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Locally checks for signs of a rootkit

Locally checks for signs of a rootkit

The Rootkit Hunter project hair Secret Henna Diary Index The Henna Page: henna body art Henna for Hair: Mehandi: shop TapDancing Lizard: books Harquus and Indigo Page ICNHA: certification The Reverend Bunny's Secret Henna Diary So you want to henna your hair? Henna has safely colored and conditioned women's hair for at least 6,000 years. I am not a beautician, I'm just a lady who's hennaed her hair for 10 years. This is my hair, in the sunshine. Every woman's hair will come up a bit different with henna, because henna is a natural vegetable tannin, that stains your hair. Totally gray hair may go Bozo the Clown Tangerine if you don't use the best possible henna! You are free to make your own associations; define your own beauty! Henna doesn't really lighten your hair. Henna always leaves my hair silky, easy to brush, thick and well conditioned. You should NOT put henna on hair that has been straightened, permed, dyed or bleached before. Want samples of henna and herbs to try on your hair? Get plain bulk henna powder.

Anonym.OS LiveCD | kaos.theory: fractal blog February 23rd, 2006 by dr.kaos Like sand through the hourglass, so are the vestiges of our privacy. From increased governmental surveilance to corporate content restrictions and data brokers, what you do, where you go, and who you talk to is of more interest to more people every day. Anonym.OS is an OpenBSD 3.8 Live CD with strong tools for anonymizing and encrypting connections. Standard network applications are provided and configured to take advantage of the tor onion routing network. Anonym.OS was first suggested by dr.kaos at Interzone 4 in Atlanta, March of 2005. Tags: anonymity, bsd, linux, openbsd, presentations, privacy, projects, security, shmoocon, software

E-mail Alert on Root SSH Login Want to be notified instantly when someone logs into your server as root? No problem, check out this nice tutorial on email notification for root logins. Want to be notified instantly when someone logs into your server as root? No problem, check out this nice tutorial on email notification for root logins. So lets get started! 1. 2. cd /root 3. pico .bashrc 4. Replace YourServerName with the handle for your actual serverReplace with your actual email address 5. Now logout of SSH, close the connection and log back in! Note: This is a great tool for servers that have multiple admins or if you give someone SSH access for whatever reason, although you should give out the root password to as few people as humanly possible and be sure to change it often. This will not magically alert you when a hacker runs the latest kernel exploit on your server and logs into SSH because they will create their own SSH/telnet connection.

How To Display PHP Errors In My Script Code When Display_errors Is Disabled this page will help you troubleshoot on how you can display or show your php errors when you are debugin your code with a simple configuration in your web server Author: bigger_travis20 Comments maintiaing a website if very difficutl. there are always people who will abuse spamming comments for many different websites. when i started my website, i used to have a guest comments page, but then i would see so many spam. i use thi php function to detect some spam., there were times when i need to debug my script by showing the errors on my website.. web servers now a day have display_errors off by default, you can fun phpinfo() if you dont know how your server is setup.. or you can view it in your php configuration file called php.ini.. this is how the php.ini file would look like: ; Print out errors (as a part of the output). One way to display erorrs while the display_errors is off in the php.ini file, is to create write these functions at the beginning of your script files (.php files)

Fake Rolex Replicas - Rolex Swiss Replica Watch How To Recover Deleted Emails From Outlook And Thunderbird Did your important email get accidently deleted? Fret not, since it can be easily recovered. Mail Cure is a free portable tool for Windows that can recover every deleted email from both MS Outlook and Thunderbird instantly. Just run the tool(no installation required) and select the drive you want to scan data for deleted emails. Once done, it will automatically begin scanning for the deleted emails. One upside about this tool is that you can preview the recovered emails while the scan is still in progress. You can sort the emails by different ways such as sender, date, or subject. It is a great email recovery tool, that is both portable, and simple-to-use. Advertisement

UNIX / Linux: Send E-mail When sudo Runs | linuxforge UNIX / Linux: Send E-mail When sudo Runs I’m not told to use the root user to perform activities that do not require it. I’ve configured sudo for myself and for other web developers so that they can restart MySQL or Apache web server. How do I send email when sudo run by one of my user? How do I keep track of user login done via sudo command? sudo does greatly enhances the security of the system without sharing root password with other users and admins. sudo provides simple auditing and tracking features too. Configure sudo To Send E-mail Sudo can be configured to to send e-mail when the sudo command is used. mailto "" mail_always on Where, mailto “” : Your email id.mail_always : Send mail to the mailto user every time a users runs sudo. Additional options: Sudo Logfile By default, sudo logs vis syslog. Defaults ! Save and close the file. Like this: Like Loading...

Wo ungefähr ist eine IP Adresse beheimatet? GeoIP in PHP Manchmal möchte man wissen aus welchem Land oder welcher Region eine IP-Adresse kommt, und dafür gibt es bereits Lösungen die leicht zu benutzen sind. Als erstes schauen wir uns die Geo-IP-Datenbank von MaxMind an, die wir mit der PEAR-Klasse Net_GeoIP ansprechen. Wer nur das Land braucht der sollte sich die kostenlose GeoLite Country Datenbank anschauen, wenn die Stadt bzw. die Region benötigt wird wirft man einen Blick auf die GeoLite City Datenbank. Von beiden gibt es auch noch kostenpflichtige Versionen, die genauer und aktueller sind. Das erste Beispiel zeigt die Verwendung der Länder-Datenbank: Die Ausgabe in diesem Fall sieht so aus: Für die zweite Variante mit der City-Datenbank sieht das Script recht ähnlich aus: Die Ausgabe: Des weiteren gibt es noch eine Region-Datenbank und eine Organisation/ISP-Datenbank, die mit den entsprechenden Methoden lookupRegion() und lookupOrg() in Net_GeoIP ausgelesen werden können. Leave a Reply

Henna for Hair How do manufacturers of "henna hair dye" make all those different henna colors? Boxes of commercially produced “henna for hair” come in a range of colors. Henna, itself, DOES NOT come in a range of colors. The only dye molecule in henna (Lawsonia Inermis) in sufficient quantity to stain hair is Lawsone , which is a red-orange molecule. These pre-mixed colors are compound hennas. Compound Henna Dye This is a term that refers to hair dye marketed as henna, and is formulated in different colors. These mixtures may contain additional plant dyes, may contain metallic salts, and may contain para-phenylenedmine. Compond henna may damge your hair. Pure body art quality henna is good for your hair. There is no such plant as "blonde henna", "brown henna" or "black henna". Chemicals, metallic salts or other dye plants must be added to henna to make any color other than red. Some dye plants can be added to alter the color of henna. Metallic salts alter and fix a dye stain. Harvest some of your hair.