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365 Days, $10 Million, 3 Rounds, 2 Companies, All With 5 Magic Slides

365 Days, $10 Million, 3 Rounds, 2 Companies, All With 5 Magic Slides
Editor’s note: The following is a guest post by Socialcast founder Tim Young detailing how he raised 3 rounds totaling $10M in VC money in a year’s time with a 5-slide deck. This was originally published at “Knowledge Is Social.” “I have a short five-slide deck to share that provides a solid framework for understanding our business.” Since moving to San Francisco a little over a year ago, I have spent every day helping to build Socialcast and Stop using the projector for initial meetings Most of my initial venture partner meetings ended up in a conference room. Understanding an investor’s perspective Every venture partner has his or her own ideal approach to learning about your business. The initial slide deck Usually, an initial meeting lasts 30 minutes to 1 hour. “I have a short five-slide deck to share that provides a solid framework for understanding our business.” Opening with this simple statement frames your presentation in the mind of the investor. Slide 1: Company Snapshot Related:  jmlorenzi

“Ask the Business Attorney”: What Are the Most Common Mistakes Startups Make Dealing with VC’s? Introduction This post was originally part of my “Ask the Attorney” series which I am writing for VentureBeat; below is a longer, more comprehensive version. Please feel free to call me directly if you have any questions (415-979-9998). Question My co-founder and I are crushing it, and we’re getting ready to approach VC’s for some cash. Answer Obviously, that’s a pretty broad question. 1) Cold Calls. The ideal middleman is a successful entrepreneur whom the VC has backed; investors can be good middlemen; and lawyers, accountants or recruiters may also be helpful. 2) Not Doing Your Homework. You also need to do your homework (including speaking to other founders) with respect to the particular partners with whom you are interested in working, including determining their reputation, domain expertise and capacity to take-on a new deal. 3) Requesting an NDA. 4) Obsessing Over Valuation. 5) Not Retaining Strong Counsel. Conclusion

Why You Should Replace Your Sales Reps with Ambassadors Are you building a new product and growing a sales team at your startup business? If you’re using the traditional sales model, you may be losing a ton of customers. Yup, you’re not growing nearly as fast as possible. It’s because your sales team isn’t making the impact it could be making. Over the years, its role has become confined to a narrow band in the customer lifecycle. It prevents you from educating your customers. Right now, your sales reps can’t provide this value. Right now, fences separate your team and prevent them from providing more value to your customers. To solve this problem, you need ambassadors instead of sales reps. Ambassadors don’t just fill orders — they’re responsible for the entire customer lifecycle. That may sound great, but how do you actually implement something like that? Well, I sat down with Josh Little, who has overcome this challenge as a founder of two companies: Maestro eLearning and Bloomfire. Markets Have Shifted (and So Should You) Great. 1. 2.

Why Startups Need to Blog (and what to talk about ?) Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Mark Suster (@msuster), a 2x entrepreneur, now VC at GRP Partners. Read more about Suster at Bothsidesofthetable Blogs. We all read them to get a sense of what is going on in the world, peeling back layers of the old world in which media was too scripted. By definition, if you are reading this you read blogs. This is a post to help you figure out why you should write and what you should talk about. 1. People often ask me why I started blogging. I had been reading Brad Feld’s blog & Fred Wilson’s blog for a couple of years and found them very helpful to my thinking so I honestly just thought I was giving back to the community. The results have been both unexpected and astounding. transparencyaccessibilityauthenticitythought leadershipadvice I’ll bet your customers, business partners or suppliers would love similar. 2. I often get the question from people, “I’d like to blog, but I don’t really know what to talk about?” You wouldn’t. Think Magento. 3. So.

If Romeo and Juliet had mobile phones | Networked By Wellman and Rainie One of the most inspired writing ideas that we embraced in Networked came from Lee’s boss, Andrew Kohut, CEO of the Pew Research Center. Kohut’s notion was that a fun and powerful way to remind people how much the world had changed since the arrival of mobile phones would be to use popular culture references to life before mobile connectivity had become a widespread consumer reality. At the time he suggested this idea, Kohut had just watched a rerun of the 1970 movie, The Out of Towners, a Neil Simon farce starring Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis as suburbanites who run into a series of problems in New York City when they try to have a getaway weekend. We took the idea and expanded it in Chapter 4 of our book to include several more examples. With the journal’s permission, we run the article below: If Romeo and Juliet Had Had Mobile Phones Remember Juliet’s cry in the balcony scene, “Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” You Can Take It With You The Networked Family

Connexion à l’iTunes Store. Business Consort looks at the impact of the Internet in an ever increasing Digital Era £100 billion is the value of GDP brought in by the internet in the UK according to The Connected Kingdom Report by The Boston Consulting Group. Business Consort looks at the impact of the internet in an ever increasing digital era. In an ever increasing digital era Business Consort has discovered some facts that give food for thought when looking at where businesses advertising spend should be allocated. Business Consort - The Digital and Social Media Marketing Academy reviewed 'The Connected Kingdom Report' produced by The Boston Consulting Group to see exactly how important the internet is in today's business world. According to The Connected Kingdom report £100 billion is the value of GDP brought in by the internet in the UK. Also 7.2% of GDP has been brought in by the internet and 10% is the predicted percentage of GDP the internet will be responsible for in 2015. A business cannot expect to build a website and start generating instant traffic.

Soon Even Your Mom Can Invest: Senate Passes Crowdfunding Bill (With Protections) Well, this just in from a dispatch on Capitol Hill: The Senate has passed legislation that will essentially legalize crowdfunding in startups by practically anyone, even your mom. U.S. Senators Scott Brown (R-Mass.), Jeff Merkley (D-Oreg.), and Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) collectively introduced the “CROWDFUND Act” (S. 2190) earlier this month, which adds measures to the House of Rep’s now well-known JOBS Act to ensure that companies would be able to use SEC-approved crowdfunding platforms to raise money from “small-dollar investors.” While the CROWDFUND Act passed 73-26, and received bipartisan support, as one might expect when the potential for any old investor to enter the well-guarded circle of angel investing (especially in Silicon Valley) comes around, both the JOBS Act and the CROWDFUND Act have been controversial in the business community. With these dangers in mind, certain measures have been written into the bill to protect both startups and their non-accredit investors.

When is iCloud going to be more reliable? — Apple News, Tips and Reviews JO de Londres : Yannick Agnel rapporte une nouvelle médaille d'or à la France [Mis à jour à 21h] Camille Lacourt ne finit que quatrième de la final du 100 mètres dos. Champion de France, d'Europe et du monde, le nageur français de 27 ans a échoué au finish, face à l'Américain Mattew Greevers qui emporte la médaille d'or. [Mis à jour à 20h45] Yannick Agnel est champion olympique du 200 mètres nage libre en 1'43''14 (soit un nouveau record de France) au lendemain de sa médaille d'or au relais 4x100 mètres avec ses camarades français. [Mis à jour à 20h15] Gilles Simon se qualifie pour les huitièmes de finale du tournoi simple de Tennis. [Mis à jour à 17h30] Après une période de prolongation, l'équipe de France féminine de basket-ball s'impose face à l'Australie (74-70). [Mis à jour à 17h15] Le judoka Français Ugo Legrand remporte à 23 ans la médaille de bronze dans la catégorie des moins de 73 kg. [Mis à jour à 16h45] La jeune judokate Automne Pavia, 23 ans, dans la catégorie des - 57 kg obtient la médaille de bronze. [Mis à jour à 16h30] [Mis à jour à 15h]