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Herbs For Insomnia

Herbs For Insomnia
Please Share This Page: Top 10 Herbs For Insomnia - Image to repin / shareChamomile Tea image - © Dmytro Sukharevskyy - While most people experience lack of restful sleep from time to time, insomnia is defined as a frequent or chronic inability to fall asleep at night. Of all problems concerning sleep or lack thereof, insomnia is the most prominent and also the least-researched. If you suffer from chronic sleeplessness, you'd also know how it is to experience daytime fatigue, mood swings and headaches. While conventional treatments such as prescription or over-the-counter sleeping pills are commonly used by people who suffer from insomnia, other treatments exist which may be preferable for those with qualms about using chemical and synthetic drugs. Top 10 Herbs For Insomnia Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia) Indigenous to mountainous regions of the Mediterranean, lavender has a history of use in folk medicinw. St. Native to Europe, St. Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) [4] St. Related:  HerbsIn Relation to Symptoms

Herbs For Circulation Please Share This Page: Top 10 Herbs For Circulation image to repin / shareHerbs background pic © Elena Moiseeva - Since blood, flowing throughout your body, provides oxygen, warmth and nutritional support to all cellular activities, it is possible to imagine what conditions may arise as a result of poor blood circulation. While poor circulation may result from conditions such as diabetes, kidney, liver or heart diseases, [1] it is reported that it can just as easily come from simple deficiencies in your diet and lifestyle - where you are not getting the proper nutrients due to unhealthy foods or even habits like smoking. [3] There are some simple herbal remedies that can be found in your kitchen, garden or local store, which have been indicated by various studies to have potential to improve circulatory health. 10 Herbs for Circulation Cayenne Pepper Ginger Hawthorn Garlic Another basic herb for improving circulation. Gingko Biloba Rosemary Cinnamon Onions Yarrow Prickly Ash

How Not to Die of Botulism After tanking up on “pruno,” a bootleg prison wine, eight maximum-security inmates at the Utah State prison in Salt Lake County tried to shake off more than just the average hangover. Their buzz faded into double vision, weakness, trouble swallowing, and vomiting. Tests confirmed that the detainees came down with botulism from their cellblock science experiment. In secret, a prison moonshiner mixed grapefruit, oranges, powdered drink mix, canned fruit, and water in a plastic bag. For the pièce de résistance, he added a baked potato filched from a meal tray weeks earlier and peeled with his fingernails. After days of fermentation and anticipation, the brewer filtered the mash through a sock, and then doled out the hooch to his fellow yardbirds. The party was short-lived. Investigators traced botulism spores to the humble spud. Botulism, the illness caused by toxin exposure, first received scientific attention in rural Germany in the late 18th century.

Cannabis is Key to Good Health When We Eat it vs. Smoke it It is no secret that our world is seeing a huge increase in poor health and cancer cases. It should come as no surprise when we look at what we eat daily, the condition of our environment and the types of body care products we use daily that contain a ton of cancer causing agents. Mainstream medicine suggests that chemotherapy and radiation are the best means to go about treating cancer, but there is a growing body of evidence to suggest there exist much better cures. Cannabinoids may very well be one of the best disease and cancer fighting treatments out there. What are cannabinoids? Cannabinoids have been proven to reduce cancer cells as they have a great impact on the rebuilding of the immune system. Cannabinoids can prevent cancer, reduce heart attacks by 66% and insulin dependent diabetes by 58%. “If you heat the plant, you will decarboxylate THC-acid and you will get high, you”ll get your 10 mg.

Knowing the Symptoms of Liver Disease Could Save your Life | Healthy News and Information by MICHELLE TOOLE Knowing how to recognize the symptoms of liver disease can save your life. As with so many illnesses and diseases, liver disease, if spotted early enough, can be arrested, and cured (providing the causes have been identified and are avoided in the future), and your liver can fully recover, growing new healthy tissue to replace any that has been damaged, just as long as the disease has not been allowed to progress too far – hence the importance of knowing the warning signs to look out for. An organ and a gland Your liver is the largest internal organ (and also the largest internal gland) that you have in your body. In a healthy adult, a normal liver will weigh somewhere between 3 to 3.5 pounds and it plays a crucial role in a number of body system functions. The functions of the liver Hepatic disease Liver disease is also sometimes referred to as hepatic disease. The causes of liver disease Liver disease can be brought about in a number of different ways. Gallstones Share:

Homemade Vitamin C Medicago Sativa, Pea family Some folks would say “alfalfa is only fit for livestock,” but you might be surprised to discover that alfalfa was cultivated for medicinal purposes long before it was grown for fodder. Alfalfa has been used for centuries to treat jaundice, arthritis, muscle problems, and kidney disorders. The Native Americans used it to promote blood clotting and to increase energy and bone strength. Alfalfa Lore The first mention of alfalfa was found in old text written by the emperor of China in 2939 BC. Alfalfa Success Story Chainsaw Roy, a friend of mine who lives down the road, continually tells me how great alfalfa is and how it saved his life. When Roy was in his late sixties his knees got so bad that he could hardly walk and his doctor told him that they were going to have to put disks and steel pins in his knees. Alfalfa Flowers Prices of Alfalfa Soar Should I Eat Alfalfa by the Bale? An entire bale is too much for a human to consume. Sprouting Alfalfa Bryan Shillington

10-Year-Old Reverses “Incurable” Autoimmune Disease with Simple Diet Changes: “I’m Off All These Stupid Medications…and I Feel Great!” Isabel overcame a supposedly “incurable” disease through dietary changes and supplements. When Dr. Mark Hyman first saw Isabel, 10 years old at the time, she had a severe case of an autoimmune disease, classified as a mixed connective tissue disease. The MCTD diagnosis includes rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus eyrthematosus, and other similar diseases with extremely debilitating side effects that can drastically reduce quality of life. The disease is deemed to be incurable. As shown in the picture above, the disease affected her whole body from top to bottom: blood vessels, white and red blood cells, liver, and muscles. And just like with the case of pop singer Selena Gomez’s lupus treatment, Isabel was recommended to take a chemotherapy drug to suppress the activity of her immune system daily. Refusing to accept that as her fate, she was brought to Dr. What Dr. “I can ride my horse again, I’m off all these stupid medications, and…I feel great!” Autoimmune Diseases in America Dr. Dr.

10 Amazing Reasons To Make Mint A Part Of Your Life! When thinking about mint, green, aromatic and refreshing are the first three words that pop in our mind. But that’s not enough to describe this wonderful herb. Mint is rich in powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, B6, AK, riboflavin and folic acid. Here is a list of some of the most beneficial effects of mint: Improves digestion The best effect mint has on your body is improving digestion. Irritated intestines Scientists have discovered that mint is very efficient in healing symptoms of irritated intestines. Asthma and other respiratory problems Lungs may benefit from its smell. Decreases blood pressure Mint helps in decreasing your blood pressure and pulse thanks to the potassium in it. Improves oral health Mint destroys the bacteria that causes cavities and neutralizes bad breath smell. Decreases pain The incredible mint leafs may ease headache, muscle pain and stomach pain. Reduces nausea With the help of the mint essential oil aroma, you will feel as new. Helps with depression References:

How to Diagnose Common Thyroid Symptoms and Treat Thyroid Disease Thyroid disease has become very prevalent in today's world, courtesy of a number of different lifestyle factors. An estimated 1 in 8 women aged 35 to 65 has some form of thyroid disease1 — underactive thyroid being the most common. More than one-quarter of women in perimenopause are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, in which insufficient amounts of thyroid hormones are produced. Thyroid hormones2 are used by every cell of your body, which is why the symptoms can vary so widely. Thyroid hormones are also required for growth and development in children. Somatomedins (skeletal tissue growth) Erythropoietin (involved in the development of red blood cells) Nerve growth factor Epidermal growth factor In pregnant women, thyroid hormone is also involved in the production of prolactin, a hormone responsible for milk production. This is why it's so important to understand how your thyroid works and what can cause it to dysfunction. Understanding How Your Thyroid Gland Works Thyroid Disruptors Abound...

The top 15 healing actions of herbs - (NaturalNews) A great deal of pharmaceutical research has gone into analyzing the active ingredients in herbs to find out how and why they work. In some cases, the action is due to a specific chemical present in the herb or it may be due to a complex synergistic interaction among various constituents of the plant. Check out these categories of herbs, and how they are beneficial in treating the human body. 1. Adaptogenic: Adaptogenic herbs increase resistance and resilience to stress, enabling the body to adapt around a problem and avoid the adverse effects of stress, such as fatigue. Many adaptogens are thought to work by supporting the function of the adrenal glands. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Incorporate a variety of herbs into your lifestyle, and look into adaptogenic herbs as a great start. Sources for this article include: Trivieri, Larry.

Essential Oils and Brain Injuries: What You Are Not Being Told! Have you ever walking into a store or house and instantly felt relaxed? This happens to me whenever I walk into any health food store. I get an immediate feeling of calm and happiness. The smell evokes memories from childhood and visiting the health food store with my parents. The sense of smell is a very powerful one. In studies performed at Vienna and Berlin Universities, researchers discovered that sesquiterpenes, a natural compound found in essential oils of Vetiver, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Frankincense, can increase levels of oxygen in the brain by up to 28 percent. A study performed on students with ADHD ages 11-12 showed positive results when essential oils were used. It was discovered in the late 80s that the amygdala plays a role in storing and releasing emotional trauma. Any head trauma or injury is taken very seriously, and for good reasons. When essential oils increase oxygen in the brain, the pineal and pituitary glands also benefit greatly.

"Killer Germs" Obliterated by Medicinal Smoke Smudging, Study Reveals By Sayer Ji Contributing Writer for Wake Up World The ritualistic use of plant smoke stretches back to the prehistorical era and is still used, the world over, as a way of ‘cleansing’ the spirit. The burning of herbs and plant resins for medicinal and spiritual purposes – so-called ‘smudging’ – is an ancient practice among indigenous people around the world; one increasingly adopted by Westerners. That said, skeptics believe attributing health benefits to the burning of sage and incense reflects ‘magical thinking.’ Given the polarized view on this increasingly common practice, as well as the well known role that the burning of incense plays in even Western religious traditions, such as Catholicism, we decided to explore the published literature on the topic of smudging’s scientifically validated medical benefits, to see what we could find. Smudging, of course, as a ‘spiritual’ ritual, is not aimed at ‘killing germs,’ or becoming a ‘new drug delivery system.’ Did you catch that?

Groundbreaking Study: This Common Vitamin Deficiency May Be Causing A Diabetes Epidemic You may want to fill up on more sweet potatoes, butternut squash and those dark leafy greens; a lack of vitamin A – usually found in these foods – could be behind type 2 diabetes. A new study by New York’s Weill Cornell Medical College, published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry, revealed that a vitamin A deficiency is a potential driver of type 2 diabetes. In fact, the findings could open the door to new treatments for the condition. Link between type 2 diabetes and vitamin A deficiency Around 95 percent of all diagnosed cases of diabetes is type 2, making it the most common form of diabetes in the United States. The condition is marked by insulin resistance, for the most part. To find out more about the link between type 2 diabetes and vitamin A, researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College looked at the beta cells of two groups of adult mice. What researchers discovered was that the laboratory mice who were unable to store vitamin A also experienced beta cell death.

Garlic: One of nature's greatest disease fighters - Monday, May 12, 2014 by: Michael RavensthorpeTags: Garlic, Allicin, Herbs (NaturalNews) The pungent and aromatic herb, garlic, has a well-documented history of human use for over 5,000 years. The ancient Egyptians, for instance, would regularly incorporate garlic into their meals or utilize it as a medicine. Today, garlic remains a staple in the Mediterranean diet and it is frequently used as a seasoning in its native central Asia. The average garlic bulb contains very few vitamins, minerals, protein or fiber compared to other plant foods. List of health benefits Rich in allicin -- Most of garlic's greatest health benefits stem from its allicin content. Additional disease prevention -- Allicin is also known to prevent countless other diseases. Cardiovascular benefits -- The sulfur compounds in garlic have been proven to be effective at boosting heart health. The best way to consume garlic Sources for this article include:

He Cured Himself From The Most Dangerous Type Of Cancer And Left The Doctor Shocked We all live in a world where we are constantly told that there is no known cure for cancer, and the only treatment that doctors prescribe in these situations is chemotherapy. However, we are all aware that chemo brings more harm than improvement in terms of your health. However, a growing number of people around the world trust nature and its gifts and choose traditional natural remedies instead of conventional ones. A great number of them succeeded in defeating cancer using these natural herbs and homemade remedies, such as baking soda, turmeric, carrots, others cannabis. Moreover, the newest cure, as reported by this man, is the well- known honey. Ante Kresich was diagnosed with one of the most dangerous cancer types – lung cancer 13years ago. Then, Croatian doctors told him that he did not have enough time left. He was completely cured, using honey and some healing herbs. He was released from the hospital in April and he was a completely different man the nex summer.