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Little Drummer Boy - Pentatonix

Little Drummer Boy - Pentatonix

Related:  Noël : jeu de la couronne musicale (remake du jeu 'Simon') Observe la séquence musicale, et essaye de la reproduire ! La musique est très présente au moment de Noël et partout dans les rues, les boutiques et les marchés, dans les maisons, les écoles et les jardins tintent des clochettes joyeuses, chantent des chorales enjouées, fredonnent des enfants impatients ou résonnent des mélodies enivrantes ! Tu connais sans doute beaucoup de chants de Noël et peut-être sais-tu également jouer d'un instrument de musique ? Le piano ? Le violon ? Top 40 Country Songs - November 2013 The top spots of the Top 40 country songs for November 2013 go to hits fans have been hearing for quite awhile. Most months, there is a bottleneck to get to that coveted No. 1 spot. One of country music’s most famous hitmakers is king this month, but it was a very, very close competition. After debuting at No. 4 last month, Keith Urban‘s new duet with Miranda Lambert moves up just one spot. Parmalee is a new name inside the Top 5.

The 10 Best Country Albums of 2013 It’s tough to say what constitutes a country album these days. 2013 was a year that saw arena-filling acts feud over pop’s influence in the genre, Nashville stars record with Norwegian pop Svengalis, and a country-rap collaboration become the longest-running No. 1 country hit of all time. Ten gallon hats and Wrangler jeans now feel out of place in a sea of trucker caps and wallet chains. Plus, the rise of Americana, a somewhat amorphous genre that’s not considered fully folk, fully rock, or fully pop – but one that shares so many roots (and so much instrumentation) with county music – has further blurred the lines. Much of what we call “Americana” or “singer-songwriter” today falls more into the classic “country” category in storytelling and song structure than the pop-infused output of Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, or certainly Taylor Swift. In short, the genre is something of a mess right now. 1.

Music Is Better Than Words Music Is Better Than Words is the debut studio album by Seth MacFarlane.[1][2] The album was produced and conducted by film and television composer Joel McNeely, who is also one of the composers of American Dad!, an animated TV series co-created by MacFarlane. On November 30, 2011, the album received nominations at the 54th Grammy Awards for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album and Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical. MacFarlane's musical background[edit] MacFarlane has performed at London's Royal Albert Hall and New York's Carnegie Hall.[3] He received voice training from Lee and Sally Sweetland, both of whom have worked with Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand.[4] MacFarlane is also a pianist and utilizes an orchestra and composers on a weekly basis to score his two current animated shows, Family Guy and American Dad!.

Top Ten Jack Johnson Songs fullboat101 He might be done making music forever, so these are his top ten hits. The Top TenXW 1VoteEBetter Together When I hear the song, I feel much better. Knock on Wood (song) "Knock on Wood" is a 1966 hit song written by Eddie Floyd and Steve Cropper and originally performed by Floyd.[2] His recording peaked at number 28 on the Billboard Hot 100 and spent one week at number 1 on the Soul Singles chart.[3] David Bowie's 1974 single is taken from the live album David Live.

Stormy Weather (song) The song tells of disappointment, as the lyrics, "Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky", show someone pining for her man to return. The weather is a metaphor for the feelings of the singer: "stormy weather since my man and I ain't together, keeps raining all the time." The original handwritten lyrics, along with a painting by Ted Koehler, were featured on the (US) Antiques Roadshow on 24 January 2011, where they were appraised for between $50,000 and $100,000.

An Awesome Wave Album artwork[edit] The album artwork for An Awesome Wave is a multi-layered radar image of the Ganges river delta in Bangladesh.[1] The image in each of the three layers was acquired by the European Space Agency's Envisat Earth-observing satellite, taken separately on 20 January, 24 February and 31 March 2009. The overlaid image, titled Ganges' Dazzling Delta,[2] exposes a multitude of colours arising from the variations in background radiation occurring between the three acquisition times. Critical reception[edit] Best Mumford & Sons Songs Bman23 Top songs by one the most talented bands out there. The Top TenXW 1VoteEThe Cave Ah-mazing! The lyrics and music alike. Iron & Wine Beam was raised in South Carolina before moving to Virginia and then Florida to attend school. He now resides in Durham, North Carolina.[2] The name Iron & Wine is taken from a dietary supplement named "Beef Iron & Wine" that he found in a general store while shooting a film.[3][4] Early life[edit] Musical career[edit]

La Vie en rose 1947 song by Édith Piaf A version in 1977 by Jamaican singer Grace Jones was also a successful international hit.[5] "La Vie en rose" has been covered by many other artists over the years, including a 1993 version by American singer Donna Summer. Harry James also recorded a version in 1950 on Columbia 38768. Bing Crosby recorded the song again for his 1953 album Le Bing: Song Hits of Paris. Background and release[edit] The song's title can be translated as "Life in happy hues," "Life seen through happy lenses," "Life in rosy hues"; its literal meaning is "Life in Pink