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Online Audio Flashcards for Kids

Online Audio Flashcards for Kids
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Graded English language dictations free online BrainFlips | Home of the world's smartest flashcards | Flashcards | Online Flashcard | Online Flashcards Dolch Sight Vocabulary Words « Mrs. Perkins Dolch Word Lists Note: Please read "What are Dolch Words?" for background information on these lists. Below are the Dolch word lists, the 220 most common words and 95 additional nouns in children's reading books, in alphabetical order. Dolch words, or sight words, provide an excellent base for reading at an early age. Note that all the Dolch words can be taught before children finish the first grade in school. Note: The PowerPoint 97 Shows can be viewed in either PowerPoint version 97, 2000 or 2002. The PowerPoint shows are formatted for Century Gothic Font to closely match primary type printing font.

English Grammar. Det datum engelska La Fecha en inglés En inglés se utilizan los números ordinales (first, second, third, etc.) para expresar las fechas, a diferencia del español en que se emplean los números cardinales (uno, dos, tres, etc.). Today is the 2nd of June / hoy es el 2 de junio Para expresar los días utilizamos la preposición 'on'. You came on the 12th of May / viniste el 12 de mayoYou came in May / viniste en mayoYou came in 1995 / viniste en 1995 En inglés, a diferencia del español, los meses y los días se escriben con mayúscula. March / marzo Monday / lunes Los días de la semana son: Sunday / domingo Monday / lunes Tuesday / martes Wednesday / miércolesThursday / jueves Friday / viernes Saturday / sábado Los meses del año son: January / enero February / febrero March / marzo April / abril May / mayo June / junio July / julio August / agosto September / septiembreOctober / octubre November / noviembre December / diciembre Las estaciones del año son: Podemos omitir las letras de orden (-st, -nd, -rd, -th)

Welcome to the Mnemosyne Project | The Mnemosyne Project blubbr - Play & create video trivia games Learn English English Lessons Information about English English belongs to the Indo-European family, Germanic group, West Germanic subgroup and is the official language of over 1.7 billion people. Home speakers are over 330 million. As regards the evolution of the English language, three main phases can be distinguished. From the 6th and 5th centuries B.C., the Celtics are believed to have lived in the place where we now call Britain. The words "England" and "English", come from the word, "Angles". We hope the lessons above helped you learn English.

Classroom Signs and Labels Printables for Primary Schools Outdoor Area and Playground Welcome to textivate! Textivate creates a load of interactive activities based on any text that you put into this box. It works with texts of up to 500 words and/or up to 200 matching items. To have a go with this text, just click the 'textivate now' button. If you have a valid log-in (or student log-in) you can try it with your own text (you'll need to delete this text first). The number of activities available will depend on the number of words in your text (or on the number of matching items). Click on the 'Getting started' link below this box for all sorts of help with using textivate.N.B. 1.

Adele's ESL Corner - Your free online English language website Base Ten Blocks Worksheets Welcome to the base ten blocks page at where blocking your students' learning is the best approach! On this page, you will find several worksheets for base ten block manipulatives. Base ten blocks are an excellent tool for teaching children math number concepts because they allow children to touch and manipulate something real while learning important skills that translate well into paper and pencil addition. Counting Base Ten Blocks Worksheets Although we recommend using actual base ten blocks, not everyone has access to them, and some students like to use them as projectiles or for other purposes not related to learning. Trading Base Ten Blocks Worksheets Trading blocks both ways will help a great deal when adding and subtracting numbers with base ten blocks, so don't skip this part. Representing Numbers With Base Ten Blocks Worksheets To add numbers with base ten blocks, students model both numbers and combine the piles. More About Base Ten Blocks

Super Teacher Tools English (ESL) Literacy and Vocabulary Exercises Online beginning English exercises numbers 0 - 10readnumber names, zero to ten:read spell A - a, B - b, C - c ...readthings in the classroom:read spellcolors:read spelldaily activitiesread spell months:read spellfamily:read spellvegetables:read spellfruit:read spellclothing:read spell places around the neighborhoodread spell rooms in a houseread spell accessories:read spell farm animals:read spellfast foodread spell intermediate and advanced English exercises kitchen equipment:read spell transportationread spell things in an office:read spell kinds of moviesread spell wild animals:read spell tools:read spellsea creatures:read spellspace:read spell San Francisco tourist places:read spell the Earthread spell insectsread spell fabric patternsread spell punctuation marks:read spell Greetings teachers of English as a second language (ESL), You should note, however, that although the game-like element adds some excitement, the simplicity of these exercises makes them somewhat monotonous. Cheers, Kurt