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25 Things You Keep In Your Life That Are Only Holding You Back

25 Things You Keep In Your Life That Are Only Holding You Back
1. The phone numbers of people that never, ever call you or text you first, and often don’t even respond when you text them. 2. Mean or uncomfortable exchanges with people — either in your text or internet history — that you occasionally go over and re-read because they make you feel angry and terrible all over again. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. For more good advice and inspiration, read The Truth About Everything here.

Free File Sharing and Storage made Simple. The Next Breadbasket Using hand tools and draft animals, a family harvests wheat in Ethiopia’s famine-prone highlands. Education has helped small farmers become more efficient, but wheat yields are still a third below the world’s average. With more than a third of Ethiopians malnourished, the government is courting industrial farms to help close the gap. By Joel K. Bourne, Jr. Photographs by Robin Hammond She never saw the big tractor coming. “No one even talked to me,” the 45-year-old Chirime says, her voice rising with anger. Chirime’s situation is hardly unique. Sugarcane hawkers await customers on the Nacala railway in northern Mozambique, where Brazil and Japan hope to turn 35 million acres of small farms over to industrial-scale soybean production. Though some corporate farms have pushed small growers off their land, Bananalandia, a 3,500-acre enterprise near Maputo, has improved life for the locals. Many of those hurdles are now falling. It’s an optimistic vision, for sure.

List of Tor hidden services From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hidden services directories, portals, and information[edit] The Hidden Wiki Search engines[edit] File storage[edit] Free Haven Peer-to-peer file sharing[edit] The Pirate Bay Social media[edit] Encyclopedia Dramatica Email[edit] Instant messenger[edit] TorChat Marketplaces[edit] News, whistleblowing and archives of document archives[edit] Filtrala, a Spanish whistleblowing initiative operated by Associated Whistleblowing PressGlobaLeaksIndependent Media CenterLjost, an Icelandic whistleblowing initiative operated by Associated Whistleblowing PressNawaatLeaks, an Arabic whistleblowing initiative operated by NawaatSecureDrop, a secure communications platform for use between journalists and sources. Pornography[edit] Lolita City (defunct) References[edit] Further reading[edit] Wikibooks: Guide to Tor hidden services and elements of the Tor network

Sharing. Made Simple. - Shared 100 Excellent Art Therapy Exercises for Your Mind, Body, and Soul January 9th, 2011 Pablo Picasso once said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." It's no surprise, then, that many people around the world use art as a means to deal with stress, trauma and unhappiness – or to just find greater peace and meaning in their lives. If you're curious about what art therapy has to offer, you can try out some of these great solo exercises at home to help nurse your mind, body and soul back to health. If you like the experience, you can also seek out professional art therapy treatment in your area. Emotions Deal with emotions like anger and sadness through these helpful exercises. Draw or paint your emotions. Relaxation Art therapy can be a great way to relax. Paint to music. Happiness Art can not only help you deal with the bad stuff, but also help you appreciate and focus on the good. Draw your vision of a perfect day. Portraits Often, a great way to get to know yourself and your relationships with others is through portraits. Collaging Self

Contemporary Art Daily Echorenovate Introducing Residential Wind Turbines The two main types of wind turbine are Vertical axis (VAWT) and Horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWT). Vertical axis wind turbines are beautiful pieces of architecture, but at present are more like revolving sculptures, as opposed to the more efficient horizontal axis wind turbines. - See Green Favourites section, and explore the Sustainability Forum links for further information. So, no surprise then that we have opted for HAWT. The blade design has been developed to efficiently match the PMG (permanent magnet generator) design, matching the wind/blade speed & diameter to the coil windings, and hence give carefully balanced electricity to the load. So we achieve optimal output from modest breezes to howling gales, where the clever geometry of the furling tail design (French: "mise en drapeau") pulls the blades away from the wind if it becomes excessive. - We say the turbines are "dancing”. So.

Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner: Rare Photos, 1949 Is he the greatest living painter in the United States? That was the direct, provocative question asked in an August 1949 LIFE magazine article that helped cement Jackson Pollock’s reputation. It was a question Pollock spent much of the rest of his life struggling to answer — while desperately hoping to show the skeptics why LIFE was right to even ask such a monumental question in the first place. As the single most recognizable practitioner of Abstract Expressionism — the movement that put America and, specifically, post-World War II New York at the epicenter of painting’s avant-garde — Pollock was a genuine art star. But he soon abandoned the radical “drip” technique that had earned him both fame and, among some art critics, vilification and spent the last few years of his life battling the twin demons of depression and alcoholism. Today, a painting from Pollock’s “drip period” can fetch north of $100 million at auction.

Unhappy Hipsters FuturEnergy - 1 kw Upwind Turbine Our 'rugged' Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine range first came to market in Spring 2005. Since then we have supplied over 5000 systems, all over the world. The specially developed Permanent Magnet Generator, straight tailfin with manual stop switch, and our three-blade (1.75 meter) configuration, enable our turbines to create very useful power in low wind conditions, and over 1000W in winds of 12.5m/s. Available in 12V (600w), 24V & 48V versions, they are suitable for battery charging, water/air heating and Grid-Tied/Mains installations. Weighing in at only 18 kilos our turbines are tower-top ready, and will fit on to a standard 50mm steel tube pole. All instructions will be supplied to guide you through the simple assembly and you should be ready to mount and use your turbine in only a few hours. Your turbine will be supplied in 2 shipping containers, weighing a total of 27Kgs, and you will be required to attach the tailfin and blades to the main turbine housing.

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