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Back to School Pencil Case

Back to School Pencil Case
LiEr and her ikat bag are constantly full of fun, new, kid-related ideas and sewing projects. Today she shares this Back to School Pencil Case, perfect for kindergarten through college! The added piping lends a special touch to this project. Learn more about LiEr in her introduction, and visit the ikat bag blog for more (check out the “Most Visited” section in her left sidebar, and her patterns too). From LiEr: I used home decor weight fabric and/or duckcloth/canvas for my pencil cases– They make a sturdy product. However, it can be tricky to manipulate in many layers and around small circumferences if you are not used to working with these. What you need (1/2″ seam allowance included in all pieces): For the Outer Layer: For the Lining Layer: One rectangle 9.5″ x 10.5″ in lining fabricTwo circles 4″ diameter in lining fabric Also needed: a sewing machine with a regular presser foot, a zipper foot, coordinating sewing thread, a needle for hand-basting and a seam ripper. Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Related:  Sacs, pochettes and coDIY201081

Tuto de la trousse qui fait des heureux ;) ← Meloncollie Je n’ai rien posté ces derniers jours … ce n’est pas faute d’avoir fait fumer la machine ! Mais j’ai travaillé sur plusieurs projets pour des amis et je ne pouvais (et ne peux d’ailleurs toujours pour certains …) vous les montrer avant qu’ils ne les reçoivent ! Je vous ai donc concoté un petit tuto pour vous faire patienter :o) Il explique en images comment réaliser les trousses que je fais avec plaisir tant pour les autres que pour moi même … A l’origine, je me suis inspirée de plusieurs tutos trouvés sur le net comme celui d’Isastuce ou de Ma boîte à Trésors puis j’ai développé ma propre façon de faire. Voici le matériel nécessaire : – 2 tissus assortis – une fermeture éclair – un pied à fermeture qui simplifie grandement la tâche – une règle, des ciseaux, des épingles … Plier le sommet des rectangles vers l’intérieur sur 1 cm et repasser pour bien marquer le pli En faire de même à l’autre extrémité de la fermeture et les piquer à la machine. De près, voilà à quoi cela doit ressembler :

Zipper Pencil Case Summer is over, it is a whole new round of “back-to-school” and “back-to-work” again!!!! I hope you have enjoyed your sun shiny days through out the pass few months; have refreshed and recharged yourself mentally and physically for another round of loooong journey. I don’t have summer vacation since it is all year round of hot sunny days which I usually hide myself from it… Anyway, I just had a great weekend getaway with friends from far, we ate, we adventured, we explored, we chat, and we definitely enjoyed every moment together! To welcome you back to the craft room of Craft Passion, here is the zipper pencil case pattern and tutorial which I did before my recent weekend getaway. As you can see from the photos, this zipper pencil case has a zipper that opens all the way down from top to the sides. This pencil case would make perfect storage for many purpose, pencil case, cosmetic pouch, stationery, accessories, craft tools etc… you name it!!! {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2

How About Orange Related to yesterday's coaster project, here's a template for making a larger modular felt trivet. No sewing or gluing required. Connect as many pieces as you like to make bigger projects, too--placemats, a runner, or sew two pieces together for a pillow cover. Download the pattern here. Begin locking pieces together by pulling the arrow-shaped tabs through the slots from the back through to the front side. To finish the trivet, trim off the excess felt around the edges and nip the points off the triangular tabs. Little boxy pouch tutorial « three bears My latest favourite thing to make, little boxy pouches. It took me almost an entire morning, lots of paper and sellotape and countless cups of tea to figure this out. I’m here to save you the bother. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. I hope these instructions are clear. Do let me know if you use this tutorial, I’d love to see how it works out for you. ***How I add lining*** There may be a quicker way but this is how I add a lining. Like this: Like Loading...

Tutorial: Small Fabric Basket | Jillian In Italy 19 Mar {Here’s little simple sewing project from the Jillian In Italy archives. I think this would be a great project to do for Easter for the kids or even with the kids. Here is a very basic tutorial that a good friend of mine designed for a very sweet little fabric basket. Read on to get full tutorial. Like this: Like Loading... Tags: easter, fabric basket, gift, photography, sew, Sewing, tutorial Boxed Pouch Tutorial | Terrabyte Farm This pouch has been getting a lot of attention on Flickr, especially after Jeni featured it on her blog during one of her Friday Favorites posts. I thought it might be fun to try to make a tutorial so that others can make one as well! This is my first official tutorial, and I would love some feedback. Materials Needed (20) 2.5″ squares (this is a nice way to use scraps up) in this example, I cut up a pack of (20) Echo by Lotta Jansdotter charm squares and had enough squares to make two boxed pouches plus an iPad case (!!) Now, here is the same info in Jamie-speak. There are four basic steps to this project. First, you make your patchwork grid by sewing your squares together and adding the border. Second, you add batting and backing and quilt your piece using 1/4″ straight line quilting. Third, you decide whether your want a narrow or wide pouch and attach your zipper accordingly. Finally, you stitch together your sides seams and box your corners. The narrow pouch is 9″ x 3″ x 1.5″.

Teindre avec du Kool Aid Après avoir testé la teinture alimentaire Vahiné, j’ai voulu tenter l’expérience Kool Aid. Il s’agit d’une marque de boisson américaine artificiellement aromatisée. Pour celles qui ont connu la boisson « Tang », on pourrait dire que celà s’en rapproche. Mais cette boisson peut aussi être utilisée pour faire de la teinture ! Il faut tout d’abord savoir que Kool Aid ne fonctionnera que sur les fibres animales (laine, soie, etc…) et ne prendra pas sur les fibres végétales (coton, lin, etc…). En ce qui concerne mes essais, je suis partie sur une base de DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk. Pour ce tutoriel il vous faudra donc : Un sachet de Kool Aid. L’intérêt de la balance est double : si vous voulez faire plusieurs mini écheveaux d’à peu près la même quantité, il sera plus aisé de les peser. Fabriquer les écheveaux Si vous avez prévu d’utiliser un écheveau déjà présent dans votre stock, en entier, cette étape n’est pas nécessaire. J’ai voulu réaliser des mini pelotes de 5gr chacunes. Teindre la laine

Zipper Card Pouch Have you ever had too many cards that your wallet can handle? Be selective and get only those cards that you might be using in a particular shopping mall but end up they were the wrong one? Or, may be just forgot to “update” the cards in the wallet on your next trip? Can’t find the cards you thought you have already put into your wallet? Sounds familiar….. I am not a big fan of big wallet, with the increasing numbers of cards that I have, my decent size wallet is no longer able to buckle up. This zipper pouch can hold up to 30 plastic cards (similar to credit cards), and more for thinner cards, business calling card for example. Get the pattern and tutorial to sew one yourself after the jump and don’t have to struggle with the cards anymore. {Get pattern and tutorial on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners

Lined, zippered pouch / make up bag tutorial This morning I was in a rush to make a simple lined make-up bag and had a quick look on the internet to see if I could easily find any dimensions for such a thing. I could find instructions on how to make a pouch, but none with dimensions and none with covered ends to the zips, which is how I like my zips to be finished. It now seems quite illogical to me that I decided that I simply must write a tutorial for such a thing when I was meant to be 'rushing'...but it seems that most things can wait. So here we have a lined, covered zip ends make up bag / coin purse tutorial (for personal use only, see tutorial end for other terms). Photos are plentiful and instructions (hopefully) basic, in the hope that a beginner will be able to make this easily. This make-up bag will end up measuring: 7.5" x 5". Here are the ingredients you will need: Yay! Take one of the 3" x 1.5" pieces of material. Place your zip so that it butts up to the half way fold that you made. Pull the zip open halfway.

Tutorial Tuesday: Paper Pieced Cosmetic Bag This little cosmetic bag makes a perfect Birthday or Christmas gift – it’s visually impressive, and the paper/foundation piecing means it’s easy to get precise results. Because it’s small, it doesn’t take too long to make it, and you could even do the paper piecing by hand in the evening in front of the telly. If you do end up making one, pop a pic in the SewHappyGeek Flickr group – I love seeing people using my tutorials! And there’s still time to link up to Manic Monday Linky Party and share what you’ve been up to! Flying Geese Paper Pieced Cosmetic Bag Tutorial by Jenna Excell of © Copyright 2011, J C Excell For this bag you’ll need: scraps and about a fat eighth’s worth of background fabric for the paper pieced Flying Geese portion.2 pieces of fusible fleece/fusible wadding cut 9.75” (9 ¾) x 7.75” (7 ¾)2 interior pieces cut 9.75” x 7.75”4 side strips cut 2.25” x 6.52 bottom strips cut 2” x 10”11” or 12” zipper Sides sewn on. Bottom Piece sewn on. And hey, Presto!

Pretty Pleated Purse Pattern It’s been a minute since we dropped a new Hot Mess Mommy tutorial on you. Why not, it’s mother’s day after all right? Don’t we deserve a little DIY treat? This is a clutch/shoulder bag that I thought would be fun for summer walks – just big enough for an ID, a granola bar, a wipes case, and a diaper. If this purse isn’t up your alley, you might still enjoy learning how to make a purse strap, which is useful for any bag (or even belt) you might want to whip up. Get the full Pretty Pleated Purse Pattern & Tutorial after the jump…Pretty Pleated Purse Pattern 1. 2. Fold in half and iron: Fold each side to the middle and iron: Fold in half again and iron: Sew along the open edge: Then sew along the other side: Set your strap aside. 3. Repeat with your other set of lining pieces. Set your lining aside. 4. Now draw marks 3/4″ to either side of each of those marks: Lift the fabric towards you until the two outer marks are aligned and the inner mark is right at the center (you’re creating a pleat) 5. 6.

Needle and Spatula: Card Wallet Sewing Tutorial As promised, here is a sewing tutorial to make a cute card wallet with a button and elastic closure. These are great for when you want to just carry a few cards and maybe some cash with you instead of a big wallet, or you could use them to hold business cards. Also, in the spirit of the holidays, you could use these as gift card holders that then have a useful life afterwards! They are very quick and easy to make - I hope you enjoy the tutorial! If you make a card wallet with this tutorial I would love to see how it turned out - you can share a photo in the Needle and Spatula Flickr group. TERMS OF USE: For personal, non-commercial use only. What you will need: I actually cut out the interfacing first then fused it to the two front pieces, then cut them out to be the same size, but you could also cut both out first then fuse. Find the midpoint of the top 5 1/2" edge of the larger piece of outer fabric, and fold the elastic into a loop and hold it at the midpoint. Fold open and iron flat.