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Welcome to Gyazo : Seriously Instant Screen-Grabbing

Welcome to Gyazo : Seriously Instant Screen-Grabbing

» What’s New in Doceri 2.0 Freedom to Teach We’re celebrating! The Doceri 2.0 update is now live in the Apple iTunes Store – you’ll see an update notice on your iPad within about 24 hours. And if you’re new to Doceri, welcome, you’ve found the original iPad-based interactive whiteboard – and now, screencast recorder. The big question we’ve been getting is “What’s New in Doceri 2.o?” Create, Share, Control, Present – all from the iPad With this update, Doceri is now fully functional on the iPad whether or not a connection to Doceri Desktop software on a host computer is present, and professional quality screencasts can be created live while presenting or can be created and edited in advance for sharing in a Flipped Classroom environment. Airplay Integration For presenting to a live classroom or audience, Doceri can now be used to connect to Apple TV via specialized Airplay integration – in addition to its traditional configuration connecting to Doceri Desktop on a host computer via WIFI or an ad hoc wireless connection. Screencasting

Google © 2021 - Privacy - Terms Create an app tutorial bContext's Blog This is a brief example of how to create an app tutorial with an iPad. Creating content is possible with any iPad. In just a few hours using simple resources (such as images, PPT or Keynote and audio files), we were able to create a few tutorials explaining the basic functions of our app. The process is simple, and we decided to share this step by step guide for anyone looking to create their own tutorials. 5 steps to creating an app tutorial using bContext: Take screenshots of your app, your website, or any images that you will be speaking about in your tutorial.If all the screenshots are 4:3 (like the ones ones taken with iPads) you can paste them all in PPT or Keynote and then import them as a single file from Dropbox. Below you can view 5 different app tutorials created with bContext. This is how you can start Creating Content with bContext: This is how you can share bFiles: This is how you navigate bContext’s Home Screen: Home This is how you can create a Private Group: Groups

26 Awesome Adobe Illustrator Brushes for Your Daily Use Adobe Illustrator has many powerful tools and unique features. Its brush is probably the most used one. The brushes can be applied to different paths and strokes. 26 Adobe Illustrator Brushes Pain Illustrator Brushes 57 Multi-Colored illustrator paint brushes available for free download, also can be used in your personal projects. Scatter Illustrator Brushes 14 Free Scatter Brushes created by GoMediaZine and available for free download + bonus tutorial of making the brushes. Grunge Illustrator Brushes 13 grunge Illustrator brushes, free for any use, commercial and private. Sketch Illustrator Brushes 16 Sketchy Brushes for Adobe Illustrator users. InkWaterColor Illustrator Brushes 13 Illustrator Water color brush set, available for free download, free to use for personal projects. Snowflake Scatter Illustrator Brushes 50 elegant snowflake scatter brushes for Illustrator. Abstract Illustrator Brushes This pack contains 35 Abstract Illustrator Brushes. Other Resources Conclusion

Screenbird Screencasting Toolkit - The Best Tools for Creating Screencast Videos This detailed screencasting guide features some of the best software tools, web apps and audio-video recording devices that you may use to create professional-quality screencasts. A screencast is essentially a movie of your computer screen that is often used to demonstrate how specific features of a software are used. Good screencast videos are short in length, they have audio – either as voice narration or in the form of background music – and they may also include some sort of notes or text transcripts to aid the viewers. Screencasting is an easy thing to do but unless your screencast videos are done well, it is unlikely that people will watch them past the first few seconds. Here are some of the best software tools and hardware devices that can help you create professional-quality screencasts with a bit of planning and effort. Step 1. Get a good-looking theme and a clean background wallpaper for your desktop because the first frame matters. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.

Display Recorder HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store Explain Everything ™