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Free LEGO Printables and 70+ LEGO Learning Activities

Free LEGO Printables and 70+ LEGO Learning Activities
My kids had lots of LEGOS when they were growing up. I always thought LEGOS were great for logic, architectural skills, problem-solving skills, and collaborative experiences, although we didn’t use them for focused learning activities. Now there are LOTS of amazing activities online for using LEGOS specifically for hands-on learning activities. I love LEGO learning activities any time, but I really appreciate them in the summer as an interest-led way to prevent “summer brain drain.” Today, I want to share some of those amazing activities. These aren’t all necessarily Montessori-inspired activities, but you can always add an activity to an activity tray or table and color code your activity to fit with traditional Montessori colors if you wish. Here’s a fascinating post about Montessori and LEGOS: Are LEGOS Montessori? The following LEGO learning activities are organized roughly by subject. LEGO Learning Activities LEGO Posts with a Mixture of Subjects LEGO Posts from Milk and Cookies

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A huge bunch of resources for teaching the present perfect tense Almost universally, elementary learners of English are systematically introduced to the simple present and simple past forms. Then, somewhere around the end of what we consider to be elementary level and the beginning of pre-intermediate study, learners are introduced to the phenomenon known as the present perfect tense. In many cases, this is more than just a stumbling block on the road to learning English. This is primarily due to the fact that for many learners there is no tangible equivalent to the have/has + V3 in their first language. Even those languages that utilise a perfect tense may do so in a way radically different to English.

HCOS: Heritage Christian Online School Heritage Christian Online School couriers these to your home and will arrange for courier pick up as well. The resource kits are not designed to be a no-work option for teaching, but effort was made to include quality resources and hard-to-find supplies in order to help cover the Ministry of Education requirements efficiently and effectively. Many of the kits include: Several informative books on the unit study topic hard-to-locate reusable resources such as prepared slides, battery holders, and spring scales a game or activity to make learning fun related websites to extend learning student activity pages that can be downloaded from the website, see below a parent activity guide which breaks the content into 10-18 90-minute lessons.

Legos Kindergarten Printables I have been working on these for awhile now and finally found time to finish the Lego Kindergarten Printables up! I decided to use the Lego mini characters for most of it. I will be incorporating some of my other Lego finds for a “Lego Week” in the future! I hope many of you will be able to enjoy the following activities with your kids! 21st Century Skills Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to like Oxford University Press ELT's video. Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to dislike Oxford University Press ELT's video. Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add Oxford University Press ELT's video to your playlist. Published on Oct 9, 2013 Teacher and author Kathleen Kampa explains the fundamentals behind 21st century skills and what they mean to teachers and students. Learn more at

Education Search Search results for LEGO® Education WeDo Number of hits: 306 Downloads This software update will fix the issue that the WeDo Software does not install with the Mac OS 10.7 Lion Operating System as well as it resolves the issues with Flash 11. For a full fix list, please see the read me file in the download Download and unzip the file to your desktop. Read the “read me” text and follow the instructions. Math Teaching Videos Math Teaching VideosEach math problem comes with a step by step video solution, follow up problems, an online calculator and sketch pad. advertisement Jenn's Fish Tank

WeDo ReDo This following text was taken from a post by Robert Ferguson on the GeekDad community blog. Two years ago, GeekDad’s Jenny Williams reviewed Lego’s WeDo Robotics Construction Set for children (the review is still an excellent introduction). I’ve been itching to get one ever since, and I finally pulled the trigger when my oldest child appeared ready for it.

The Young Learners Issue #1 – Esra Children are like a sheet of blank paper. Depending on how much you are able to engage your students’ attention, you can have them either acquire the language as a native speaker does or have them learn the language. I have always aimed to have my kids internalize and acquire English naturally. Tools to create comics There are many ways to use your computer skills in a creative way: making a special CD with your favorite songs, creating a calendar with your photos or designing personal greeting cards are just some basic examples. But if you feel the urge to unleash your inner artist, you can take a step forward and start by creating your own comics. There are plenty of software tools to assist you – even if you're hopeless at drawing. Comic Life Probably the most popular comic app out there. It enables you to create comics from scratch or start off with any of its featured templates.

LEGO WeDo Construction Set "Motor" redirects here. For the block category with that name, see Motor Blocks. A LEGO WeDo robot being used with Scratch. Music, Stories and Magic – Erika Instant groove lesson recipe By Erika Osváth If someone asked me to jump in and teach a stand-by lesson to a group of children, teenagers or adults, a group of any age, I’d just walk in now with no pen, no paper, no book nor laptop and be somewhat sure we could come up with something fun and useful together. Something that I would certainly enjoy and hope they would like too. A lesson full of vocabulary practice, functional language, pronunciation, lots of speaking and listening and possibly some reading and writing too, age of the students and time permitting.

LEGO Education ~ Build To Express "It's all about a new way, a new approach to teaching and really introducing the teachers as more of a facilitator in the classroom." – Erin Hardy "BuildToExpress is a groundbreaking teaching process that combines a facilitative teaching method with hands-on manipulatives. The technique engages students in higher-order thinking by combining LEGO model building with open-ended, nonjudgmental questions. Learners are challenged with building tasks related to a subject area and then use reflective language to explain what they have built and how it applies to the topic at hand. This process of hands-on building combined with dialogue and reflection enables students to develop a deeper understanding of what they are learning. The BuildToExpress process helps engage students with multiple learning styles."