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College of Europe

College of Europe
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ChinaFile | China, Journalism, Current Affairs European Studies The Master of Arts in European Studies focuses on the international dimensions of policy, governance and administration. The programme looks beyond the institutions of the European Union and the mechanics of European integration to examine global developments and multi-level governance in a broader context. The programme employs an interdisciplinary approach, combining political science, history, international relations, economics and cultural studies. The focus is on the underlying issues of power and influence, governance and culture. This one-year programme is offered in English. The programme offers three specialisations: The faculty has a permanent research programme centred around administrative governance and the role of the EU in the world. Scholarship We offer a UM High Potential Scholarship for non-EU/EEA students. Watch this interview with the former Programme Director of the MA European Studies, Dr.

Site web officiel de l'Union européenne L’UE en bref, institutions et organes, pays, symboles, histoire, faits et chiffres Informations sur l’agriculture, les entreprises, la culture, la santé, etc. Informations sur le droit de résider, de travailler, de voyager et d’étudier dans un autre pays de l’UE, ainsi que sur l’accès aux soins de santé et les droits des consommateurs Informations sur la fiscalité, les douanes, les importations et les exportations de marchandises, le soutien financier aux entreprises, etc. Consulter les traités, la législation et la jurisprudence de l’UE, et découvrir comment la législation de l’UE est élaborée et appliquée Rechercher des documents officiels, des publications, des statistiques, des données ouvertes et d'autres ressources

Canadian Centre for German and European Studies Centrum Stosunków Międzynarodowych - Główna Research Master European Studies The Research Master European Studies is a two-year interdisciplinary programme, offered in English, leading to a Master of Science degree. The programme’s focus is on doing research into the politics and policies of the European Union and into the wider historical and international contexts of the process of European integration. It is an interdisciplinary programme combining political science and the study of international relations with history and the cultural sciences. The overall objective of the programme is to equip future PhD students and analysts with a broad range of scientific methods and theoretical approaches relevant to the analysis of European phenomena. The programme operates in close cooperation with other universities, with European Union institutions, other Brussels-based actors and with the national administrations of the European Union member states. For more information (in Dutch) click here.

Jobs - EURAXESS What is it about?The ‘OTM-R Package’ is a set of practical and useful tools for implementing Open, Transparent and Merit-based recruitment practices in Research Performing Organisations. It includes:• The rationale: Why is OTM-R essential?• The principles and guideline: What a good OTM-R system should look like? Why is it needed? What is in it for me? Discover more at the EURAXESS Policy Library/Research Careers section! IEE