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Common smartphones and tablets devices values

Common smartphones and tablets devices values

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Lorenzo Verzini  -  Journal Journal Out to Dry 21 Jun, 2013 One for the people that have never been by the italian seaside during what I call summer: if I just close my eyes, this is the projection in my brain of those moments. This is a lovely series from Nicolee, a californian photographer girl now based in Rome. She’s also been selected to shoot the new teaser for the new Instagram ’video’ functionality.

24 JavaScript Best Practices for Beginners As a follow-up to "30 HTML and CSS Best Practices", this week, we'll review JavaScript! Once you've reviewed the list, be sure to let us know what little tips you've come across! JavaScript utilizes two different kinds of equality operators: === | !== and == | !

The Flexbox Reading List: Techniques And Tools Flexbox gives us a new kind of control over our layouts1, making coding challenges that were hard or impossible to solve with CSS alone straightforward and intuitive. It provides us with the means to build grids that are flexible and aware of dynamic content152, and thus, give us the freedom to focus on the creation process instead of hacking our way towards a layout. To give you a head start into Flexbox and provide you with ideas on how to use it to master common coding challenges, we have collected tips, tricks, and tools that help you get the most out of its power already today. The list is by no means complete but includes the resources which we found helpful and useful.

Viewport Device-Widths for Mobile Devices The following table list the pixel dimensions and viewport dimensions of several mobile devices. Focus is primarily on smartphones and tablets with high resolution screens; in particular, "retina" and "HD" mobile displays. Pixel dimensions are the physical hardware pixels count. They are listed for devices in landscape mode. Reverse them for portrait mode. Repository Design activities Co-designing Envisioning Testing & Prototyping Getting started with Grunt and Sass - Ryan Christiani - Front-End Developer - Ryan Christiani – Front-End Developer There are a lot of new tools out there to help speed up and streamline your workflow as a developer, and to be honest they can seem a bit daunting to get into. Two new tools I have started using this year were Grunt and Sass. Grunt is a commandline JavaScript Task Runner, and Sass is a Css preprocessor that lets you write more powerful css, with the use of variables, mixins/functions and nesting! Lets take a look at getting started using Grunt to compile our Sass.

HTTP access control (CORS) - HTTP Cross-site HTTP requests are HTTP requests for resources from a different domain than the domain of the resource making the request. For instance, a resource loaded from Domain A ( such as an HTML web page, makes a request for a resource on Domain B ( such as an image, using the img element ( This occurs very commonly on the web today — pages load a number of resources in a cross-site manner, including CSS stylesheets, images and scripts, and other resources. Cross-site HTTP requests initiated from within scripts have been subject to well-known restrictions, for well-understood security reasons. For example HTTP Requests made using the XMLHttpRequest object were subject to the same-origin policy. In particular, this meant that a web application using XMLHttpRequest could only make HTTP requests to the domain it was loaded from, and not to other domains.

Embedding Fonts in Epub Files The ability to embed fonts is a complex one and requires not only technical knowledge, but also legal knowledge and an understanding of device support. Before you produce an epub file for a device which supports embedded fonts, you should first consider using one of the fonts already built into the device. See the list of fonts included with each device. [edit] Method About The Dieline — The Dieline - Package Design Resource Jessica Sanchez Associate Business Partner Jessica’s always had a love for design. A creative cookie since her first set of scented markers.