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Asana’s Work Tracking & Project Management Features

Asana’s Work Tracking & Project Management Features
tasks Easily create tasks for yourself or assign one to a teammate. projects Organize your tasks into shared lists or boards for your initiatives, meetings, and programs. sections and columns Sections and columns let you customize Asana to match your workflows and add structure to any project. project templates Add new workflows to Asana quickly and easily using pre-made templates. subtasks Break up the work of a task into smaller parts or divide the work among multiple people. convert task to project When a single task becomes a big initiative, quickly turn it into a project. due dates and times Due dates ensure every task gets completed on time. attachments Add files from your computer, Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive to any task or Conversation. hearts Say thanks, give a thumbs up, or vote for a task with a heart. task conversations Comment directly on a task, to clarify exactly what needs to be done. project conversations Discuss a project’s progress to keep the momentum going. team pages my tasks inbox Related:  Technology ToolkitToolsKaren and Jake's Resources

Tawe: Videos made easy from a simple image 'Using Tor is a civic act': A beginner's guide to the privacy browser Browsers are our window into the virtual world. So often though, we forget that just as we are looking outward, companies are looking inward. Every search we perform is logged and tied to our virtual footprint (and amongst other things, our geographic location). Search surveillance consequences span from differential pricing (like a higher online price if your browser denotes your location as affluent) to the inability for people to access sensitive information in countries with strict censorship laws (countries, for example, restricting access to sites about AIDS). This is where The Onion Router (Tor) comes in. The overall strategy of Tor is that the more people who use it, the stronger of a tool it is. “Using the Tor browser is a civic act — it allows you to protect your right to privacy, and at the same time it helps human rights activists in countries like Iran or China to use the Internet without getting a knock on the door,” she said. 1. (Screenshot) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

8 Under-Used Blog Post Structures to Try Today – and 24 Inspiring Examples - Zen Optimise Once you’ve mastered a few basic types of blog posts, it’s easy to get stuck producing the same type of content day after day and week after week. It’s a great idea to occasionally throw in something a bit different. Here are eight fantastic structures you can use to craft attention-grabbing blog posts (and to stand out from fellow bloggers in your field). Why not pick one to try this week? Structure #1: “How I … and how you can too” Although this format might sound similar to a “how to” post, it won’t necessarily result in a step-by-step guide. Tip: Make sure you put plenty of weight on the “how you can too” side of this post, even if you don’t include that wording in the title. Examples: Structure #2: “What is …?” Whatever your businesses is, there’s a good chance that newcomers will have some basic questions that they want answered, or specialist terms that they want defined. What is a Blog? Structure #3: “Ask the reader: …” Structure #4: What not to do Structure #5: “The … checklist”

Home Popplet start [Twine Wiki] Twine 2 Twine 2 is the most recent release series of Twine. If you've never used Twine before, this version is recommended. Twine 1 Twine 1 was the original version of Twine, and is still available to download for Windows and Mac. Story Formats Story formats are separate from the Twine editor, and determine the markup and code you use to write your stories. Harlowe Harlowe is the default story format for Twine 2. SugarCube SugarCube is a popular format descended from Twine 1's default, Sugarcube. Snowman Snowman is a format intended for programmers who have experience with JavaScript development, particularly jQuery. Other Formats Entweedle creates Twee source files from a story.Illume is an improved proofing format.Protagonist is similar to Snowman, but has more functionality built-in. Publishing Your Work Twine stories are published in HTML format, which means you can publish your files on any web server. After You've Published Couldn't find an answer to your question here?

3 Ways to Quell Overload Too many tasks, too many people, too much stuff. Whether fueled by the roles they want to play or a multitude of obligations, most people are overloaded. Companies and leaders are waking up to the fact that a relentless focus on doing more and being more is not sustainable. What can be done? Look to the network. Cross suggests that leaders first look at the things that routinely consume too much time and find other ways to get them done. The second thing to look at is your own behavior. Stop ruminating. CCL’s Nick Petrie writes about resilience and rumination in the white paper Wake Up! Wake up. Change your mental model. With the metaphor of driving using a manual stick-shift, they help clarify the value of different “modes” of thinking and behaving: 1st Gear — Time to fully rest and recharge. Most of us are stuck in 4th Gear, or unsatisfactorily trying to drive in several gears at once.

Aliens iniciales | Ben 10 Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia El término aliens iniciales, también mencionado como aliens originales, se utiliza para referirse a los primeros diez extraterrestres, que vienen en el Omnitrix al ser utilizado por primera vez. Cantidad de alienígenas Editar Por lo general, los aliens iniciales de cada Omnitrix son diez, descubriendo luego mas por medio de códigos o absorbción de ADN. Las especies de dichos alienígenas se seleccionan por gusto del creador o de quién los manda a hacer (en el caso del Omnitrix de Kenny, los diez aliens fueron elegidos por Ben 10.000). El pack de aliens iniciales es sincronizado con todos los Omnitrix que hay en el universo (por eso mismo Albedo no tuvo acceso al ADN Galvan, Materia Gris) o incluso de distintos universos cuando se encuentran cerca (como se demuestra en "Ben otra vez", que es sincronizado Clockwork entre los distintos Ben). Cambio de ADN Lista de aliens

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