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Curating Reality - Sandberg@Mediafonds 2012 More Creative and Useful Infographic Maps Dec 23 2010 Last week, we had a roundup of some very creative infographics. Today’s post is a follow-up on even more inspiring and informative infographics that will leave us giving some things a second thought. Infographics are a great source to look up; the visual representations of a particular topic helps us find the information needed at a quicker pace. The best examples of infographics are maps which clearly illustrate the topic in a very clear and succinct manner — and stand out from the rest. Creative Infographic Maps Digital Dump Crude Awakening – Gulf Spill Infographic A guide to buying your own island Smoking Hugo’s 10 Hours of Havoc Health Care Cost by State Mint Map: America’s Most Frugal Cities Which Countries Are Making the Most Progress on the Millennium Development Goals The World’s Resources by Country Social Professionals A Graphical History of the U.S. Hubspot’s Twitter Territory Map Action Sheet: Clearing the Air The 2010 Social Networking Map The Best Beer in America Movie Fill

30 Superb Examples of Infographic Maps As you search the web you’ll come across a wide range of interactive and graphical maps. Deciding when, where and how to integrate or display a map on your site is the first step, the second should be what technology and illustrations to use. If you’re all about interaction, JQuery, Ajax, or Flash are all effective technologies that hold their own ground. Map illustrations are a dime a dozen however, a strong and balanced display of graphics, information, and colors is what makes an infographic stand out and reach its target audience effectively. As designers, we’re constantly searching for ways to improve and style our designs, this is exactly what the following 30 infographics and sites display below; the breaking of rules. Sites with Interactive Maps Illustrative Infographics Compiled exclusively for WDD by Liz Fulghum. Did we miss any great examples?

23 Really Bad Font Choices | BonFX Design Studio Font choices can make or break a message. In the 23 examples we created below, we broke the message on purpose to highlight how on a conscious or subconscious level, poor typeface choices negatively affect the message in the copy. Typefaces have personalities. If their personalities don’t match the essence of your business or message or text, you can create a conflict which distracts your audience. We had fun below creating some absurd and extreme examples of bad font choices to make a point, but they are based – at least in spirit – on examples we’ve come across over the years. Hyperbole? So browse through these lovingly-typeset typographic wonders and consider font choices a little more closely on your next design project. NOTE: Please put your coffee down before reading the commentary. “Softer please…I said softer. Like, maybe we could, like go for a ride later? Typographer you are not. I can see it now. I find your request…difficult. Seem’s like Amanda is hiding something. No.

Breaking The Fifth Wall: Visual Essay On Our Perception Yovcho Gorchev not only completed a masters in architecture, but a masters in film design as well. These combined interests of design and film have led him to become a narrative driven, mixed media artist. His latest endeavor, Breaking The Fifth Wall, entails Gorchev creating mind-blowing images in the GIF platform and using them to posit new theories of human perception, the diminishing value of physical space, and sensory experiments of a metaphysical nature. As an artist, Yovcho is inspired by characters, spaces, systems and atmospheres navigated through surreal scenarios and unlikely narratives. He is inspired by the dreamlike landscape of the mind, and the narratives formed by those parts of life we are not always aware of being present. His intention with his art is to intensify, fantasize, speculate and aestheticize the idiosyncratic, as well as the dreamlike qualities of our everyday lives. via: The Creators Project