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Type Scale - A Visual Calculator

Type Scale - A Visual Calculator

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Blurgrounds Inspiration Hut - Downloads Take a look at our collection of creative hand drawn fonts, high quality gritty textures and Photoshop brushes on our MarketplaceBrowse Our Handcrafted Fonts How to Choose the Right Typeface for Your Website – ExpandTheRoom – Medium 3. Solve for your project’s unique challenges. Each typeface has specific features to solve unique design challenges. Some typefaces are better suited for your project than others. Here’s a few bells and whistles to look for before committing to a typeface: superfamilies, optical sizes, a range of widths and weights, language support, and font features.

Griddify, a Tiny Photoshop Panel for Guides and Grids Griddify is tiny and fast. It helps you compose custom grid systems, vertical rhythm, and do a bunch of other stuff with guides in photoshop. Watch the short tutorial to learn how it works: Download and Install (Photoshop CC) Download and install ZXPInstaller. BMFont - This program will allow you to generate bitmap fonts from TrueType fonts. The application generates both image files and character descriptions that can be read by a game for easy rendering of fonts. The program is freeware and open source, but a donation is greatly appreciated.

The Anatomy of a Grid — User Experience Design (UX) & why you should use one Web apps and websites of all kinds have dramatically improved thanks to frameworks that incorporate strong grid principles like bootstrap, foundation, skeleton, etc. Responsive web design brings a new appreciation of the grid’s role in digital experiences. No longer can designers and developers build for a single screen. The multi-device landscape forces the creator to think in terms of dynamic grid systems instead of fixed width. Digital design is still in its adolescence and grid usage is still young.

Transitional Interfaces Designers love to sweat the details. Much time is spent pixel-fucking buttons, form styles, setting type, & getting those icons as sharp as a tack. A+, great job, don't stop you guys. ...but there's little consideration about how it all fits together outside of a static comp. You tap a button and the form just ...appears? You swipe to delete an item and it just vanishes?

A Beginner’s Guide to Kerning Like a Designer Have you ever looked at a word or phrase you’re typesetting and something just looked off about it? It might just be a kerning problem. Kerning refers to the amount of space between two letters (or other characters: numbers, punctuation, etc.) and the process of adjusting that space to avoid awkward-­looking gaps between your letters and improve legibility. Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType Please return any accompanying registration form to receive registration benefits. In this Agreement, “Package” means the OpenType Font Developer’s Kit Software (hereinafter referred to as “FDK”), documentation, and related items. “Adobe” means Adobe Systems Incorporated, a Delaware corporation, 345 Park Avenue, San Jose, California 95110, if Section 11 of this Agreement applies; otherwise it means Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited, Unit 3100, Lake Drive, City West Business Campus, Saggart D24, Republic of Ireland, a company incorporated in the Republic of Ireland and an affiliate and licensee of Adobe Systems Incorporated. “Developer Fonts” means the font software in OpenType format that You create using the FDK; and “Developer,” “You,” and “Your” refer to any person or entity accessing or using this Package. You agree to protect Adobe’s copyright and other ownership interests in all items in this Package.