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60 People Share The Shortest, Funniest Joke They Know

60 People Share The Shortest, Funniest Joke They Know

These Bears Forget To Be Bears! Witness As They Try To Act Like Humans! Bears are pretty dangerous creatures, especially when you’re living near the woods! However, not all bears are contented with just staying in their natural habitat. In fact, there are sightings of them in the yards, in the pool, and even knocking someone’s door like a Jehovah’s Witness. To prove that, here we have a series of pictures and gifs showing bears that forget to be bears. A bear that likes playing hide and seek Kung Fu Bear A bear that’s catching up on the news Bears having family arguments Bears gone ballin’ That bear that’s getting ready for the club Bear in pondering existence The bear that forget what he did when you got too drunk last night The bear that’s cooling off on a hot day A bear that’s been up for some tetherball A panda bear having fun on a slide A bear that’s going on jet skiing “Get in the car dude! This cool bear stretching before a quick run That bear that is relaxing in the hammock “Ok, I’m done with the pool for now.” This bear that’s bringing the kids to the playground

Do Not Touch Letter Scramble - Jugar al Letter Scramble Elimina todas las fichas del puzzle alinéandolas de 3 en 3 en vertical u horizontal. Haz click para cambiar de lugar las piezas. Doyu Gems Adventures La mejor forma de pasar el tiempo con un clásico mahjong. Elimina todas las fichas del tablero antes que se acabe el tiempo. Mahjong Legacy Of Luxor Juego de física y puzzle, tendrás que mover y rotar los objetos para ayudar a Durian a recoger todas las frutas de la pantalla. Durians Revenge Coloca alineados al menos 3 personajes iguales de los Simpsons para conseguir monedas. The Simpsons Bejeweled Tu objetivo es llevar el rayo de luz hasta la nave para que pueda despegar colocando los reflectores en la posición correcta. Refraction 2 Nueva versión del clásico Bubble shooter donde el objetivo será eliminar todas las bolas de la pantalla creando grupos de 3 o más con el ratón. Bubble Dispara las burbujas que contienen a los superhéroes más famosos y elimínalos en grupos de 3 iguales. Avengers Shooting Game Toony Roobix Farm Of Dreams Mario Miner 1

Game about Squares Invented Card Games This section of the card games site is devoted to new games played with existing cards. The idea is to provide a forum for card game inventors to publish their ideas, and to try out and comment on each other's games. Traditional card games will not be found here, but in the main body of the site (see for example the alphabetical index). New games which require a special pack of cards designed for that game, which you have to buy from the publisher, will also not be found here. Most of the games on this page have been contributed by their inventors. If you would like to contribute a game of your own to this page, or publish a comment, variation or improvement on one of the games here, you can send me your contribution by e-mail. The games are at present listed in alphabetical order (with numbers at the end). The Aardvark Game (archive copy) A game for friends, created by James Quin, Adam Tilghman, Luke Weisman and Renée Sharp. Abracadabra Abroasta Abstrac Abundance Ace Chasing Ace of Death Ants