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Welcome to the British Museum

Welcome to the British Museum

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Grave of ‘Griffin Warrior’ at Pylos Could Be a Gateway to Civilizations Photo Archaeologists digging at Pylos, an ancient city on the southwest coast of , have discovered the rich grave of a warrior who was buried at the dawn of European civilization. He lies with a yardlong bronze sword and a remarkable collection of gold rings, precious jewels and beautifully carved seals. Archaeologists expressed astonishment at the richness of the find and its potential for shedding light on the emergence of the Mycenaean civilization, the lost world of Agamemnon, Nestor, Odysseus and other heroes described in the epics of Homer.

The Guggenheim Museum in New York Guggenheim Go New York On View Now On View Now Special Exhibitions Carnaby Street Carnaby Street is a pedestrianised shopping street in the City of Westminster, London, located in the Soho district, near Oxford Street and Regent Street. It is home to numerous fashion and lifestyle retailers, including a large number of independent fashion boutiques. Streets crossing, or meeting with, Carnaby Street are, from south to north, Beak Street, Broadwick Street, Kingly Court, Ganton Street, Marlborough Court, Lowndes Court, Fouberts Place, Little Marlborough Street and Great Marlborough Street. The nearest London Underground station is Oxford Circus tube station (on the Bakerloo, Central and Victoria lines). History[edit]

Virtual Museum - Museo Galileo The Online Catalogue of the museum presents the more than 1,000 objects on permanent exhibition through color images and detailed descriptions. The user can access biographical data, explore "In Depth" information and find contextual background related to the selected object. For the more complex objects, simulation animations and/or videos are also made available.

The Medieval Dance of Death There's an expression "to look like Death warmed over". The similar expression in Danish is "to look like Death from Lübeck". I have always wondered what this charming Christmas-city, with its great beer and overly sweet marzipan, had done to deserve such a disparaging sobriquet. "Death from Lübeck" was a 30 meter painting, showing Death in a long chain-dance with 24 humans - painted life-size - from all classes of society, from pope to infant. Death dances around in the procession, calling people to the dance, but most of the dancers-to-be try to decline. Pictures and text are combined so we have what may be one of the world's first and greatest comic strips.

A Visual Glossary of Greek Pottery Alabastron (pl. alabastra) - a small jar for storing perfumes, named after the material (alabaster) the first examples were made from. They were often carried by a string looped around the neck of the vessel. Amphora (pl. amphorae) - one of the most common forms in Greek pottery, various shapes, always with two vertical neck-handles and used for storing and transporting oil, wine and foodstuffs such as olives. Often with a lid but these have rarely survived. Art Project, powered by Google Loading Explore stories from around the world NASA astronaut from the International Space Station Museu do Amanhã Your daily digestFriday 16 December Stories of the day Piccadilly Circus The Circus lies at the intersection of five main roads: Regent Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, Piccadilly Street, Covent Street and Haymarket. It was created by John Nash as part of the future King George IV's plan to connect Carlton House - where the Prince Regent resided - with Regent's Park. The creation of Shaftesbury Avenue in 1885 turned the plaza into a busy traffic junction. This made Piccadilly Circus attractive for advertisers, who installed London's first illuminated billboards here in 1895. For some time the plaza was surrounded by billboards, creating London's version of Times Square, but Eros statue

Obras de las ciudades de Herculano y Pompeya Registration numbers The most common type of Museum number begins with the year of acquisition. The database standardises these numbers in the form, for example: 1887,0708.2427 (year: comma: block of four numbers - usually representing a month and day: full-stop and final number).

The World of Dante Note: Many of these maps are viewable with a pan and zoom feature. Click the associated image to view the details. Inferno Chart Reproduced with permission of the Museo Casa di Dante. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Proto-Corinthian and Corinthian Pottery Early Proto-Corinthian oinochoe (ca. 720 BC) Early Proto-Corinthian floral oinochoe (ca. 700 BC) Early Proto-Corinthian figural aryballos (ca. 700 BC) Proto-Corinthian skyphos with hound in black figure (ca. 660 BC) Proto-Corinthian skyphos fragment with Bellerophon, Pegasos, and the Chimaera (ca. 660)

Tate Modern Southwark (Jubilee Line, 600 metres approx Blackfriars: District and Circle Line, 800 metres approx St Paul’s: Central Line, 1,100 metres approx. Routes 45, 63 and 100 stop on Blackfriars Bridge Road Routes RV1 and 381 stop on Southwark Street Route 344 stops on Southwark Bridge Road Blackfriars 300 metres from the South exit; 800 metres from the North exit. London Bridge 1,100 metres approx. The Tate Boat runs every forty minutes along the Thames between Tate Britain and Tate Modern. Other river services run between Millbank Pier and Bankside Pier.

image collection- Black And White Drawings To download click on the picture to get a full size image. Right click and "save to" your computer desktop or a folder of your choice. This is how the original wing appeared in the patent drawing. Archaic Sculpture Art Home | ARTH Courses | ARTH 209 Assignments Archaic Sculpture Beaten bronze figures of Apollo, Artemis, and Leto from the temple of Apollo at Dreros on Crete, c. 700 B.C. Bronze man from Thebes.

The british museum it's a particular museum because there are many works. The paintings i saw were beautiful. Mummies were not impressive because they were too much aged. The exhibition on former Egypt was very enriching. by adrienmartin Jan 20

The British Museum seems to be a particularly beautiful museum, I personally do not participated in the trip to London, but it would have been very interested. by ingridsence Jan 6

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