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Sally Ride STEM Central

Sally Ride STEM Central
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Kodable SimCityEDU | A game-based learning and assessment tool for middle school students covering the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Project-Based Engineering for Kids Original, reliable, and fun collection of project-based engineering lessons for kids (and everyone!) Excited about making STEM project ideas accessible to everyone? Pledge on Patreon to keep the mission going. If you enjoy these projects, then check out my books Rubber Band Engineer and Duct Tape Engineer! These project-based lessons focus on basic principles of physics, structural, and mechanical engineering. All of the project plans in this collection are designed to be used in an after school enrichment setting, though you may use and modify these ideas for other not-for-profit purposes provided you cite The Workshop for Young Engineers. This is a growing and improving collection of lesson plans.

Hopscotch, Programming Designed for Everyone: coding for kids Curiosity Machine WISE inquiry for science Kodu | Home Fab Labs | Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM

This site really is a one stop shop! Lesson plans can be found be STEM category. Activities and assessments are given in this site. This will help teachers develop new lesson or help refresh current lessons that are being taught. by devonzamora Nov 3