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Marketing Tools: 29 Powerful Tools for a Social Media Marketer

Marketing Tools: 29 Powerful Tools for a Social Media Marketer
Do you find that you are using more and more marketing tools and you need more knowledge of technology in marketing than ever before? The demands on us to market our products and services using social media is constantly increasing and the technology/tools required to support this is also increasing. We start early morning and we finish late at night. How many of you check your Twitter or Facebook account last thing in the evening and first thing in the morning? In a recent report by IDC 80% of Smartphone users check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up. What we do when we first wake up! We have a long busy day ahead of us! So we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at a very busy day in the life of a Social Media Marketer. Do you want to embed this infographic on your site? What Marketing Tools are in this infographic? We have a good collection of Social Media Tools in this infographic and you may use some or all of them! Going to work Early Morning Creative Time Down Time

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14 Social Media Tools Used by Marketing Pros Are you looking for social media tools to get more out of your marketing? Are you wondering what tools marketing pros are using successfully? We asked fourteen well-known marketers to share the latest social media tools they’ve been using. Discover how you can use these tools to help you to get more out of your social media marketing. #1: Mention DesignShare Home Student-centered learning is Individualized, community-based, experiential, and collaborative. The FNI Learning Community model supports students in all four of these defined areas, as demonstrated by Norma Rose Point School in Vancouver, British Columbia. This new video from Fielding Nair International shows how successful innovative spaces can be through the voices of the school community.

Twitter Tools: 10 Irresistible Tools to help dominate twitter The right Twitter tools will make you way more effective and efficient. And without the right Twitter tools you will waste a lot of time. Don’t you just hate Twitter? 3 Spot-On Social Media Campaigns Every Brand Can Learn From Creating a killer social media campaign isn't about the support of a great brand or having the right assets. It's about striking the delicate balance of perfect timing, relevant messaging and the right audience. While everyone and his mother — and grandmother — is now a Facebook power user and a Twitter addict, hardly anyone understands how to brew up the secret sauce to a great campaign that catches the eyes of the masses. These three social media campaigns — and the finalists for the Mashies' Best Social Media Campaign award — have accomplished just that. While all three of these campaigns, listed below, demonstrated an incredible ability to move people, there can only be one winner, which will be announced on Oct. 10 at the Mashies award ceremony at New York's Altman Building.

Free Technology for Teachers Five Good Online Tools for Creating Infographics In my previous post shared some advice from Randy Krum, author of Cool Infographics, about creating infographics. In his book Randy devotes a chapter to design tools. Many of the tools used by professional designers cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. But you don't have to spend anything if you want your students to try their hands at creating a data visualization in the form of an infographic. Here are five free tools that your students can use to create infographics. is an online tool for creating interactive charts, graphs, and interactive infographic posters.

20 Videos We Couldn't Stop Watching In 2014 In the breakneck pace of digital culture today, our attention span has been whittled down to the length of a two-second GIF. Deciding to click play on a longer video often seems like too much of a commitment. But sometimes, you have to devote your full attention to a video, because it's just too damned good, whether it's a visual explanation of a woolly scientific concept, a history of video-game graphics, or plain old eye candy. What follows are the videos we couldn't take our eyeballs off of in 2014.

How Vine, Twitter's New Video-Sharing App, Can Help Your Organization Here at Social Driver we love technology and exploring the latest trends and how they could be used to benefit our customers. To make sure we’re keeping up with the latest technology, our company meets every Tuesday to talk about “Hot Topics.” The most recent tech trend to catch our eye is Vine. Vine is a new app that allows iPhone users (sorry Droid lovers) to turn photos into short videos and share with their friends.

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