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Index page - Minecraft Forums
The (Minecraft) world has ended, and there is nothing left. Well, ALMOST nothing; Code Wizards meddled in the balance of nature, and released hordes of monsters from other dimensions on an unsuspecting world. Not satisfied with just destroying human life, the monsters rampaged across the world eating everything they could find, and leaving nothing in their wake but empty void. Now, it is up to you to rebuild an entire world from nearly nothing. Agrarian Skies is a popular modpack made by Jadedcat, which takes the classic idea of a skyblock game, and cranks it up many, many notches. You start with a quest book, which guides you on your journey.

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AdventureCraft Note AdventureCraft is compatible with 1.3.2 via its installer but it only has features from beta 1.7.3 and back. AdventureCraft, is a stand alone Minecraft mod designed to let players create adventure maps for other players. It allows you have full control of how mobs spawn based on the player triggering blocks with a custom trigger system. There is plenty of additional features as well to aid with making adventures that you can check out in the features section or the various youtube videos of features. I have included a small sample map showing off some of the early features.

Patchs for PureBDcraft texturepack You want to help by donating and get your nickname/website on the Hall of donators? MODS natively supported Connected Textures Mod Mod by Morpheus_017 Weekly Bridges: Arch Bridges Whether it's to amaze your friends, or simply build a sustainable bridge across water, you need to know the basics of bridge-building. I'm not the "Expert", but I have built a variety of bridges in minecraft. My current project is a Brooklyn Bridge style suspension bridge. I plan to, hopefully every week, give a few tips about bridge building. This weeks topic is "Arch Bridges". [Adv] Four Towers Adventure Dungeon Map Welcome to Master of the Arena! This is an action packed fully automated, mob spawning, ground pounding, lava flowing, round counting experience. In order to defeat this map you will need to keep moving and of course kill gobs of mobs as the doors open and close with a full array of monsters. To become the Master of the Arena you must survive all 9 rounds without dying. Unique dispensing means you will never play the same game twice (Items and mobs). This map will work for SSP or SMP although I am making one specifically for SMP that will be more dificult for multiple players.

TexturePack You want to help by donating and get your nickname/website on the Hall of donators? Perfect spheres - blueprints inside Introduction I found that stacking circles with alternating radii wasn't accurate enough for me, especially for large spheres. That's why I've written a script to generate mathematically perfect spheres. (Click to enlarge. Credits to IscopeU for building this.) SuperSlopes V2 : realistic roofs For professional reasons, I won't be able to work on my mods anymore. I was hoping that after v1.0, Mojang would simplify the update process for modders or at least stop updating the game every two weeks, but it's not the case. Here are the sources for those who would like to update themselves:Kaevator SuperSlopes Sources 1.2.3Kaevator Timber Frames Sources 1.2.3Kaevator Wallpaper Sources 1.2.3Kaevator Hedges & Shears Sources Beta 1.7.3 Since the last version, SuperSlopes mod lighting doesn't match the game one. You can use these sources for anything, you can also mix them to make a mod package.

7.3] Aether Collaboration Mod - V1.02 - NEW MOBS, FIXES, ITEMS AND FEATURES! Tweaks: - Dungeon Rewards are now hidden in TooManyItems by default. However, if people would like to spawn them for any reason, you can now disable the hiding code for the rewards by changing "TMIhidden = true" to "TMIhidden = false" in mod_Aether.cfg file. This file can be found in your /.minecraft/config/ folder. DO NOT change "#TMIhidden (boolean:true)" as this will not actually affect the config file, and immediately resets upon opening Minecraft.

[Guide] Building Your Base in Minecraft -Seed farm: One can easily make a seed farm by having a patch of grass in your base that's above your head. Bonemeal it from below, and then use a piston-controlled stream of water to bring the seeds down onto your head! -Wheat farm Bread is a good food source for everyday Minecrafting. USS Enterprise Refit [UPDATED FEB3 + YOGSCAST!] 58oP0WJn3BM Download I originally built this ship on a SMP server and finished it about a month ago. I've been sitting on it for awhile and I've finally put it all together as a playable single player level.

Too Many Items 1.4.7 Mod Minecraft 1.4.7 Too Many Items Mod – Download Too Many Items Mod INVedit for Minecraft. One of the most popular mod is TMI that everyone should have it installed is Too Many Items Mod. Too Many Items Mod is developed by Marglyph, a cool guy who made Minecraft a better game. I want to make this really simple. Emily's guide to aesthetically pleasing home (Updating soon!) 9-13-12 Well I think i've lost just about every creation in these photos, if anyone has a copy of them I would greatly appreciate it if you could upload it for us to use. otherwise, it's all gone for good. but no worries! I plan on making more, i'm not sure how long it will take me though. Thanks to everyone who has kept this thread alive, I was so happy to find that this thread is still around.

[Adv] The Redmurk Mystery The Redmurk Mystery Current version seems to work fine with Minecraft 1.1 from what I can see. If you spot anything; please let me know. Setting: 2.5/12w27a] TooManyItems in-game invedit *July 5* Marglyph's TooManyItems Create and enchant items in-game, including mod items. Save and load entire inventories. Create unlimited stacks and tools. Switch game modes, test mods, create huge survival worlds, and more.

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