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3D World - The Magazine for 3D Artists

3D World - The Magazine for 3D Artists

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Making of Little Fishes Hey there, I m so happy to be here and thanks to CGArena to give me the opportunity to share my workflow with you. A little bit about me, I am a freelance character artist working from France and I made this character during some spare time. Let’s get down to business. September 2007 Wallpaper from the Top Cows, Comic Book version of Witchblade. The series originally starred Sara Pezzini, a NYPD homicide detective who comes into possession of the Witchblade, a supernatural, artifact with immense destructive and protective powers. Through the Comicbook series Sara struggles to hone the awesome powers of the Witchblade and fend off those with a nefarious interest in it. There have been many spin-off titles, which place the Witchblade in other times and settings. Architectural Rendering Blog - Architectural Rendering and Architectural Illustration in Watercolor, Pencil and Pen and Ink If you went to architecture or environmental design school back in the day (when you had to use punch cards to enter data into a room-sized computer), you have witnessed the great shift from analog to digital in the design industry. You’re also old enough to have begun taking for granted the many ways the digital revolution changed our professional lives. As 2013 draws to a close, seems like a reasonable time to share a personal list of “best ways the digital revolution changed my professional life.”

Clever Animal Illustrations Using Negative Space May 25, 2013 George Bokhua is an illustrator and graphic designer from Tbilisi, Georgia. Last month, Bokhua posted a series of animal illustrations to Behance that used negative space to give the animals their recognizable form. You can find highlights of the series below. Be sure to check out George Bokhua’s entire portfolio on Behance for more creative illustrations and graphic design. If you enjoyed this post, the Sifter highly recommends: The 12 Basic Principles of Animation Day 1 – AE Premium So, what are the 12 Basic Principles of Animation and why should you care about them? The goal of the principles is to bring life and excitement to any animation - to take the mediocre and make it exceptional. Originally created by Disney animators for hand drawn animation, these are principles that anyone hoping to create quality animations should know and use. Overview Core Training Value: You will learn the fundamental 12 Principles of Animation and how they can be used within After Effects to give all your future projects more life.Difficulty: Beginner This is a Premium Tutorial.

3D Total Interviews Click the image to go to the tutorial on painting this image. 3D Total: During your career, you've worked as a web designer, storyboard artist, director, photographer and artist/illustrator, amongst other things. Which has been your favourite industry and role to work in and why? Robert Chang: It's funny, I've made my living mostly as a visual artist, but that actually ranks the lowest on my list of passions. Don't get me wrong, I love art, but I'd be happier doing other things on that list of passions. I think writing, filmmaking, and music rank the highest(don't make me pick--I can't). Heavenly Sword Weapon, Character and Environment Concept Art By – August 14, 2007Posted in: Heavenly Sword, PlayStation 3, Screenshots, Sony About the Author Matt Litten is a 28 year old from-the-womb gamer turned video game reviewer/blogger and current editor/owner/operator of Matt got his first taste of gaming as a youngster on the NES and Atari, and the rest is history from there.

How to make over 50000 dollars a year selling 3d models – tips from a top seller The following article is an interview with one of the top sellers in the 3d stock world. Although he does not want to reveal his true identity because he does not want to risk having his collection copied, he has revealed a lot of valuable information and shared some great tips that will prove useful for 3d artists who to make money selling 3d models on turbosquid, the3dstudio and other 3d marketplaces. Cgdigest:First of all, tell us a little bit about your background and experience with selling 3d models. Seller: I have been educated as a visual artist and I am a self taught 3d modeler. I have began to learn 3d studio max when it was at version 3 but I started to work as a professional in 2003.

Heroic Words of Wisdom on Behance My work, centered around comic book characters, comes with the challenge of reaching to an audience beyond those who are already fans of those characters. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy very much to see existing fans of these characters who enjoy my work. However, up until this project, I've been indulgent of being a fan, and neglectful of the challenge of reaching that larger audience. Superheroes already have a prominent place in pop culture. Their images can be seen anywhere. 100+ Maya 3D Tutorials For Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Users When it comes to high-end 3d computer graphics and 3d modeling software package, Autodesk Maya is always one of application to be considered. Maya plays an important role in the 3d visualization and animation industry and they are top choices for many designers on large or small-scale production. Pin it If you are looking to picking up Maya to design your 3d models, this article is for you.

Creature Spot - The Spot for Creature Art, Artists and Fans I did this in the spring on commission. Pretty large size for me, so it was a real challenge balancing the amount of detail and keeping a good flow moving throughout the image without creating a nightmare for myself. It was for an office environment, so I tried to keep the creatures rather humanesque and benign in nature. And -- ya know -- let me take this moment to curse the posting editor here, which is frustrating as hell. The Future of User Interfaces We are web designers and developers. As obvious as our work is (we build interactive media applications) there's a deeper meaning to what we do. We analyze design problems and explore different concepts to solve them. This also means that we think of the communication between a device and the user. We develop that communication. We design what the user sees and does.