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L'écharpe à la tresse, le tuto (DIY)

L'écharpe à la tresse, le tuto (DIY)

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Easy Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern This scarf uses a horizontal drop stitch or seafoam pattern. It is fun and easy to make, and looks beautiful in a variegated yarn. It is well suited to yarns that are a little slippery or silky. On-the-Go Knit Bag There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service"). As used in this Agreement, "we" or "Prime Publishing" means Prime Publishing, LLC. and "you" means the individual or entity submitting materials to Prime Publishing. Any individual or entity that wants to use the Service must accept the terms of this Agreement without change.

Wellengang Short Row Scarf This slim elegant scarf is made from one skein of fingering weight yarn. It's easy to knit - the pattern consists of only 8 rows to repeat. The wave pattern is achieved by stacks of short rows - with an offset of two stitches for each row. The Walker Treasury Project Yarn: generic wool/acrylic blend 20%/80% Wraps Per Inch: 10 wpi Needles: 3mm aluminium (prym) Gauge: 25 st and 34 rows to 10cm/4 inches in pattern (blocked) Pattern: Large Lacy Cables Stitch Count Repeat: Multiple of 30 stitches Book: Charted Knitting Designs – A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns Page: 146 Comments: Swatch is 2 repeats + 9 st (28cm) wide and 2 repeats (24cm) high. Requires a lot of blocking to enhance the eyelets in the pattern. How to wear a circle scarf My friend Nora models three ways to wear the circle scarf casually: Basic circle scarf style Put the whole thing over your head once, like a giant necklace. It will be long, hanging almost to your knees. Cross the two hanging sides and loop it back over your head. You can do this just once (like Nora did), and let it swing, or you can do this as many times as the fabric will let you, making a thick, cozy neck wrap.

Types of Crochet - I've been crocheting since I was a child and, a million stitches later, I find I am still amazed at the different types and techniques of crochet from around world. I created this webpage to offer basic definitions of what the various types and techniques are, including some links for further information. If the technique header is a different color, clicking onto it will lead you to books on Amazon. soda fountain scarf I pretty much adore anything mid-century mod, and this style is happily somewhere in the late 50s and early 60s. It’s got that “quilted” look so characteristic of that era. (You know what I’m talking about – you see “quilted” bowls and console cabinets at West Elm all the time. Well, I do. Probably because I’m browsing West Elm during every coffee break…) It’s almost ridiculously easy to knit this scarf, but with one very (very) important note: you must knit loosely. I mean, forget tension.