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How to Make 100 Natural Body Care Gifts in an Hour!

How to Make 100 Natural Body Care Gifts in an Hour!
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How To Make An Amazing DIY Portable Stove Please Share This Page: Google + stumbleupon tumblr reddit If you are a first-time visitor, please be sure to like us on Facebook and receive our exciting and innovative tutorials and info! When you are in the mood for an inexpensive but satisfying outdoor pastime in some mountainous area, to experience nature’s wonders, a wise backpacker knows very well the value of every square inch of space inside his or her bag. Truth be told, carrying a backpack isn’t the most fascinating and thrilling experience on any trip, especially on your poor, would-be-strained back muscles, but it is “part of the deal” of camping, backpacking, or travelling outdoors. Avid campers, picnickers, backpackers, and the like appreciate a great deal of portability and tend to rationally avoid pointless bulkiness. A portable stove might be a camper’s or backpacker’s best friend in the wilderness when hunger kicks in and his stomach starts grumbling in protest.

Genealogy Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web Digital Librarian is maintained by Margaret Vail Anderson, a librarian in Cortland, New York Best web resource: Family Search - "largest collection of free family history, family tree and genealogy records in the world." Best book: The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy (2006) by Loretto Dennis Szucs and Sandra Hargreaves Luebking, Third edition, Ancestry Publishing. See Also: Archives & Manuscripts | Directories - Libraries | Directories - States | History AATA Online (Abstracts of International Conservation Literature) - Getty Conservation Institute. Family Bible Records Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana Resources Almanach de la Cour - "Compendium of articles on a variety of subjects, mostly connected with Orders of Chivalry, European Royal Houses, and the European Nobility." - 4 volumes with a keyword search. Harold B. BYU Family History Library L. Veteran's History Catalogues

Simply Albany: DIY Tinted Glass Jar + Mod Podge Image Transfer I started by making sure my jar was completely clean and dry. Using a ramekin, I mixed one drop of blue food coloring with approximately 1 tablespoon of mod podge and a tiny amount of water. (You don't need the paint brush to mix - you can use whatever you want.) Once mixed, I dumped the ramekin contents into the empty jar and rotated the jar so the inside was completely coated with colored mod podge. I placed the wet jar upside down on wax paper to let it drip dry for approximately 30 minutes. Next, I placed the upside down mason jar on a fresh sheet of wax paper in the oven, which was preheated to "warm." I left the jar in the oven until all the mod podge was dry and the jar was clear. Here's my blue-tinted jar! Now for the fun part... I wanted my jar to have an image on it, so I used the mod podge transfer technique. I used this image from the Graphics Fairy. Next, I cut my image out very close to the edge so there would be little "white space."

nails How to Make a Solar Food Dehydrater From… Beer Cans! Please Share This Page: Google + stumbleupon tumblr reddit If you are a first-time visitor, please be sure to like us on Facebook and receive our exciting and innovative tutorials and info! This video by rickvanman is a must see for everyone who grows their own food! Drying food is a tried and tested way to preserve it – generally speaking home-dried vegetables will last for anything up to a year, although under ideal conditions it can be many years more! The technology used here is really simple and the materials are easy to come by. As the video was posted very soon after Rick made the dryer there are a couple of slight modifications needed – one is simply a 3-inch hole on the back (near the top) of the box to allow warm air to vent out. Another tip to make the most of this device would be of course to buy larger quantities of fruit of vegetables when at a reduced price and dry them at home.

Decoupage Articles Decoupage started as a small part of The Artful Crafter website. But, mainly in response to your questions, we have become more involved in the subject. People are noticing. In addition to the questions we receive about the art, The Artful Crafter was listed as one of the top three decoupage websites in the decoupage forum. We have covered just about every topic under the sun in these articles, but if there is something you can't find use the search box or click on the "Contact" link 0n the bottom of the page to send in your questions. Come back often since we are continually updating the site. Decoupage Crafting Index The Art of Decoupage The history of this classic art form. Add Elegance to Your Home With Decoupage Ideas on how to use decoupage in your home decorating. Advanced Decoupage Projects Being versatile. 3D Archival Decoupage How to Create 3D Archival Decoupage Altered Paint Cans How to make altered paint cans using decoupage techniques. Decoupage Lamp Making an elegant lamp.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas Christmas Time is always such a wonderful time, but it can also be a stressful time! Can I get an “Amen!”? Much of that stress is caused by gifts… whether it’s not knowing what to get someone or not having the money to buy presents for all the people you wanted to. Well, I have those same kinds of problems so over the last few months I’ve slowly been collecting awesome and inexpensive gift ideas and will be sharing them with you over the next few weeks. This first roundup is definitely one you’ll want to bookmark forever because all of these gifts can be made for about $2 or under. A few here on Lil’ Luna… Mod Podged Notebooks LDS Temple Blocks DIY Burlap Ribbon from Ella Claire Vintage Book Page Banner from Ella Claire Rustic Crate Luminary from Ella Claire Button Bookmarks from I Heart Naptime Mason Jar Cozies from I Heart Naptime DIY Glitter Rings from La Factoria Plastica Sharpie Mugs from Whipperberry on Infarrantly Creative Painted Camera Strap from Design Love Fest Spring Rings from Mrs.

Mr. McGroovy's Fantastic Cardboard Creations How to Build a Rain Barrel 1 of 2 Close-up of conduit adapters Use a 2-in. male threaded electrical (gray PVC) conduit adapter and a 2-in. female threaded conduit adapter to make a watertight hole from which the rainwater can flow. 2 of 2 Install valves Install a large valve to quickly fill watering cans and a smaller valve for a garden hose. It's pretty easy to build your own rain barrels from plastic drums or trash cans. Place the drum near a downspout, drill a hole in the side near the bottom and screw in a drain valve. Cut holes in the bottoms of the barrels with a 2-1/4-in. hole saw. Finally, cut a hole in one of the covers and mount a screen to filter out leaves and debris. Rain barrel details Figure A: Trash Can Rain Barrels You can make cheap, functional rain barrels with trash cans and simple PVC plumbing and electrical conduit fittings. Back to Top

Quick Ways to Make Cash at Home Posted September 25, 2008 Home is where the heart is. It’s also where you can find some hearty cash. Consider your unwanted clothes, dated jewelry, books collecting dust in your attic and toys—all your junk, as they say, is someone else’s treasure. In return, you could make $500, or more, just by opening your eyes to what’s taking up space in your house. Here's where to look: Your Closet: $100 to $5,000, depending on the hotness of your duds. Got buyer’s remorse from those pumps worn once and never again? Unwanted clothes, handbags and lightly worn shoes from your overflowing closet—preferably still carrying their price tags—price well at second-hand, vintage or used clothing stores. At vintage clothing shops, managers there typically want clothes 20 years or older. Earn the most money if you bring items in during the right season, since retail stores prefer to have items in the same timeframe as normal retailers in the area. Your Jewelry Box: Old Bling Can Make You $100.

$10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Firepit | House & Fig Happy weekend to you. Yesterday Joe and I wanted to do a fun and quick project for the house. We thought a firepit would be fun but didn’t like the looks of the ones sold at Home Depot and this geometric firepit at DWR is out of our budget. Eventually, Joe will design his own and fabricate it himself but since that will take a fair amount of time and energy we decided to make something quick in the interim. A few years ago while on a trip to Joshua Tree Joe’s friend Jens introduced him to the washing machine drum firepit. Materials we used: 1 Recycled Washing Machine Drum (we got ours at a used appliance store for $10) Angle grinder (optional) Cup wire brush, Cut-off wheel, and Flap-wheel sanding disc (for grinder, also optional) Safety Glasses Angle-stock and Flat-stock steel (optional) High heat black paint (optional) When we got the drum home we thought it could also make a fun, diy, side-table with lights inside. Step One: Strip the drum. Step 2: Remove center spindle.

Everyone should have one of these in their wallets How to make an Outdoor Candle Lantern Inexpensively Last week I made a candle chandelier for my deck. It looks so pretty when lit, but the rest of my yard was looking kind of neglected. I was determined to find a way to spread some more candle light around the yard to balance the light and provide more ambiance. Usually when I go on my weekly thrift store excursion I run in and do a quick cruise around the store to see if anything pops out at me. Total cost of my glass haul – $2.70. Here is what I made with the hurricane. It was very quick and easy to make. How to Make a Tuna Can Lantern I used a tuna can, wood screw, copper adapter, and an old paint stick. Using my Craftsman rotary drill that my hubby got me a few years ago for my birthday, I drilled a hole in the top of the paint stick. Then I used a awl and hammer to make a hole in the center of the tuna can. Assembly order: The copper adapter fits over the paint stick perfectly. Screw the screw into the stick. The top will look like this. Place it in the ground. All Done!

reading During my first year of teaching in a first grade classroom, I had an unforgettable experience. Two vivacious first grade girls had been struggling for months trying to learn how to read. Then one day in February, the light turned on in their minds. Things started clicking. They had been crawling at a snail’s pace but suddenly they were soaring. This was one of the reasons I decided to teach my children at home—I wanted to be the one who was there to experience each leap in understanding as it occurred. On the other hand, it may be intimidating to feel the responsibility of helping your child with this most important academic skill. A --Read Aloud.Reading aloud is one of the most essential and pleasurable ways of sharing the joy of reading. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that once your children know how to read that you should stop reading aloud. B -- Don’t Rush Academics. Ruth Beechick calls this “the optimum learning time.” C -- Help Your Child Understand Print. reader.