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HTML Templates
News or Magazine This template puts a focus on bold images, perfect for a magazine style site with eye catching content. Your stories are easy to find with large feature blocks. See Demo Real Estate or Travel Big thumbnails with a space for captions and descriptions along with an informative header make this the perfect template for real estate or hotel booking. See Demo Ecommerce Homepage Building an online store? See Demo Agency Bring your work to the forefront with this sleek template that's perfect for agencies or freelancers. See Demo Blog w/ Sidebar Large images, an easy to navigate layout, and versatile sidebar will help you get your blog up and running. See Demo Blog Single Column This sleek, minimal approach can help your blog stand out by putting content front and center. See Demo Portfolio Show off your work and highlight what you do with this grid style thumbnail layout. See Demo Product Page Highlight your new product and educate potential customers with this classic template. See Demo Related:  othuki

100+ Free Bootstrap HTML5 Templates For Responsive Sites Either you are developing website frontend or backend, a framework for HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript is an awesome tool can cut down your site developing process into simple built-in frontend framework powered components. Which will initially save your site developing labour, time and hassle to provide tight support for all modern browsers, viewing devices, and compatibility with modern technologies. Sounds crazy, right? The CSS frameworks are powerful and extremely helpful, allow you to create mighty and powerful websites after making a couple of pre-built components inclusion and make your website ready for production within a single day. Throughout my entire web design & development career, I built many of free HTML5 business templates from the scratch without using frontend frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI, and UIkit. Free Bootstrap Templates 2016 for Next Responsive HTML5 Sites 1. Demo Download 2. Demo Download 3. Demo Download 4. Demo Download 5. Demo Download 6. 7. 08.

A clean and classy CSS framework. | Workless Bootstrap Toggle 2759000+ Stock Footage Video Clips, After Effects & Backgrounds Free business cards templates VOL-2:: On-line Editor printable PDF, business cards designer online ---0 8 Frameworks CSS légers pour démarrer vos projets du bon pied Besoin de trouver un Framework CSS ? Les choix les plus évidents sont Zurb Foundation et Bootstrap, mais ils ne sont pas les seuls sur le marché, loin de là ! Il existe en effet un autre créneau : celui des frameworks léger et rapide, moins puissants mais plus simples à étendre. Si ce type de framework vos intéresse, je vous propose de découvrir ces 8 frameworks légers en CSS. Avalanche Avalanche n'est pas réellement un framework, mais plutôt un système de grille ingénieux, très léger et personnalisable. Miligram Besoin de plus qu'une grille, sans pour autant tomber dans un Foundation ou un Bootstrap ? Skeleton Skeleton est un framework vraiment TRES minimaliste en à peine 400 lignes. Hoisin Hoisin joue dans la même cour que Milligram, mais en légèrement moins bien a mon gout. Inuit Je ne sais pas trop quoi penser de Inuit. Dans ces conditions, je ne conseille pas forcément son utilisation en production. Mimic Le CSS inline, ce n'est pas bien, on est tous d'accord sur ce point. Ministrap Lotus

10 Free Responsive Bootstrap Templates For 2016 | Almsaeed Studio There are so many awesome developers and designers out there who have created amazing free resources using Bootstrap. We wanted to help spread the word and share their work with our readers. So, we compiled a list of free frontend templates that we thought are beautiful and worth sharing. Reminder: please respect the license that these amazing free templates come with. You can find the license information on the links provided to the template's original source. 1. Cardio is one of my favorite lightweight templates by 2. Evento is an event advertising template by Shape Bootstrap. 3. Photography, as the name suggests, is a template for the great photographers out there. 4. As a fan of flat design, this is a template that I personally like a lot. 5. Solid is a multipurpose template by Black Tie. 6. Appi by Black Tie is a great app advertising template. 7. 8. Corlate is yet another awesome multipurpose template by Shape Bootstrap. 9. 10. 1. 2. 3. Edited August, 3 2016.

45+ Useful Tools for Choosing the Right Color Palette - TrendLeaks Color is one of the most decisive elements in any kind of design and the color palette used have a huge effect on the mood of the viewers. Experienced designers know exactly what colors to use for waking up certain emotions and feelings in people. One of the initial steps when designing websites and creating graphic designs is to choose the right color palette. This will work as the foundation for coloring any design element during the work, which is why, creating a cool color up front palette may be a bit challenging. One of the popular ways to get started is to look for color inspiration e.g. in stripe patterns and colorful websites or simply use a color tool. Finding the right tool to help you choose the right color palette is however not that easy. Luckily, there are many different tools for choosing the right color palette. Colorotate – MORE INFO Fast and intuitive color editing for the Apple iPad. Kuler – MORE INFO Color Scheme Design – MORE INFO Colour Lovers – MORE INFO

Optimiser les images Web Formats Outil pour les intégrateurs Un outil simple d'utilisation a été mis en place pour les intégrateurs Web. Il permet d'optimiser les fichiers PNG et JPG automatiquement et rapidement avec ou sans pertes. Il s'agit de Fast Image Optimizer. Cet outil gratuit fonctionne très simplement: sélectionner un dossier ou des fichiers PNG et JPG, et effectuer un glissé-déposé sur l'icône de FastIO; dès lors, une interface vous proposera de choisir les options d'optimisation pour chaque format: Les options dites « lossless » ou sans pertes vont vous permettre d'optimiser les fichiers PNG ou JPG sans se soucier de la différence d'affichage entre le fichier d'origine et le fichier optimisé (elles sont identiques dans un navigateur) ;La conversion en PNG-8, qui permet de conserver les valeurs de transparences tout en réduisant très significativement le poids du fichier. Optimisation de GIF gifsicle --batch -O3 --no-comments --no-names --crop-transparency fichier.png Optimisation de PNG Peu lisible