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Paper Moravian Star Tutorial

Paper Moravian Star Tutorial
After I posted my Christmas tree last week, I had a few requests for instructions on how to make the paper star. I think it might be hard to write out, but here it goes... Materials: - 4 strips of paper; 3/4" wide by at least 17" long - thread or string to hang You will find large sheets of paper in an art supply store or the art section at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I use a self-healing mat, straightedge, and rotary cutter to cut the strips of paper. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. So that your paper looks like this: 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Hold paper in your hand and fold strip like shown in photo below: 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. { Yikes, don't mind my dry, ugly hands. 25. Your star is finished! I made this green star a few years ago by using wrapping paper. Good luck - I really hope this tutorial makes sense!

68 Uses for Scrapbook Paper There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service"). 1) Eligibility. 2) Definitions. 3) License Grant for Materials. 4) Removal of Materials. 5) License for Name, Trademarks and Likenesses. 6) Specifications and Guidelines. 7) Representations, Warranties and Indemnities. 8) Restrictions. 9) No Obligation. 10) Changes to Agreement. 11) Prime Publishing Intellectual Property. 12) Communications. 13) Waiver. 14) Disclaimer. 15) Miscellaneous. Sharing Your Own Images Who can share images? You! What should I share? Please share images that will help other visitors. Do include captions for your images. What shouldn't I share? Behave as if you were a guest at a friend's dinner party: please treat the Prime Publishing community with respect. The same guidelines apply to your captions and notes. Where will my image appear?

Cut Paper Art: Tutorial cute doll template Necessary tools: "Cute" templates (see directions) paper- assorted colors & patterns scissors glue stick Helpful tools: x-acto® knife hot glue gun glue stick tweezers cutting mat hole punch paper shaper scissors Directions: parts 1 template parts 2 template 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Congratulations! *please comment or email me what you think of the directions... this is my first tutorial and i tried hard to make it simple enough... anyhow, your feedback will be much appreciated! Paper Cutting Tutorial: Be A Wizard With Scissors I so looked forward to cutting snowflakes every winter as a kid. Now, I have found a way to keep it up all year long! I made the art piece above for a group show at a local coffee shop. Each of these paper cuttings is about 1.5 inches square (teeny tiny!) and there are over 50 of them! You really only need a few things to cut paper as a year round art project: a small pointed pair of scissors, thin paper folded just so and a willingness to play with shape and color. Most often I use origami paper for cutting. After you have your square, fold the paper in half corner-to-corner 2 more times (a total of 3 folds if you start with a whole unfolded square). The only rule to follow from here is that you must keep your paper intact at a minimum of one point on both of the long sides. You can make something up entirely, or create a specific image. I like to scatter a mix of simple flowers in my windows every spring. Paper cutting pasted to card stock makes adorable homemade cards! Happy cutting!

DIY Paper Feathers A few weeks ago I was helping my friend create her hat decoration for the Kentucky Derby party we were going to be attending together. We made over-sized paper flowers in bright pinks and plums and added some huge paper feathers into the mix to finish the over-the-top look. They were so pretty I knew I had to create a post for you on making a smaller version of these simple paper feathers.

19 Fun Ways To Use Patterned Papers & Cardstock Turn a plain journal, blank composition book or even a regular notebook into something really pretty..This journal was covered with decorative tapes but the same look can be achieved using pretty patterned papers. You could even use wallpaper, wrapping paper, newspaper, etc. Want a matching pen for your journal? Here is a tutorial by Patty over at LaLatty Stamp 'N Stuff that has great photo illustrated instructions on how to cover a journal with pretty paper and it shows how to make a matching ink pen to go with it! You could even make matching pencils sort of like these I found at Made Right Guide. These are nice and she even shares the tutorial.

Cardboard & Paper Engineering Resources The Most Incredible Cardboard Toys in the Whole Wide World, Stefan Czernecki The Cardboard Box Book, Danny, Jake, and Niall Walsh Easy-to-Make Cardboard Box Craft Projects, by Robert Tomb Creative Crafts froM Cardboard Boxes, by Nickki Connor Creative Crafts from Cardboard Tubes, by Nikki Connor Easy Cardboard Crafts in 5 Steps, Anna Llimos Creative Cardboard, by Linda Ragsdale New Crafts Cardboard, by Emma Hardy Building with Cardboard, by John Lidstone Engineering Activities with Paper and Cardboard, by Harry T Roman More Engineering Activities with Paper and Cardboard, Harry Roman Cardboard Carpentry, Ed Cox (Green binder) The Further Adventures of Cardboard Carpentry, George Cope & Phylis Morrison (Green binder) Cardboard folk instruments to make & play, Dennis Waring First Models in Cardboard, G. Cardboard Carpentry, Janet & Alex D'Amato Model Making in Cardboard, J. Weaving on Cardboard, Marthann Alexander Crazy boat: Cardboard robots: Minwax

Paper “Leatherbound” Book Covers Due to my husband’s profession, we have a constant influx of absurdly enormous books. While some are aesthetically acceptable enough not to disturb the visual flow I have going on our bookshelves, others are obtrusive in color or design. Since our built-in bookshelves are open to the living room, I like to have a clean look while trying not to be too uptight about it. I thought leather-looking book covers would solve the problem at hand and contribute to the scholarly library look I am trying to achieve. Read the full how-to after the jump! Materials grocery bagsironparchment paper (optional)Zinsser amber shellac (available at most hardware stores in the paint/stain dept.)disposable paintbrushmasking tapescissors Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. You’re done!

Computer Crafts An informative download for computer crafting buffs is available from Cloth Paper Scissors. 4 Free Digital Art Tutorials includes… a digital collage technique (pictured)an article on enhancing your work with digital arttwo photo collage techniques. Requires free membership to access the download. Read More : Computer Crafts or Home Description : Use Photoshop or Illustrator to Turn Yourself Into A Cartoon using a favorite photo. Craft Link : Turn Yourself Into A Cartoon Description: Can’t Stop Making Things has a wonderful tutorial on how to Design Your Own Poster (or postcard) from photographs of letters. Craft Link: Design Your Own Poster Read More: Computer Crafts or Home Description : Step-by-step tutorial showing how to Make Your Own Postcards using photoshop. Craft Link : Make Your Own Postcards Description : Learn How To Personalize A Game by changing the pictures on cards and game pieces to those of your choosing – use friends, favorite movie characters, etc. Craft Link : Print Your Veggies

DIY | Embossed Washi Tape Washi Tape was on the heat in scrap booking and paper crafting world a while ago. I have been loving this translucent effect of the washi tape when I first saw it… never bought one because I wanted to make it myself. I saw many tutorials on how to make it, I find the tissue paper and double-sided tape version most appealing to me. I am not repeating what other has done, I want it to be something special, so, I embossed it to become a dimensional washi tape. So… what is Washi Tape actually? Printed washi paper is used in gift packaging and sometimes as origami paper. In short, washi tape is a printed washi paper that has sticky backing, to stick on card, gift box, envelope, furniture, toys, etc., be it for decoration, for organization, for labeling, you name it. {Get the tutorials on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners

Paper Onion Garland I made these map garlands as a special request for a customer and they have proved rather popular. The map colours glow in the light – all those blues and green smoosh together into something very pretty. This is the style I call ‘paper onions’. I don’t know what else to call them! These are paper hearts, strung on twine. I’d like to experiment with something other than twine though. Like this: Like Loading...

Great Paper & Other Crafting Ideas Search: paper, plate, and plane A world of crafting, entertaining, and travels. Crafting Ideas A crafter? I prefer to consider myself a builder of things (maybe, just maybe, even a perpetrator of ideas). Enjoy the ideas you find by clicking on each image to link to the post. Share this idea! Like this: Like Loading... § 12 Responses to Crafting Ideas sheila Zachariae says: January 5, 2011 at 8:44 am Love those bangles! Leave a Reply Create a free website or blog at The Oulipo Theme. Follow Get every new post delivered to your Inbox. Join 1,176 other followers Powered by %d bloggers like this: