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'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. "Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The frumious Bandersnatch!" He took his vorpal sword in hand: Long time the manxome foe he sought-- So rested he by the Tumtum tree, And stood awhile in thought. And, as in uffish thought he stood, The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame, Came whiffling through the tulgey wood, And burbled as it came! One two! "And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?

poets/kipling/kipling.html Kipling gained renown throughout the world as a poet and storyteller. He was also known as a leading supporter of the British Empire. As apparent from his stories and poems, Kipling interested himself in the romance and adventure which he found in Great Britain's colonial expansion.

The Great Big Narcotics Cookbook sign up Login Paper Key Courses Members Papers Stone Telling: The Magazine of Boundary-crossing Poetry by Shira Lipkin the girl's voice the changeling voice I have studied so hard to pass as one of you. I've spent a lifetime on it. I have tells. In Search of Shakespeare . Language Arts: Shakespeare's Sonnets Introduction One of the difficulties teachers face when they teach Shakespeare is language accessibility. Twenty-first century students simply have difficulty understanding the words, and so they miss the meaning of his plays and sonnets. This is no small loss.

Ono no Komachi Very little is known about this Japanese poetess, and most of it is legendary. She lived around 850 C.E. (b. 834?) during the Heian period. The story about her is that she was a woman of unparallelled beauty in her youth and enjoyed the attention of many suitors. She was, however, haughty and cruel, breaking many hearts. Wordiness, Wordiness, Wordiness List absolutely essential = essential aforementioned = DELETE a bigger/greater/higher/larger degree of = more a considerable amount of = DELETE OR BE SPECIFIC The Collected Works of Shakespeare the correct URL to use for this page is as older URLs (those involving psrg, gh or cs) may be decommissioned at any time. Please update your bookmarks. Serving pages since 1993--the web's oldest Shakespeare site! (The comments on MIT's Shakespeare site notwithstanding, this site is the web's first edition of Shakespeare. The text is based on the same text as the MIT site but came online in October 1993, two months before the MIT site.

James Joyce portal General: IQI , Irish Times feature , NY Times feature , Callahan , Pomona , bibliography , where to start, reading Joyce? , Lazy Bio: meta-critique , Ellmann background , trivia , personal , preferences , Tully , Sullivan , sister , Connolly , IQI , Brazen Head , EB , Columbia , Wilson , JAJ bio , Time , Time , InfoPlease , Finland , Clongowes , Nora's copybook letter , Galway , pets , exile , cities , map , Rome , Trieste , quotes about Joyce , Hemingway Timelines: detailed , IQI , IrishTimes , Callahan , IJJF , Irish history Short bio pages: Abilene , BrownU , IrishTimes , Italian , Ireland's Eye , Mantex , GradeSaver , InfoPlease , InfoVillage , Ron Turner , Mystic Fire , Lucid Cafe , Cleo , Tampa , Italian , Palimpsest , BBC Pix: Net-wide index , Brazen Head!

Things My Father didn’t Teach Me, How to tie a Tie   this isn't happiness.™ ABOUT ARCHIVE FOLLOW Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ Ads Via The Deck Things My Father didn’t Teach Me, How to tie a Tie How to Make a Sailor's Knot Bracelet In order to create your Sailor's Knot bracelet, you'll need: cotton twine (at least 3 yds), a round object to put the bracelet around – Mason jar, can, bottle, anything circular with a similar circumference to your wrist, scissors, and Fray Check or clear nail polish. Please see the last slide for an itemized list of tools and materials.

Super Bowl Series: Mini Spinach Pockets Super Bowl Series: Mini Spinach Pockets by Rebecca Jan 18th, 2011 // Appetizers, Holiday, Recipes, Snacks, Veggie Friendly Do you remember the Deep Dish Spinach Pie recipe? Tetrapharmakos The four-part cure[edit] Don't fear god, Don't worry about death; What is good is easy to get, and What is terrible is easy to endure (Philodemus, Herculaneum Papyrus, 1005, 4.9–14).[2] In the original Greek: Ἄφοβον ὁ θεός, ἀνύποπτον ὁ θάνατος καὶ τἀγαθὸν μὲν εὔκτητον, τὸ δὲ δεινὸν εὐεκκαρτέρητον (Philodemus, Herculaneum Papyrus, 1005, 4.9–14) "The fundamental obstacle to happiness, says Epicurus, is anxiety," writes D. S.

Miniature World Landmarks (20 pics) St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City With so many incredible landmarks around the world, the chances of us seeing them all in person is slim to none. That's why Tobu World Square in Japan is a sightseer's dream! The theme park contains over a hundred 1:25 scale models of the world's most historic buildings, complete with 140,000 1:25 miniature people who make the exhibits look strikingly real.

Does the Harlequin Romance Unicorn Vengeance boast the worst sentence ever published in English? Mayhap! - Kansas City News - Plog ​Each Thursday, your Crap Archivist brings you the finest in forgotten and bewildering crap culled from basements, thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets. I do this for one reason: Knowledge is power. Unicorn Vengeance Author: Claire Delacroix Date: 1995 Publisher: Harlequin Historical, because unicorns are historical

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