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3 Presentation Tools Teachers Are Now Using

3 Presentation Tools Teachers Are Now Using
Presentations are more than just Powerpoint or Keynote. While those tools will get the presentation-making job done, there are definitely better options out there, especially for classroom applications, where you’re more likely to use all of the multimedia capabilities than someone showing revenue slides in a business meeting. The most obvious use for a great presentation tool in your classroom is for presenting material to your class. As the teacher, you can keep your ideas organized and your class on track regardless of where the discussion goes (just don’t forget to get back to your presentation!). The multimedia aspect will get your students more engaged than with just a lecture. We’ve put together a short list of some of our favorite presentation tools. Haiku Deck Haiku Deck is a free app that lets users create presentations using professionally designed themes. Projeqt Google Presentations We know that we don’t need to sell you on using Google’s tools. Related:  Undervisning med hjälp av programIPAD Icab

200 stycken på vår kursportal! För drygt två veckor sedan lanserade vi vår nya kursportal. En digital plattform som ger dig möjlighet att lära dig mer om webben. Upplägget är pedagogiskt, du får läsa på och sedan göra lektionsprov för att testa dina kunskaper. När du har gått klart kursen får du ett intyg och även en badge att sätta på din egen webbplats. Redan nu, efter bara två veckor, har vi 200 registrerade kursdeltagare. Det blev en riktig kickstart för vår kursportal och redan 5 augusti kommer nästa kurs, som kan vara behjälplig för alla som vill delta i Webbstjärnan i höst. För dig som inte hittat till vår kursportal ännu finns den här.

10 Best Apps 4 Teachers Most of what we do is for the students. The focus of this and many other blogs and websites is about learning, and rightly so, but there are also apps that will make our jobs easier too. I am talking about that catergory of apps that are designed specifically for the classroom teacher. Those apps that will assist us in the everyday little jobs that need to be done, often on the run and often while 10 other things are also happening in the room. There are plenty and I am sure as more and more teachers gain the confidence to design their own apps, there will be more suitable one to come. Here is a list of apps that you can use to make your job easier. Keynote: $9.99 Keynote for iPad is almost as powerful as the desktop application. Since one of the first jobs you have to do each morning is to take the role Attendance is a great solution for the iPad. TeacherTool saves grades and makes suggestions for grades. iAnnotate is a PDF reader and annotation tool for the iPad. GradePad: $2.99

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: iPad Apps for Multiple intelligences A couple of months ago I read a great book by Howard Gardner called Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons in Theory and Practice . The book paves the way for a new theory set forth by Howard where he distinguishes between nine kinds of intelligences. Understanding the different types of intelligences will definitely help teachers tap into the real potential of their students. Here is an overview of these intelligences : learning through the spoken and written word. learning through reasoning and problem solving. learning through interaction with one's environment. learning through patterns, rhythms and music. learning through feelings, values and attitudes. learning through interaction with others. learning through classification, categories and hierarchies. learning by seeing the "big picture": "Why are we here?" 9- VISUAL/SPATIAL learning visually and organizing ideas spatially.

Remarkable WordCloud Apps for iPad We have been loyal fans of web-based Word Cloud creators, such as Wordle, plus the astoundingly versatile Tagxedo site, and we have featured examples of how word clouds can be used as creative learning tools, or as a stimulus for writing, classroom display, or text analysis. But app developers are really starting to pull out all the stops to create apps which are equal to, or better than, those available on the web. We feature four of our favourites, which are available for iPad… WordPack for iPad WordPack(Word Cloud) Previously featured on UKEdChat, Wordpack is an easy-to-use app allows you to add text (copy/paste, or type) or link to a webpage; choose the shape you require (134 to choose from); select the font (46 stylish fonts to choose from); select the layout; with added options of excluding numbers plus tweaking with the word case. The app is great value at £0.69*, and available from the Apple App Store. WordSalad for iPad CloudArt for iPad Simplicity is key with the CloudArt app.

Wikis for Everyone - Wikispaces Socrative and Success Criteria | EdTechSchool I’ve often considered Socrative to be the gateway drug to the world of educational technology for classroom practitioners. It is simple, reliable, and gives you a great resource to judge student progress. You can provide students with instant feedback and you can leave your classes with some readily analysed data and feedback that can inform your planning. If you’re not familiar with Socrative, it is a digital assessment for learning (AfL) tool. But you’re not transforming learning! Now…I hear the cynics ask, how is ‘Socrative’ better than mini-whiteboards or voting cards? At this point, I wish to stress that, I haven’t removed mini-whiteboards from my classroom. But, where Socrative has really worked for me is in recording data that I need to examine later and, as I will discuss below, by providing the most efficient way to give students ownership over success criteria in their learning. Giving Students Ownership of Success Criteria The solution - Socrative So take the plunge! by

27 Simple Ways To Check For Understanding 27 Simple Ways To Check For Understanding Checking for understanding is the foundation of teaching. Whether you’re using formative assessment for data to personalize learning within a unit, or more summative data to refine a curriculum map, the ability to quickly and easily check for understanding is a critical part of what you do. The following infographic Mia MacMeekin offers up 27 additional ways to check for understanding. Good stuff. Image attribution flickr user deepcwind and miamacmeekin; 27 Simple Ways To Check For Understanding 7 Free iPad Apps for Science Lessons Cross-posted from my other blog I'm preparing to do a virtual presentation for a small district next month. My hosts asked for a list of some science apps that their middle school and high school students can use. The Bill Nye The Science Guy iPad app is a free iPad app on which students can watch Bill Nye videos, play games, and discover kitchen table science experiments to do at home with their parents. goREACT is a free iPad app from the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Powers of Minus Ten: Bone is a neat iPad app for biology students. Virtual Heart is a free iPad app that allows users to take a closer look at how the human heart functions. 3D Brain is a free iPad app that features a model of the human brain. he app provides a three dimensional model of the human brain that students can rotate. Essential Skeleton is a free iPad app that students studying the human skeletal system should download.

Five iPad Learning Tasks You Should Be Able to Do with Your Students June 2, 2014 If you are running out of ideas of how to leverage iPad in your classroom teaching then the 5 tasks I have for you today are enough to establish your workflow and get your students engaged in interactive learning tasks. These tasks are designed by isupport and are geared towards providing teachers with a general outline of how they can integrate iPad in the classroom. I have spent some time going trough each of these tasks and have found them really worth sharing with you. This work reminds me of a similar work done Greg Kuloweic entitled"The iPad Ideas Book". Each of the tasks featured here are structured in such a way that cover different stages of Bloom's thinking taxonomy.They also include a brief write-up about the objective of the task, how it can be achieved and the apps that can be used to complete it. Task 1: Create a movieTask 2: Create a podcastTask 3: Create an interactive bookTask 4: Create a presentationTask 5 : Create a PDF Task 1 : Create a movie

Big Dog´s Grammar: basic English grammar with interactive exercises English Tal vez esta página contiene mucho que es aburrido, pero sé como llegar al grano de mi sujeto. Permíteme ayudarte en aprender lo mínimo necesario para crear la impresión de saber hablar o escribir inglés. Acá tenés una lista de lo esencial. Si querés comunicar efectivamente--o por lo menos fingir un dominio del idioma--necesitás entender muy bien estas cosas. Mi amigo el Dr. Fijate en las "Auto-pruebas". Nota bien: Es preciso que cada "Auto-prueba" descargue por completo antes de empezar cualquier ejercicio. Español Maybe some dull, basic English grammar stuff here, but I know how to get to the meat of any subject. Here you have a list of the bare essentials of grammar. If getting your point across in writing or making someone think you know what you're talking about is ever important to you, you have to get a handle on these things! Try out the new "Self-Tests."

Länkarna från min föreläsning Hej Hoppas ni fick med er något ni kan använda i er undervisning från min föreläsning. Tipset är att börja med att skapa ett konto på sedan kan ni samla de länkar som passar just er! Här nedan kommer de länkar som jag hänvisar till: (uppblandat med lite tysklärarhumor!) Familjehemsplacerad pojke flyttas efter 3 år Här är ett blogginlägg om vad som drabbade vår familj i höstas. Min instruktionsblogg- i kanten på bloggen finns mina presentationsbloggar Karin Brånebäcks blogg - Nybörjarguiden Quiz Samla tankar. Webbstjärnan - tävlingen med den bra supporten Daniel Barker Se hur Daniel gör sina flippfilmer Skärminspelningsverktyg för dator Att göra animerad film Tips på animerad film Virtuell anslagstavla https. Mycket nöje

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