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A Raspberry Pi controlled mini CNC Laser engraver [last update Jan 18,2014]

A Raspberry Pi controlled mini CNC Laser engraver [last update Jan 18,2014]
I recently made a mini CNC laser engraver using two DVD drives salvaged from old computers and <$10 extra parts bought on eBay. The controller of the CNC machine is a Raspberry Pi, a $35 credit card size computer. The engraver turns out to be pretty successful. So I am sharing it with everyone. There have been a lot of examples people using Arduino to control CNCs. You can probably find tons of C programs available that run directly on Arduino to process G code. I am taking a different approach by using a RPi ( reason why I choose Raspberry Pi is: it is a much more powerful device than Arduino; it supports complete OS; the GPIO pins can be controlled by python, a more intuitive and simpler language than C (the disadvantage of python would be the slow speed); I don't have to buy a separate controller for this project--I can use a single Raspberry Pi to do a lot of different things without reloading firmware. First, some pictures. Other versionD. AGAIN, think TWICE before you make it. 4.

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It’s Time For Direct Metal 3D-Printing It’s tough times for 3D-printing. Stratasys got burned on Makerbot, trustful backers got burned on the Peachy Printer meltdown, I burned my finger on a brand new hotend just yesterday, and that’s only the more recent events. In recent years more than a few startups embarked on the challenge of developing a piece of 3D printing technology that would make a difference. More colors, more materials, more reliable, bigger, faster, cheaper, easier to use. RPi Adding USB Drives USB Flash and Hard Drives Sooner or later, you're going to run out of room on the SD card used to boot and run your Pi. One solution is to move to a larger SD card, but, the largest low-cost high-speed cards are 32 GBs for about US$20 ~ $45 (May 2012). However, there may be compatibility issues between these higher-capacity SD cards and the Pi, at least, temporarily. USB flash drives (aka "thumb" drives) can provide additional storage for about the same, or less, cost as an SD card of the same capacity.

Twofer Tuesday: Incredible PBX for RasPBX on BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi We never were big fans of unfinished projects. And with Festivus behind us and Christmas tomorrow, it seemed only fitting to celebrate with a Twofer Tuesday Encore. Whether you like ‘em or hate ‘em, Google’s free text-to-speech engine is a big deal. Lithium Heavy Duty Solar USB Kit 2.0 by BrownDogGadgets This is an updated version of our original Lithium Heavy Duty Solar USB Kit and is not intended for beginner or young hobbyists. If you are a beginner, try our new Solar USB Kit 2.0. If you're wanting a charger for camping or emergency preparedness we highly recommend getting a Folding USB Solar Cell instead. These days USB gadgets are thirsty beasts. To keep them running you need some serious hardware.

[Tutorial] Web based SSH terminal for the Raspberry Pi - The Unsafe Bit So, the other day, i wrote about Onion Terminal. Despite this is a great Terminal, it relies on Onion lib, and this has a lot of dependencies to it: libcairo-dev, libxml2, libpng++-dev, … Then, i discovered GateOne - a full featured HTML5 based web terminal for SSH access. Despite this tutorial is for the Raspberry Pi, this will work without much changes in any Debian based system, such as Ubuntu and others. GateOne in action I thought about writing this tutorial after trying out Shell-in-a-Box, by following this great write up from Remi Bergsma.

University of Oslo Master’s Student Creates Amazing Open Source 5-Axis 3D Printer When we think of desktop FDM/FFF 3D printers, we typically picture a gantry style Cartesian-based machine, or a Delta robot style printer. These machines are capable of 3D printing objects based on three axes: X, Y, and Z. The X and Y axes make up the two-dimensional plane, while the Z axis is the third dimension, allowing for objects to be built up one layer at a time. For one University of Oslo Master’s student, named Øyvind Kallevik Grutle, this just wasn’t enough. Grutle, who needed to select a project for his Master’s thesis at the Norway-based university, decided to attempt to create a 3D printer that was capable of printing using 5 axes instead of the more conventional 3. RPi VerifiedPeripherals Back to the Hub. Hardware & Peripherals: Hardware and Hardware History. Low-level Peripherals and Expansion Boards. Screens, Cases and Other Peripherals.

Buy Video Modules Infrared Camera module for Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Infrared Camera Board online from RS for next day delivery. - Waterfox Raspberry Pi IR Camera, Pi NoIR Pi NoIR High-Definition Infrared-sensitive video camera for Raspberry Pi Model A or B. Omnivision 5647 sensor in a fixed-focus module without infrared blocking filter5MPixel sensorStill picture resolution: 2592 x 1944Max video resolution: 1080pMax frame rate: 30fps @ 1080pSize: 20 x 25 x 10mmConnection by flat ribbon cable to 15-pin MIPI Camera Serial Interface (CSI) connector S5 on Raspberry Pi computer boardApplicationsInfragrams: Check on plant health. Accelerating Fourier transforms using the GPU Andrew Holme is well known to regular blog readers, as the creator of the awesome (and fearsomely clever) homemade GPS receiver. Over the last few months he’s been experimenting with writing general purpose code for the VideoCore IV graphics processing unit (GPU) in the BCM2835, the microchip at the heart of the Raspberry Pi, to create an accelerated fast Fourier transform library. Taking the Fourier transform of a function yields its frequency spectrum (i.e. the pure harmonic functions which can be added together to reconstruct the original function).

Space Frame Joint for Complex Structures - do it yourself This is the joint! This is the jam...For building structural truss systems both simple and complex. It is made from two repeated sheet metal parts and off the shelf hardware. It has eight ball joints that make an octahedron for finding compound angles for curved/doubled curved surfaces with a rigid frame. This joint does all of the hard work so assembly is fast and easy!!

RPI - TEMP SENSOR In this tutorial, we will be building a circuit to connect a temperature sensor to our Raspberry Pi, and writing a program to read the sensor data. The circuit we will build is going to connect to the Raspberry Pi using the GPIO pins. GPIO stands for General Purpose Input/Output. General purpose because all they are is simple connections that can be either high or low, a binary choice.