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True Twitter Conversation - Flock

True Twitter Conversation - Flock

30 Very Useful Twitter Tools You Must Be Aware Of There are numerous ways of using Twitter for everything from business to fun. The key to using Twitter effectively is the use of tools. Without tools, Twitter can be overwhelming and difficult to fathom. 5 Tips To Pass Twitter 101 It would make sense to assume that by now that the need for daily Twitter Tips is unnecessary; however that’s not the case. There are tons of people entering into the Twitterworld daily and even more who are failing Twitter 101. That’s part of the reason why my friends over at Twitter Tips, actress Alyssa Milano, my buddy Blair aka @Flipbooks and many others are so popular. You can check out this weeks article from The Huffington Post about Flipbooks here.

Twitter and Archaeology Now I know Twitter is not everybody's cup of tea, but I was poking around today and discovered some very interesting projects in Twitter. If you've been interested in seeing what different archaeological groups are up to on Twitter, or contemplating running a Twitter feed for your own group, this blog is for you. It took me several hours, but I found a lot of professional archaeologists and students who were tweeting about archaeology; and I also found a lot of creative use of Twitter by organizations, archaeological sites, museum, magazines—even a handful of CRM firms to get news out about their organizations.

27 Inspirational Horizontal Scrolling Websites Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer - Click Here Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Use Code MTLOVESDESIGN for 20% off Horizontal Scrolling was considered evil before, but now it’s considers as one of a unique way ( mostly for showcasing Things) of approach in web design, And it seems that in most cases it is really put to use in an intelligent way, horizontal scrolling is not good idea in every situation, but when done properly they can really make a website standout, after checking out these samples you can see how it can actually be an interesting interface.

That Can Be My Next Tweet: Generate Tweets Based On Existing Ones - Flock That Can Be My Next Tweet, as the name suggests, helps you generate Twitter status messages. It scans through your existing tweets and generates random messages by combining the words and phrases it finds relevant. You need to enter your Twitter username and click on “get your next tweet” to get the tweet. You may also post it to Twitter directly by hitting the corresponding button. The machine generated tweets, as you would expect, might not make sense (actually it doesn’t most of the time). How to stay safe on Twitter The Twitter "crimewave" reached a preliminary peak in October 2009, according to Barracuda Networks, which estimated that 12% of accounts created were eventually suspended as either malicious, suspicious or otherwise misused. In 2008, the equivalent "Twitter crime rate" averaged around 2%. Last week, sensibly, Twitter launched a new automatic link-screening service aimed at preventing phishing and other malicious attacks. It also has advice for users on how to stay safe on Twitter: • Use a strong password. • Watch out for suspicious links. • Make sure you're at the real Twitter login page before entering data.

24 Superb Sites That Use Horizontal, Vertical Or Multi-Directional jQuery Scrolling Effect jQuery JavaScript Framework has fast become an indispensable part of web 2.0 formation and will continue to be used heavily in websites and projects. As the search for entertaining visual effects continues, the performance and speed of a site should not be compromised. Now with jQuery, it's possible to integrate captivating visual effects together with highly effective functions. Using jQuery scrolling effect is not only a new form of showcasing your site or work, but it also gives the audience a fresh experience when they interact with your site. With the help of jQuery.ScrollTo plugin, we can transform a normal site into a slideshow storyboard that will bring across a unique experience to visitors during their journey on the site.

Retweet: Find Out How Many People Retweeted Your Tweets You might have many followers on Twitter, but how do you filter out the passive followers from ones that actually share your message with others? Obviously you need to find out which people on Twitter are retweeting your messages. While this can be an extremely tedious job to perform manually, it can be made much easier with an app called Retweet. Retweet is a user-friendly web app for Twitter clients. The app connects with your Twitter account and helps you learn who has been retweeting your messages the most. This information is also sorted into analyzable forms such as which of your tweets has been retweeted the most and which people on Twitter have been retweeting your messages the most.

Power of Positive Tweeting: Beyond Quotes & Smiley Faces by Lori Deschene I reluctantly joined Twitter a year ago. Perhaps you can relate to some of my initial excuses for holding out: I thought Twitter was about telling people what I was doing —and it felt like a better idea to save those details for time we spent together in person. 100 Ways to Use Twitter In Your Library Twitter is a free social networking and communication tool that lets you send short messages of up to 140 characters to your group of friends via the Twitter website, SMS, other Twitter clients, email, or IM. An increasing number of libraries and librarians are now using Twitter to engage readers, spread information, and banish the conception of dark, silent buildings staffed by stuffy introverts. So if you want to see how Twitter can be a dynamic way to connect with patrons, students and other library professionals, then the list below should definitely get you started. Here are 100 tips that can help you effectively use Twitter in your libraries. > Reference