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How To Make 100 Natural Body Care Gifts In An Hour

How To Make 100 Natural Body Care Gifts In An Hour
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5 Calming Gifts For Mom Mother’s Day offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate people who share motherly love with us. Whether she’s a friend, aunt, grandma, sister, or the woman who gave you life, these recipes will surely express your loving gratitude. And what better way to celebrate ”Mom” than with the gift of pure relaxation? These herbal formulas will leave her feeling nourished, grounded, peaceful, and ready for the daily challenges and triumphs of motherhood. Mom’s Relaxing Room Mist This easy to make aromatherapeutic blend of pure essential oils will refresh any space with calming fragrance. Ingredients: 16 oz spray bottle3 oz unflavored vodka 4 drops each of organic Lavender, Orange, and Sandalwood essential oil12 oz organic Lavender or Rose hydrosol Directions: Pour all ingredients into a 16oz spray bottle, shake well to distribute the oils, and spray as needed. Mom’s Bliss Tea This tea is perfect for frazzled nerves or any mom in need of a mood boost. Mom’s “Me Time” Bath Salts Mom’s Adapto-BonBons 1.

Genealogy Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web Digital Librarian is maintained by Margaret Vail Anderson, a librarian in Cortland, New York Best web resource: Family Search - "largest collection of free family history, family tree and genealogy records in the world." Best book: The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy (2006) by Loretto Dennis Szucs and Sandra Hargreaves Luebking, Third edition, Ancestry Publishing. You can search inside this book at 992 pages - known as "the genealogist's bible." See Also: Archives & Manuscripts | Directories - Libraries | Directories - States | History AATA Online (Abstracts of International Conservation Literature) - Getty Conservation Institute. Family Bible Records Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana Resources Almanach de la Cour - "Compendium of articles on a variety of subjects, mostly connected with Orders of Chivalry, European Royal Houses, and the European Nobility." - 4 volumes with a keyword search. Harold B.

6 (Easy!) DIY Bridesmaid Gifts Thank your bridesmaids for their support during the planning process and beyond with a homemade gift to give during the bachelorette party or the morning of the wedding. Take one of these six easy-to-do gift ideas and tackle it over the weekend! Homemade Lavender Soap Once you buy the soap base and mold, all you need is a microwave and your favorite essential oils to create these gorgeous lavender soaps for your bridesmaids. Follow this basic tutorial to learn how. Hidden Note Locket Write out a short note or your favorite quote on a strip of patterned paper, then fold and tuck inside a simple bubble locket (this one is from Etsy). Vintage Bauble Hanky Thank You Wrap a note to your bridesmaid in a vintage handkerchief and package it together with a sentimental bauble, like this pocket watch above. Instagram Notecard Set Round up your favorite Instagram photos and create a set of custom notecards for each bridesmaid. DIY Fabric Hanger Lace Monogrammed Tote Like this: Like Loading...

How to: Create Custom Soaps From A Single Recipe This is a follow-up to the post, Soap Making 101. Today, I’d like to show you how I took one simple, plain recipe and doctored it up to create a variety of custom soaps. The point I’d like for you to take away from this, is not that you should follow my recipes exactly (though you’re certainly free to do so), but to use the idea as a jumping off point to create your own unique products from your own favorite recipe. My foray into making homemade soap started several years ago when my son was little and had a ton of allergies. After a lot of research, I finally took the plunge into making my own soap. The recipe that I’m about to share with you, is the same recipe that I have used for all of my soap making years. One more thing – this recipe contains palm oil. You can omit the palm oil completely and use something like the following ratios: 24 ounces coconut oil, 41 ounces olive oil, 12 ounces sunflower oil, 5 ounces castor oil, 25 ounces distilled water/other liquid, 11.51 ounces lye.

Ladies: Would you use this THC-infused oil for better orgasms? By Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist Staff The directions for Foria are unlike any other THC-infused product on the market: “Apply 4-8 sprays directly onto the clitoris, inner and outer labia and inside the vagina,” the instructions begin. It’s OK to giggle. Talking openly about sexuality is even more taboo than speaking plainly about your marijuana use, and Foria founder Mathew Gerson understands that his brand-new product occupies that very awkward crossroads where the two meet. Don’t believe him? “Each spray contains approximately 2 milligrams of THC. So … what exactly is Foria? “It’s a sensual enhancement oil designed for female pleasure — a therapeutic aphrodisiac,” said Gerson, Foria’s Los Angeles-based creator. Marijuana as a sexual aid is nothing new. The above directions, and even Gerson’s explanations on possible results, are intentionally vague. Really, that’s a thing? Enter Carol Carlson, a 60-something who lives in Marin County with her husband.

nails 16 DIY Gift Ideas For Your Pets Everyone needs to spoil their furry friends once in a while and what better way to do this than make them a special homemade gift. We have collected our favorite DIY pet gift ideas to get you inspired. 1. How To Make Cute Pet ID Tags - Make your pet some cute and stylish pet ID tags. Make sure your pet is the the coolest four legged creature on the block with these ultra hip pet tags. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Hopefully these have inspired you to get crafting on behalf of your furry friends. 60 Beauty Products You Should Make Yourself and Stop Buying You can save a bundle on beauty products when you make them on your own at home. Some of these recipes show you how to use simple ingredients that are low cost, while others show you how to stretch out high-quality ingredients so they last longer, saving you money that way. 1. Coconut Oil Honey Hair Mask Coconut oil and honey combine to make a mask that your hair won’t soon forget. 2. This scrub will keep you feeling refreshed with the scent of lemon combined with the pine-like smell of tea tree oil. 3. Stop buying expensive acne treatments and put Mother Nature to work on your breakouts. 4. Keep your skin looking great all summer long with this lotion specifically designed for the warmer months. 5. Creating your own custom nail polish can save you from having to pay retail prices, and allows you to have control over the color that you just can’t get from pre-made polishes. 6. 7. 8. Treat your feet right with this all-natural foot scrub that you can make at home and save a bundle. 9.

Easy homemade soap As the last generations of Depression-era children or back-to-the-landers take their leave of this world, their DIY skills go with them. When we try to learn from scratch, we soon discover that recipes in books don't tell half the story. DIY soap making and other skills slipping away I have never figured out why this knowledge started slipping away from us, but I am trying to re-learn some of the basics. I now make my own soap, hand lotion, yogurt and bread. My soap recipe is customized to use full bottles of most of the oils, so you don't have a lot of inventory lying around, and you don't have to do a lot of measuring. Making homemade soap can be dangerous Before we begin, let me stress that soap-making can be dangerous. Here is some general homemade soap information Soap is made in two parts, lye and water, plus a mixture of oils. The oils must be gently heated. Lye is VERY caustic, so don't get any on your skin. You will also need a mold. Homemade soap: The hardest step Pour into mold.

Decoupage Articles Decoupage started as a small part of The Artful Crafter website. But, mainly in response to your questions, we have become more involved in the subject. People are noticing. In addition to the questions we receive about the art, The Artful Crafter was listed as one of the top three decoupage websites in the decoupage forum. We have covered just about every topic under the sun in these articles, but if there is something you can't find use the search box or click on the "Contact" link 0n the bottom of the page to send in your questions. Come back often since we are continually updating the site. Decoupage Crafting Index The Art of Decoupage The history of this classic art form. Add Elegance to Your Home With Decoupage Ideas on how to use decoupage in your home decorating. Advanced Decoupage Projects Being versatile. 3D Archival Decoupage How to Create 3D Archival Decoupage Altered Paint Cans How to make altered paint cans using decoupage techniques. Decoupage Lamp Making an elegant lamp.

20 DIY Mother's Day Gifts All Under $20 And 20 Minutes DIY Lotion Bars A couple of weeks ago I decided to try making my own lotion bars. They turned out really well, so I thought I’d share my recipe. 1/4 cup beeswax, chopped or grated 1/4 cup cocoa butter, chopped or grated 1/4 cup coconut oil 1 Tablespoon almond oil 1 Tablespoon jojoba oil In a microwaveable bowl or cup, heat the beeswax and cocoa butter in short bursts (about 30 seconds each), until they melt. Stir with a coffee stirrer or skewer. I adapted this recipe from this one and this one, but you’ll notice that I scaled them down to only make two bars. To use, just gently rub the bar on your skin. A note on tools and cleanup: It’s really difficult to clean wax from cooking implements.

Happy Armpits: Make Your Own Coconut-Oil Deodorant (Recipe Included!) By Ana Jadanec Guest Writer for Wake Up World I’ve always been picky about deodorants. Aluminium jumped right at me. Aluminium-based complexes react with the electrolytes in the sweat to form a gel plug in the duct of the sweat gland. The more I focused on finding a health-friendly deodorant, the more problems I’d create. I allowed all this for years because my skin has always been very free-spirited and abundantly willing to express itself and its dislikes since childhood; so, I just took it as one of those things that the biggest bodily organ does on an equally strange human body. But all this changed when I discovered Coconut Oil, a wonder of nature used in the Philippines for centuries. Recipe for Homemade Deodorant with Coconut Oil The recipe is simple…. Ingredients: 1/4 cup melted unrefined extra virgin coconut oil which corresponds to 4 tablespoons of solid coconut oil 1/4 cup baking soda 1/4 cup corn starch 10 drops of essential oils (I used lavender and tea tree oil) Glass jar with lid

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