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Alastair Cameron

Patrick Lee Started on pots and pans, graduated to the trampoline, moved onto piano, learned a little guitar, did a lot of skateboarding, bought a Van Halen tape or two, played in middle school grunge bands, graduated to high school ska bands, migrated to college funk bands, majored in piano at CU, played a show at a go-kart track, cooked up a storm, recorded as much as possible, bought a rhodes, started collecting keyboards, won six Grammys, collaborated with Notorious B.I.G. a few times, won "Remixer of The Year" in SPIN, traveled the globe with the Globetrotters, invented no less than thirty-three different dance crazes, reinvented reggae, built a handmade schoolbus out of balsa wood, toured Middle Earth in said bus, started a rehab center for orphaned ducks, mastered the art of playing in g minor, invited Pearl Jam to open up for my 1994 arena tour and was turned down, lost a leg, and that brings us up to today.

The Freak Fandango Orchestra The Freak Fandango Orchestra is a multi-ethnic band from Barcelona (Spain). The band exists since 2006 and is performing live since 2007. You can see them a lot around Barcelona but they also play at international venues, like for example at the New York Gypsy Festival 2011. Their music is a explosive mixture of folk, polka, gypsy music from the Balkans and punk-rock. The band is composed by musicians with lots of different instruments (guitar, bass, drums, violin, saxophone, trumpet, accordion and percussion). In 2009 they published their first EP "Love, Death And A Drunken Monkey" and their second EP "Tales Of A Dead Fish" in 2011. The Freak Fandango Orchestra has arrived to town, so move your ass, drink some beer, sing, dance, jump... and enjoy their punky-folky songs and crazy lyrics!!!

Northbound Northbound is a downtempotriphopfunkjazzfolksoul -band from Finland. So far Northbound has two releases: - Landscapes of Late EP (2006) - Nowhere Near (2009) Both releases can be downloaded for free from BUT: If you like what we do and wish to hear more music from us in the future, please consider making a donation on our website. For more info on Northbound visit

Morphamish Morphamish is a producer, live set performer and dj who plays across the range of constantly evolving bass music - using elements of techno, breaks, 2step, house, dubstep, electro, funk, ambient, jungle, hiphop, hardcore and more. With extensive experience playing live in clubs, festivals and raves around the UK and beyond, Morphamish tracks have had support from the likes of: BBCR1 Huw Stevens, BBCR1 Mary Anne Hobbs, BBCR1 Rob Da Bank, BBCR1 Vic Galloway (chosen as 'One to watch' for 2010), BBCR1 Ally McCrae Live Session, BBCR1 Rory McConnell, BBCR1 One Music Scottish Electronica Special, BBCR1 Best Of Unsigned Podcast, Gravious, Akira Kiteshi, Mad E.P., Warlock, No Yeah No, Crystal Distortion, Dj Flight, Blackmass Plastics, DFRNT, FJH, P-Era, Munchi, Daniel Benavente, Pesk, and sci fi godfather Warren Ellis. Look out for lots of free releases on, plus numerous live sets and mixes at Press: “Loving this!” “Very nice stuff.

Ben von Wildenhaus INSTRUMENTAL QUAALUDE was an mp3cast released from 2009-2011. Initially, the mp3s arrived weekly. In 2010, the posts became sparser as Wildenhaus completed work on the vinyl record Great Melodies From Around and sired his first born. The flow of music, fragments, and sounds from brain and hands directly to low quality mp3 format and rss feed was intended to keep musical creativity high and recording techiniques experimental throughout the 2 year period that Great Melodies From Around was concieved, recorded, and edited. Sometimes hit, sometimes miss. Free Music Archive offers the majority of these mp3casts remastered for higher quality mp3s than the original posts, and available for use through a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Cooper-Moore Cooper Moore is a composer-improviser, instrumentalist, designer and builder of musical instruments, and music educator, living and working in New York City. A native of the Piedmont area of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Cooper-Moore began studying piano at age eight. Four years later, he was listening to the musics of Thelonius Monk, Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman, and working on improvisation. He earned a B.A. in Music Education from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. and later studied composition-arranging at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Moving to New York in 1973, Cooper-Moore leased the five-floor 501 Canal Street building and transformed it into an artist live-in/work space, making possible numerous experimentations between performing and visual artists. He has over the years built an extensive instrument collection, using such material as paper, bamboo, metal, wood, and acrylic. -Hopscotch Records

The Ghost Of 29 Megacycles Search Music Site Search Sign Up / Log-In By Curator WFMU Music for Video Primavera Sound ccCommunity KEXP Oddio Overplay blocSonic dublab CKUT Roulette Northern-Spy AS220 Radius More By Genre Blues Classical Country Electronic Experimental Folk Hip-Hop Instrumental International Jazz Old-Time / Historic Pop Rock Soul-RnB Spoken Participate! Log In Sign Up API What is the FMA? About Contact Help You came this way: Home > The Ghost Of 29 Megacycles The Ghost Of 29 Megacycles (1 Albums, 1 Tracks) Artist the ghost of 29 megacycles Label: New Weird Australia Similar Artists on the FMA Textile Audio Predrag Delibasich Kynan Tan Drive West Today Automating Afxjim Bum Creek Anonymeye No Zu » VIEW ALLThe Ghost Of 29 Megacycles Fans MeloYellow Discography Broadcast One Also Featured In: Album Broadcast One 07. This song is part of a compilation album. User Comments There are no comments for this page, but feel free to be the first! log in to post comments

Revolution Void Revolution Void combines electronic music with live improvisation, resulting in a style of music described variously as nu-jazz, electro-jazz or electronic breakbeat jazz. Revolution Void is the moniker of 23-year-old producer and jazz pianist Jonah Dempcy. Revolution Void recordings also feature a number of guest musicians including Seamus Blake (Mingus Big Band), Matthew Garrison (Herbie Hancock) and Lucas Pickford (Brian Blade). Taking cues from electro-acoustic pioneers DJ Shadow, Medeski Martin & Wood and DJ Cam, Revolution Void presents the listener with a unique combination of electronic music and modern jazz. The sound of Revolution Void has progressed over the years. In 2000, Jonah began working with Michael Shrieve (Santana) as an engineer and producer. Jonah also began collaborating with drummer/producer Dave Hill, Jr. and James "Roto" Rotondi at this time (the duo make up NYC electro-acoustic outfit Jettatura). From 1996-2001, Revolution Void performed live over 100 times.

Los Sundayers Any Sunday, in a typical Spanish sunny beach, with the most luscious paella recently eaten, ten unruly Sundayers (weekend tripper) suffer an incredible transformation that make them mix, with a huge foodie knowledge, a musical explosion where everything is possible to make dance and have fun without limits. The musical style of the Sundayers is wide-ranging because everyone in the band has their own influences. Reggae, rock, jazz, ska, funk, latin, creative and japanese cuisines are the music styles that is usually playing in the Sundayers’ iPods while they are waiting for the bus, they are cooking anything delicious or are dancing in any unexpected place. The never ending party that is the Sundayers on their live shows, where every stage becomes a funny and dancing machine. source: official website

Red Hook Ramblers That sound of Houston's shadow music collective Ak'chamel that has been hovering over Houston has congealed again in a release known as "Pus Ch'en" under net-labels suRRism-Phonoethics & Have You Said Midi?. Like their earlier albums Old Norse Mara & The Divine Vine Tapes, they continue to evoke tribal rituals from abstract hinterland cultures with haunted throat-singing, guitars, percussion, drones, & more-only this time with a heavier (if possible) & more refined sound. The title of track 2-"Underworld Sweat Bath" is a pretty accurate description of the Ak'chamel sonic experience. The occaisional brightness of a chime might punctuate the music now & then but it's perfectly contextualized to simply add detail before the sounds give way to gutteral chant. More Ak'chamel on the FMA, Facebook, & Bandcamp Arrington de Dionyso is interested in blurring the lines between sacred ritual and popular entertainment. Many of your releases directly relate to where you were when you recorded them.

James Beaudreau I'm a guitarist, musician & recordist based in NYC. The first album I was on was The Billy Nayer Show's 1998 CD The Villian That Love Built, then I recorded two more with them (Return To Brigadoon and Goodbye Straplight Sarentino, I Will Miss You) and the soundtrack to the movie The American Astronaut. We toured in the US a bit too. I released my solo guitar album Java St. Bagatelles on Workbench in 2006, then the multi-instrumental Fresh Twigs in 2008. James Beaudreau - Pacifico I've been waking up with songs in my head. It's not immediate -- I get a few moments of quiet -- but when I get to the kitchen and start the coffee they pop up like dolphins. This morning it was "Pump It Up" by Elvis Costello -- no surprise there, since that's what I was listening to last night. I don't mind it too much. I discovered the beneficial phenomenon last year. That's what happened with this tune, "Pacifico". "Pacifico" is a classical-ish piece like last week's "Stellar Rushes". Pacifico was my grandfather on my mother's side. He passed away when I was four, but I remember him, and I learned more as I got older.

Jahzzar - Siesta Traveller's Guide is a user guide. 14 songs that try to summarize pop sounds and rhythms that have accompanied us in the past 20 years. Not everyone, of course; this guide focuses on those most direct and fresh, as it can not be otherwise, which have helped shape the character and personality of It is a vindication of the 90's that doesn't ignore new trends, the result of someone who smells like teen spirit and doen't think the past was necessarily better. From Jarvis Cocker to Destroyer. From Blur and Oasis to Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Arctic Monkeys and Deerhunter. Kurt Vile - Nicotine Blues Philly's "Constant Hitmaker" Kurt Vile brought a couple guitars, a banjo, a delay pedal, and a trusted microphone to the WFMU studios earlier this month. He played a few new tunes and a few from Constant Hitmaker (Gulcher), which has been one of my favorite albums of the year. I'm not alone -- Mike Lupica picked these "immediately appealing bedroom recordings" in Dusted's Mid-Year Roundup, citing their "fuzzed out melancholia that somehow invokes the spirit of Lee Hazlewood at his best." This stripped-down solo set -- without the multitracked synth, drum machine, and heady loops -- highlighted the darker aspects of Vile's songwriting, with some Songs-of-Leonard-Cohen-y chills. -Jason Sigal