madness, out of poverty… Again, it is a privilege that some of the most estimable people in their field, from near and far, will be joining us. Alan Johnson who held several cabinet posts including Health, Education and Home Secretary, will talk about his acclaimed memoir of a single-parent childhood. Saved from destitution by his mother, who died when he was 13, and then his older sister, herself still a child, This Boy is a moving and eloquent tribute to these two women.

Stornoway Windfarm approval Giant windfarm for Stornoway gets go-ahead 7/9/12 Plans for a major £220 million giant wind farm on the outskirts of Stornoway have been approved by the Scottish Government. The developers, Lewis Wind Power (LWP) - a partnership between Amec and French government-owned EDF Energy - will erect 36 giant turbines on moorland off the Lochs Road, adjacent to a busy tourist route. It is reckoned the Stornoway Windfarm will support 75 jobs in the Western Isles and generate contracts worth £40 million for the local economy. It also strengthens the case for the Western Isles sub-sea cable, which will free up the area’s renewable potential to generate electricity for the mainland, including for emerging marine energy technologies. The original application had 42 turbines, but the RSPB and Scottish Natural Heritage raised concerns about the potential impact on the Lewis Peatlands Special Protection Area.

Pentland Road centenary Celebrations have been held to mark the 100th anniversary of a direct road link between the east and west coast of Lewis. On Saturday nearly 40 vintage and classic cars drove the 16 miles distance between Stornoway and Carloway along the single track Pentland Road which was eventually completed in 1912. Earlier, locals walked, cycled and ran the route.