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Neil Gaiman's Journal

Neil Gaiman's Journal
It's been a strange week, filled with odd things happening. Oddest of all, I've bought a house (it is not as this quote might lead you believe, in Sacramento California: that quote was taken from a longer interview with me about my fondness for backing things on Kickstarter: The new house is something that's been in the works for a few months now: I saw somewhere in the Autumn, fell in love with it, convinced Amanda that I was in love, and we finally closed on it yesterday afternoon. It's a lot like my old Addams Family house in the woods, only it's not an Addams Family house, more of little cluster of stone cottages in the woods. (The woman I bought it from had lived here fifty years exactly; the man whose family she and her husband had bought it from in January 1964 drew newspaper comics back in the Golden Age.)

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Learning German Online for Beginners Learn German - online, simple, independently and for free! 10 tables build up an overview of basic German grammar. Basic verb forms and an introduction to German syntax are presented in a simple and understandable way. This German course was compiled with total beginners in mind. Ditch the home readers – real books are better for your child As school resumes for the new year, the “home reader” routine for primary school children also recommences. For many parents and children, reading these short texts can be the most agonising part of the nightly homework routine. It’s no wonder that so many children dislike reading their home reader. These books are often mass-produced, boring texts that hold little excitement or mystery.

Radio theater: This is a casting call This is something I’ve been thinking about and planning for years, and now it is a thing that is happening. And if you’re so inclined and are one of the right persons for the task, you can experience it with me. We are going to restore to its rightful glory the magnificent thing that is radio theater. Do you see these people? This is Orson Welles and his wonderful Mercury Theatre, rehearsing for their 1938 production of “Treasure Island.” They were at the absolute top of their game, telling stories using only their voices and a few sound effects, and they had people on the edge of their seats, week to week. Anne Frank: 10 beautiful quotes from The Diary of a Young Girl The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 is “keep the memory alive”, and today we want to remember Annelies Marie Frank, better known as Anne Frank, who started her diary Diary of a Young Girl at the age of just 13, while hiding from the German occupation of Amsterdam during the second world war. Anne wrote her diary in hiding in a secret annex of an old warehouse for the next two years. The diary stops abruptly in August 1944, when her family are betrayed and eventually sent to Auschwitz death camp. Only Anne’s father Otto survived and published his daughter’s Anne’s diary in 1947. Even if you haven’t read the diary, you will probably have heard of Anne Frank, seen one of the many film adaptations of Diary of a Young Girl, or even visited the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam.

Blog : Mary Jo Pehl Sooooo… the idea was that whenever we were invited to someone’s home for dinner or a party, I’d have cute odds and ends trays and dishes with which to bring food. I could leave it at the host’s house, and he or she wouldn’t have to worry about getting it back to me. On Christmas Day, I had dinner at a friends while THR had to work. She had asked me to bring rolls. I’d been to Goodwill to scope out something to bring the rolls in, because I was gonna get all Martha Stewart up in that shit.

Common Errors in English Usage Use the search form below to find words and phrases on this site. About this Search Engine E e.g. / i.e. each early adapter earmarks / hallmark earth, moon easedrop ecology / environment economic / economical ecstatic ect. -ed / -t edge on eek / eke efforting ei / ie either / or, neither / nor either are / either is eighteen hundreds / nineteenth century electrocute elegy / eulogy elicit / illicit ellipses email embaress emergent / emergency emigrate / immigrate eminent / imminent / immanent empathy / sympathy emphasize on emulate / imitate end result enamored by endemic / epidemic engine / motor English / British enjoy to enormity / enormousness enquire / inquire ensuite ensure / insure enthuse entomology / etymology envelop / envelope envious / jealous enviroment epic / epoch epicenter epigram / epigraph / epitaph / epithet epitomy eponymous equally as equivocate / equal -er / -est error / err -es espouse / expound / expand et al.

Frequently challenged books of the 21st century Each year, the ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom compiles a list of the top ten most frequently challenged books in order to inform the public about censorship in libraries and schools. The ALA condemns censorship and works to ensure free access to information. A challenge is defined as a formal, written complaint, filed with a library or school requesting that materials be removed because of content or appropriateness. The number of challenges reflects only incidents reported. We estimate that for every reported challenge, four or five remain unreported.

Caissie's Thing I posted this to my Facebook account a few days ago & I’m posting it here too, in case anyone who subscribes to this Tumblr, but isn’t my friend on Facebook, is interested. You’re missing some good comments from the original post, but that’s the price you pay for not wanting to know when I get in a fight with a friend from High School about gun control! Probably worth it. ArteEast ArteEast (U.S.A.) ArteEast is a nonprofit organization supporting artists from the Middle East, North Africa and their diasporas. Through activities including film screenings, exhibitions, educational programs, a virtual art gallery and magazine, a virtual literary forum, and much more, ArteEast aims to build understanding of the region’s arts and cultures as well as to encourage artistic excellence. Metropolis Art Cinema (Lebanon) Metropolis is Lebanon’s first art house movie theatre.

The Austen Project Buy From These Stores Purchase hardback from: Purchase e-book from: International Purchase Beloved and bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith lends his delightful touch to the Austen classic, Emma. Prepare to meet a young woman who thinks she knows everything Fresh from university, Emma Woodhouse arrives home in Norfolk ready to embark on adult life with a splash. Mort Sahl: The Loyal Opposition During the production and research phase of my film The Great Standups, I became fascinated with Mort Sahl. He is one of those artists whose impact on his field is so great that he influenced the work of virtually everyone who came after him, the same way Charlie Parker had such a seminal influence on jazz. Other than Will Rogers -- who practiced a good-natured folksy brand of political humor in the 1920’s and 30’s -- standup comedy prior to Sahl really had its roots in burlesque and vaudeville. Comedians typically came out on stage wearing tuxedos and were surrounded by leggy chorus girls.

5 Distraction-Free Writing Tips and Tools 5 Distraction-Free Writing Tips and Tools Though writer’s block probably most often puts a wrench in writing, distractions take a close second. From seeing new emails in your inbox to hearing the beeps of new texts on your phone, there are countless distractions that can pull you away from your work. By taking steps to nix the multitasking, you can really focus on writing sans any distractions – and we’ve got a handful of tips and tricks for doing just that.

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