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Welcome to YoYo Games

Welcome to YoYo Games

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Kids Code the Darndest Things: 10 Amazing Youth Innovators Kids deserve more credit than they get. They're observant, incredibly intuitive and can sometimes figure out what the world needs faster than adults can. With rapid advancements in technology, and coding education geared toward youth, it comes as no surprise that there are kids pushing innovation out there, and creating apps and programs at astonishingly young ages. Here are 10 youth innovators, from ages seven to 15, particularly worth noting and working on projects ranging from games to anti-bullying apps. 1. Nick D'Aloisio

PRIME – Monumental Games PRIME is built on pure MMO technology and optimised to provide the best performance across all types of networks. It provides a complete toolkit for the creation of browser-based light persistent state worlds (LPSW), significantly reducing the investment needed to build full 3D polygon rendered MMO games from scratch. Digital Nativism Prensky's Digital Nativism With an insulting tone worthy of the original American nativists who hated immigrants (especially Catholic ones), Marc Prensky speaks of pre-iPod humans (digital immigrants) contemptuously. (Prensky's work) In a rather shallow piece lacking in evidence or data, Prensky offers the terms "digital natives" and "digital immigrants" to set up a generational divide.

Feeling Software - Feeling Engine Omnipresence 3D Pro Design is a 3D surveillance design tool. Before any cameras are even purchased or installed, Omnipresence 3D Pro Design ensures that you are maximizing your security budget while meeting all design requirements. Learn More > Omnipresence 3D GeoLink maps data from the ESRI ArcGIS® Server.

Educators and Stagecast Creator Shortcut to the Education price list and ordering information. How do students benefit as they create and modify simulations, visualizations, stories and games? They build higher-order thinking skills.They become more engaged in the learning process.They develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.They score higher on standardized tests. (A 1998 Educational Testing Service research report, Does it Compute? Unreal Development Kit - Epic Games What is UDK? The Unreal Development Kit is the free edition of Unreal Engine 3 that provides access to the award-winning 3D game engine and professional toolset used in blockbuster video game development, architectural visualization, mobile game development, 3D rendering, digital films and more. Who is it for?

StarLogo TNG Version 1.5. Download it here Curriculum Materials HERE StarLogo TNG is The Next Generation of StarLogo modeling and simulation software. While this version holds true to the premise of StarLogo as a tool to create and understand simulations of complex systems, it also brings with it several advances - 3D graphics and sound, a blocks-based programming interface, and keyboard input - that make it a great tool for programming educational video games. Through TNG we hope to:

Download Download Note 1: If you are reading this on any site but you might not be actually downloading software. Please check your browser URL before proceeding any further. jme3 – jME Wiki Are you a Java developer who wants to develop 3D games? Create a jME3-based Java project: Using the jMonkeyEngine SDK , simply create a new BasicGame Project. (Recommended) Using any other IDE: Create Your Own Game – 7 Sites that let you create games online By: Abbas+ July 8, 2008 Create your own games online with few clicks. For those of you who always wondered how do people create those games where Bush is punching Kerry or Bush Dancing? here are 7 online resources which will let you create your own games instantly. All of these sites offer flash based games creation. Few of these sites offer template based game creation and few offer a clean slate for creating games were you can design/create/import objects and create the game from the scratch and publish it.

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