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Batman: The Deal

Batman: The Deal
We hope you enjoy this fan fiction story, we made this out of our love for the characters with tons of respect. Clearly, Batman and all characters depicted here are property of DC Comics.

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Inspiring DND Demotivators This week's Moon Pope Monday comes to you courtesy of the magic of Tumblr! We found this demotivator set at Auric-Paper here, so share the love if you want to stop by. For that matter, follow us on Tumblr here if you're of a mind. Chalk&Wild : Illustrator Sandra Dieckmann Hackney based illustrator Sandra Dieckmann produces the most amazing work. Her illustrations are so beautiful and evoke something I find difficult to put into words. It's like dreams , encounters from deep within and memories of a forgotten world . These prints are available from her online SHOP There is also a video of Sandra painting our favourite FOREST here

Connie Lim sketching with Fashionary Neonlight ... Connie Lim sketching with Fashionary Neonlight Connie Lim is a fashion designer/illustrator from Los Angeles, California. She attended Art Center in Pasadena College in California and Central Saint Martins College of Design in London. Seanan McGuire: Songbook It’s a strange four-color love; it’s a comic book romance. Two ordinary people picked by fate or circumstance To be superheroes fighting for the world, bound by great responsibility... But is there time between apocalypses to play out boy meets girl? I think there is -- if you agree, then why don’t you come home with me? I can call you ‘Tiger’, you can call me Mary Jane, Take me swinging from the rooftops, kiss me gently in the rain, And if I ever call you ‘Clark’, well, you can call me Lois Lane, And you can keep the mask on if it helps you sleep at night. You can know my code name, I can meet you on the sly; I can be your new arch-rival, keep dramatic tensions high, And when the working day is done, then you can meet me in the sky.

Andrew Lyons Illustrations Based in France, illustrator Andrew Lyons offers superb color images, including the series “Strong packaging” offering beautiful birds. Of refreshing creations to discover in the article. Before Rockwell, a Gay Artist Defined the Perfect American Male Nobody had to tell J.C. Leyendecker that sex sells. Before the conservative backlash of the mid-20th century, the American public celebrated his images of sleek muscle-men, whose glistening homo-eroticism adorned endless magazine covers.

Steven Gould This article is about Steven Gould the science fiction writer. For the paleontologist and science writer, see Stephen Jay Gould. Biography[edit] God's End Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the holidays, so let's start the new year with my favorite Moonhead Press story so far, our take on the "other" big superhero archetype, we hope you like it, but even if you don't, we would love to hear from you in the comments section. Thank you for checking us out and we hope to keep entertaining you in 2014. US intercepted Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov's final words of rage By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 20:00 GMT, 20 March 2011 The final words of doomed Russian cosmonaut, Vladimir Komarov, were picked up by U.S. intelligence, according to a new book. As Komarov hurtled towards earth and certain death in the stricken Soyuz 1 craft, he could be heard screaming and cursing the 'people who had put him inside a botched spaceship.' U.S. National Security Analyst, identified in the book as Perry Fellwock, described intercepting Komarov's conversation with ground control officers in which he told them he knew he was about to die during the space mission in 1967.