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True Twitter Conversation - Flock

True Twitter Conversation - Flock

twitRand(); Select a Random Twitter Follower, Friend or ReTweete Tweepi :: a geekier, faster way to bulk add quality followers Twittermania: 140+ More Twitter Tools! Various Twitter-related tools and plugins have been multiplying fast over since we did our big Twitter Toolbox and 8 awesome Firefox plugins for Twitter earlier. When we say fast, we "mean 140+ new tools" fast, and we probably missed some, too. You know what this means: now you have to arm yourself with dozens of shiny widgets you probably don't need, but you can't resist them anyway. Posting Enhancement

Paratweet :: A practical twitter tool for live experiences Twitdom » The Twitter Applications Database Flock Home | Mute noisy Twitter friends (for a while) - Nurph. Chatting in Twitter? Get a Room. Twitter and Archaeology Now I know Twitter is not everybody's cup of tea, but I was poking around today and discovered some very interesting projects in Twitter. If you've been interested in seeing what different archaeological groups are up to on Twitter, or contemplating running a Twitter feed for your own group, this blog is for you. It took me several hours, but I found a lot of professional archaeologists and students who were tweeting about archaeology; and I also found a lot of creative use of Twitter by organizations, archaeological sites, museum, magazines—even a handful of CRM firms to get news out about their organizations. Each of the following links should take you to a Twitter page, where you can cruise at your own pace and see what others are doing. If I missed your organization's Twitter feed (and I very well might have, searching Twitter has a needle-in-haystack quality), add it in a comment and I'll add it to the list. Specific Archaeology Projects Archaeology News Servers CRM Firms Museums

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