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TRUTH OR DARE? Let's Clear the Air Don't get us wrong. We love Pinocchio. But when he rears his ugly nose into our business we get, well....all up IN it. Sometimes things can get a little complex, technical and confusing. Cisco's new whitepaper "All_Beamforming Solutions are not Equal" is at best misleading and at worst mythology. In this paper, Cisco effectively got two things right: 1) they spelled the word "beamforming" properly and 2) they used the appropriate Cisco corporate logo. Cisco is clearly going out of their way to give the impression that Ruckus-patented BeamFlex and digital signal processing (DSP)-based beamforming (often called chip-based transmit beamforming or TxBF) techniques are categorically similar. BeamFlex and TxBF are radically different in function, benefit, and usefulness. Ruckus supports both. Customer have LOTS of choices and can be easily deceived by supplier marketing. SAFETY TIP: If you want to avoide reading further, just download, read and memorize this document. Tout Pour le Réseau Sans Fil wireless wifi 802.11 BROCADE Enabling Agile and Automated Mobility for All Your WLAN Initiatives Any successful wireless LAN (WLAN) deployment requires the careful consideration of two primary factors: infrastructure and security. As primary components supporting the Brocade HyperEdge Architecture, our evolutionary campus architecture that radically simplifies networking and improves business agility, Brocade Mobility Wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions deliver secure, anywhere anytime wireless connectivity for organizations of any size. With Distributed Access Point Forwarding technology, a TCO that’s up to 50 percent lower than major wireless providers, and a robust security eco-system, you can deploy an agile, automated, and affordable wireless solution to securely improve mobile user productivity and collaboration. Brocade Mobility Solution Benefits: Brocade offers a complete line of access points and controllers designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Security: A Business Imperative Summary

XIRRUS ADTRAN Traditional enterprise wireless networks were designed before the explosion of Wi-Fi enabled devices and are now straining under the demand to support more devices, more access points, wider mobility, and greater bandwidth. Wireless connectivity in the enterprise has moved from the access of convenience to the access of choice. A more scalable, cost-effective solution has emerged that leverages the power of virtualization to solve the scale challenges of the enterprise wireless network. Introducing ADTRAN Bluesocket virtual wireless LAN (vWLAN) that brings the power of network virtualization to Wi-Fi. vWLAN offers the industry’s first cloud-based, virtualized management and control solution for wireless LANs, eliminating physical, hardware-based controllers from the network, removing scale limitations, and enabling management and control of thousands of Access Points (APs) and users located anywhere in the world.

RUCKUS FORTINET Fortinet’s Secure WLAN is a comprehensive, flexible end-to-end wireless LAN security solution that incorporates wireless and wired access, security, authentication, switching and management to help you adjust to the new demands for speed and security being put on your enterprise network. You have the flexibility to choose between thick and thin access points (APs), managed by the integrated wireless controller in FortiGate network security platform, delivering comprehensive, proven threat management and policy enforcement. Fortinet's unique approach allows you to integrate security for your wired and wireless networks quickly and easily. You can manage all policies from a 'single pane of glass' management console, improving protection while simplifying your network. Fortinet’s wireless security solution consists of three components: FortiAP Thin Wireless Access Points are cost-effective IEEE 802.11ac and 802.11n “Thin” APs that provide Integrated Network Security and WiFi client access.

2013 2012 AVAYA Keep your network always on and running optimally. Be confident your data communications work efficiently and reliably. Single Channel Architecture HP HP FlexFabric 5700 Switch Series The HP Flex Fabric 5700 Switch Series is a family of cost-effective, high-density, ultra-low-latency, Light Layer-3, top-of-rack (ToR) switches, ideally suited for deployment at the server access layer in large enterprise data centers. Product details HP M210 802.11n Access Point Series HP M210 802.11n Access Points are dual-band, single-radio devices supporting high-speed wireless networking at 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz. Product details HP 417 802.11n Unified Walljack Access Device Series The HP 417 Unified Walljack integrates one GbE uplink port, three 100BASE-T wired ports and 802.11n wireless connectivity into a small unit that can be quickly, easily and discretely installed in a standard wall outlet box. Product details HP Network Simulator HP Network Simulator is an ideal Comware v7 learning tool, which allows users to create, configure, and connect simulated devices and networks. HP Network Simulator