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Day Twenty-Five : 40 Days of Dating Mr. Div And His Fantastical Geometric GIFs [Gallery] Matthew DiVito, known on tumblr as Mr. Div, is a motion graphics designer whose experiments with making super short animations in Cinema 4D led him to that format of formats, the future (and, oddly, the past) of film, video, and photography—the almighty GIF. What started off just for kicks turned into a little bit of a tumblr phenomenon, encouraging Div to create a couple of new ones a week. eclipse the_eye twist triduo typeA cage expand temple spherify rough seas liquid cube @ImYourKid

Watch The 80s VHS Version Of Game Of Thrones In the Game of Internet Memes, you win—or you die. Game of Thrones, unsurprisingly, is currently winning. Weeks after the season finale shocked web-savvy viewers the world over, the Internet continues to pump out delightful re-imaginings of its favorite lords, ladies, peasants, and fire-breathing reptiles. The latest calls upon the nostalgia-inducing tropes of 80s television, reformatting the insanely catchy Game of Thrones intro into a cheesy, montage-tastic sequence that MacGyver would be proud of. This reimagining includes all the major characters—now in various states of life, death, and disrepair on the actual show—and even features the dated static and tracking lines that characterized most wornout VHS tapes. We dare you not to notice how crazy it is that all the hairstyles in Westeros would have been strangely appropriate in the 80s. Images via Related: Low Poly Game of Thrones Portraits Are The Envy of Westeros The Only Game Of Thrones/Super Mario World Mashup You'll Ever Need

The Price of Being a Superhero: Then and Now [Infographic Graphic designer Emil Lendof and Illustrator Bob Al-Greene have teamed together to create a series of infographics comparing the price difference on how much it would cost you to be a superhero during the past and the present. [Source: Mashable - Batman | The Hulk | Superman | Spider-Man | Wolverine | Via LS] It's Alive! Banksy's Street Art Gets Animated We’ve seen Banksy’s famous graffiti come to life as real people re-enacted his scenes for photographer Nick Stern and now an artist by the name of ABVH has brought them to life in a different way. ABVH has created animated GIF versions of some of our favorite works by Banksy and they have been spreading through Tumblr like wild fire. What could be more entertaining than watching a mouse run on a wheel all day? If you’re on Tumblr, you can follow ABVH and get his newest animations right away. See Also MORE REAL LIFE BANKSY PHOTOS BY NICK STERN In his book, Wall & Piece, Banksy explained what a beautiful world it could be: Imagine a city where graffiti wasn’t illegal, a city where everybody drew whatever they liked. ↬ robotmafia

The Only Motivational Startup Posters You'll Ever Need - only $18 There are motivational posters, and then there are successful motivational posters. No startup employee wants to look at a stale, cliche saying plastered on the wall in the office. They want something hip, fresh and to the point. Something meaningful, fun and modern. Startups certainly have a specific culture about them and various rally cries and motivational phrases are common throughout. Motivational Poster Highlights: Inspirational LeadersThe collection of quotes and phrases used on Startup Vitamin's posters were originally said by some of today's leading industry giants. Pricing: For a limited time only, you can save more than 30% on two different sized Motivational Posters from StartupVitamins! Buy the 18" x 24" (45.7x61cm) size for just $18 (regularly $26 - excluding shipping)Buy the 24" x 36" (61x91.4cm) size for just $25 (regularly $36 - excluding shipping) Current posters available to choose from: See even more posters to choose from Deal expired

SodaStream podría destronar a Coca-Cola y Pepsi Video Facebook Tweet Pinterest Email Print Coca-Cola y Pepsi se unen en su preocupación por un nuevo producto llamado SodaStream y su potente comercial. SodaStream podría ser el producto que finalmente le gane el mercado a los dos gigantes de la bebida cola. El spot televisivo fue difundido en el Reino Unido, generando controversia por la forma en que manifiesta el problema medioambiental que acarrean los envases de bebida tradicionales. Al poco tiempo, volvieron a sacar otro spot, denunciando la censura y cuidando el volver a ser prohibidos. ( 5519 Lecturas )

CommitStrip - Blog relating the daily life of web agencies developers 10 consejos para ser más creativos Una de las características de un buen community manager es la creatividad, no hay nada que requiera más de creatividad que el hecho de buscar fórmulas originales para hacer crecer una comunidad; el problema con la creatividad es que no podemos comprarla en una tienda o usar una varita mágica para obtenerla, los días en que no se nos ocurre nada, sin embargo, podemos poner en práctica una serie de consejos para propiciar el pensamiento creativo. De eso se trata el siguiente artículo traído al grupo de Facebook Community Manager Venezuela por Nore Mdina. Fuente: Community Manager: 10 maneras de ser creativo Community Manager: 10 maneras de ser creativo. “La creatividad es la inteligencia divirtiéndose”, afirmaba Einstein, pero no vamos a obviar que todos tenemos períodos de sequía creativa. Haz listas: por absurdo que parezca, hacer listas estimula la creatividad. Acerca de Loly Negrín Periodista, especialista en RRPP, interesada en Redes Sociales y RSE.

Funny Commercial Compilation First Crescent Stunning Vacation House in South Africa By Eric • Feb 1, 2011 • Selected Work First Crescent is a stunning seven bedroom rental villa designed by SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects, a Cape Town-based studio. This luxury house is located in Campus Bay, South Africa. According to the architect, First Crescent is “a minimalist home commanding a 270 degree view of Lions Head, Camps Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The living spaces are highly transparent to take full advantage of the views. Frescent Crescent can be booked for $1,500 to $5,000 per day, depending on the season. Photos courtesy of SAOTA Click any photo to see a larger image - Use buttons or j/k/arrow keys to navigate through the articles