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20 Most Exciting New Bands Of 2012 - The Big Picture - NME.COM - The world's fastest music news service, music videos, interviews, photos and free stuff to win There's very few things that make January worthwhile. Film season is one (Shame being the highlight so far - read the review here - and of course the Golden Globes). Erm, what else? Well, nothing, save for annual onslaught of new band lists and tips for the year ahead. With that in mind, we recently picked 100 names for you to check out, a massive list of new music that should see you through the next couple of months.

GAS GAS USA - Home Of GAS GAS Motorcycles I Live U - I live U La Détente Générale - Musique & Bon Esprit de Paris à Montréal : La Détente Générale RE:GENERATION Bob Marley — LEGEND REMIXED — Album Preview