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Coming out of your closet: Ash Beckham at TEDxBoulder

Coming out of your closet: Ash Beckham at TEDxBoulder
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What Actress Ellen Page's Coming Out Tells Us About How Hollywood Affects Us All By Alyssa Rosenberg "What Actress Ellen Page’s Coming Out Tells Us About How Hollywood Affects Us All" Actress Ellen Page and Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin. CREDIT: AP Images/Jeff Bottari The actress Ellen Page, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her breakout performance as a pregnant teenager in the 2007 movie Juno, has long been the subject of rumors that she is gay. Page did something rather different in her speech in Las Vegas, drawing a clear connection not just between being closeted and her own mental health, but between the closet and other standards that Hollywood places on young actors, particularly women–and that it communicates to the rest of us: “Here I am, an actress, representing at least in some sense an industry that places crushing standards on all of us,” Page told the audience. Those standards apply to actors, as well as actresses. When Page said that these standards “serve no one.

Emma Watson Delivers Game-Changing Speech on Feminism for the U.N. Earlier this summer, fresh from college graduation, Emma Watson, was named a U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador. Though the ripples of her involvement over the past few months can be seen online (crashing the U.N. Web site, using Twitter to denounce a sexist politician in Turkey or respond to the gender politics of the recent celebrity nude photo hack), Watson’s power in person is an entirely different matter. The actress gave an impassioned speech on feminism and gender at the U.N. headquarters in New York this weekend to launch the “HeForShe” campaign which aims to galvanize one billion men and boys as advocates for ending the inequalities that women and girls face globally. Watson’s speech, which was met with a thunderous standing ovation, not only called for action from male allies, but clarified a persistent misconception about feminism in general. I decided I was a feminist and this seemed uncomplicated to me. You might be thinking who is this Harry Potter girl?

Iran's queen of pop promotes gay rights in new music video | World news Iran's queen of pop, Googoosh, has released a video in support of the country's gay and lesbian community, becoming the first prominent Iranian with such a huge following to speak out against homophobia. The video for her latest song Behesht (Heaven), released on her Facebook page on Valentine's Day, portrays a lesbian couple in a relationship banned both by society and by their families. Navid Akhavan, who wrote and directed the video, said it had been viewed by thousands of Iranians online or via illegal satellite channels. "The reactions we have seen so far have been tremendous," he said. But he added: "We knew from the start that because of its topic the video is going to be very controversial among Iranians, that's why we expected negative feedback too, but that hasn't bothered me, nor Googoosh." The video has been viewed more than 1.2m times on two websites alone. A number of conservative websites in Iran denounced Googoosh over the video.

M-kampanj mot rödgröna får kritik "The End of ungdomsjobb", "Boom! Där rök försvaret" och "R.I.P. Rut". – Det här är "negative campaigning" — att man inte talar om sin egen politik utan bara om vad motståndaren vill göra, säger professor Bengt Johansson som forskar om politisk kommunikation. Inför valet 2010 täcktes KD-ledaren Göran Hägglunds ansikte av stämpeln "helsjukt". Stockholmsmoderaternas valaffischer, som sätts upp i huvudstaden, går till angrepp mot oppositionens politik med budskap som "Ajöken nio nya tunnelbanestationer" och "140 000 nya bostäder kan hälsa hem". – Vi vill skapa uppmärksamhet och få en klarhet i var de rödgröna partierna står i dessa frågor, säger Stockholmsmoderaternas kommunikationschef Elisabeth Somp, som slår ifrån sig kritiken. – Att lyfta en fråga tycker jag inte är negative campaigning. PR-konsult Patrik Westander anser att tonen har hårdnat. – Jag tycker tyvärr att det är vanligt förekommande i politiska debatter, där det ofta handlar om att tala om och svartmåla motståndarens politik.

A Drag Queen Talks About Homophobia, Ignites A National Debate, Then Beautifully Sums It All Up Narrator: Tonight, we are delighted to welcome to the stage Ireland's most fabulous drag queen, and famous activist, Panti. Panti: Hi. Hello. My name is Panti. And then, for the benefit of the visually impaired or the incredibly naive, I am a drag queen. I am also a performer. And as you may have already gathered, I am also painfully middle-class. But I do know a little something about oppression, or at least oppression is something that I can relate to. Have any of you ever been standing at a pedestrian crossing when a car goes by and in it are a bunch of lads, and they lean out the window as they go by and they shout, "Fag!" And when it really does hurt, is afterwards. Have any of you ever come home in the evening and turned on the television and there is a panel of people, you know, nice people, respectable people, smart people, the kind of people who probably make good neighborly neighbors, the kind of people who write for newspapers. And that feels oppressive. But not right now.

Academy Awards Acceptance Speeches | Margaret Herrick Library | Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Jennifer Louise Lopez Asks Anti-Gay Harlem Church To Stone Her When Jennifer Louise Lopez first saw the horrific anti-gay sign go up on The ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church in her neighborhood in Harlem, she knew she had to take action. Run by Dr. James David Manning, a man who has been outspokenly critical of the Obama administration and the progression of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights over the course of the past six years, the church made headlines in late February when religious leaders posted a polarizing sign that read "Obama has released the homo demons on the black man. Look out black woman. A white homo may take your man." The church then later replaced the sign with one that read "Jesus would stone homos," along with "Stoning is still the law" and Bible verses Matthew 5:17-19, Deuteronomy 17:5-7, Leviticus 20:13 and John 8:1-11. In response, Lopez knocked on the church's front door this week and informed the man who answered that she was there for her stoning.

Timbuktus tal - ord för ord I dag höll Fem i tolv-rörelsen sin årliga manifestation i Sveriges riksdag. Men när rapartisten Timbuktu tog emot pris närvarande inte talmannen Per Westerberg (M). – Som talman undviker Per Westerberg att närvara vid prisutdelningar som kan uppfattas som kontroversiella, säger hans pressekreterare Samira Zayane. Då höll han känslofyllda talet. "Jag tog med med mig en sak i dag som jag bara brukar ha med mig när jag lämnar Sverige, och det har jag inte gjort nu, för jag kom med en väldigt kort taxifärd. Jag tog med mig detta här (visar upp sitt pass). Det brukar jag bara ha, som sagt, när jag ska lämna Sverige för att påminna alla ställen jag kommer till, och var jag kommer ifrån. Det här betyder väldigt mycket för mig, detta, den här samlingen papper. Det är inte alla som bor i Sverige, och som lever i Sverige, som har ett sådant. Jag tog med den i dag för att säga att detta är mitt bevis i varje fall, på att jag inte är någon främling. Ni behöver inte vara toleranta mot mig. Tack."

Mom Announces Her Son Is Transgender In The Best Way When Jodi Gholson Oliver announced her son is transgender, she didn't just announce it. She celebrated. On March 27, Oliver, a hairstylist living in Las Vegas, posted a photo of a white stork delivering a blue bundle with the words "It's a BOY!" Along with the photo, Oliver shared a touching -- and joyful -- message about her 19-year-old son, Jes, who is transgender. Yep, it's true! She tagged it with a "feeling proud" emoticon. Jes shared his mom's awesome and inspiring message on his Tumblr account, writing: "My mom let her facebook friends/family know what’s up regarding me just now and this is how she did it. Oliver wrote a follow-up message on Facebook Friday saying how shocked she is by the response her viral post has gotten. "I thought when I made this announcement on FB I was just letting all of my friends and family know about recent developments in our lives and that telling everyone at the same time would just be so much easier," she wrote. (h/t The Daily Dot)

Tacktal Tal på filmgalor utmärks av gråtmildhet, tacksamhet och oro över att inte minnas alla man borde tacka. Men några har brutit normen och gjort något helt annat. Julia Roberts bröt ut i gapskratt Emma Thompson parafraserade Jane Austen När Emma Thompson fick en Golden Globe för en roll i filmatiseringen av boken Förnuft och känsla av Jane Austen så läste hon upp en text om arbetet med filmen, skriven i författarens stil. Kjell Bergqvist tackade sig själv Kjell Bergqvist fick en Guldbagge för 2009 års bästa manliga biroll rollen som Jonny i filmen Bröllopsfotografen 2010. Selma Lagerlöf frågar sin far Här läser Thyra Freding, föreståndare på Mårbacka, det tacktal Selma Lagerlöf höll när hon fick Nobelpriset 1909. "Har du en näsduk? 2009 fick författaren Herta Müller nobelpriset i litteratur. >> Se Herta Müllers nobelföreläsning (på tyska) >> Se Herta Müllers tacktal (på tyska)

Gay Dad's Open Letter To Zachary Dutro-Boggess, Accused Of Being Gay By His Mother Before She Killed Him By Rob Watson | The Next Family When my sons were very little, about three years old, there were times when I would sit back and just marvel at them. Here were these incredible little boys exploring and reacting to the world around them. Because each had his own individual personality, the reactions and interactions became unique and fascinating. This was both exciting and daunting for a parent to observe. I remember one morning when the boys were three years old, a cold Sunday, when I was orchestrating activities with them. Jesse, the generously affectionate young man he was becoming, had emerged for his first moment from the blond little toddler. Not all parents relate to this joy of children developing into themselves as I do, particularly when those parents are homophobic and the child’s emergence is indicating that he or she may be either gay or transgender. One such parent was Oregon mom, Jessica Dutro. Jessica Dutro is an abusive woman. Dear Zachary, Goodbye.

Politiska tal Politiker ska vinna väljare och ena rörelsen. Några av de allra skarpaste talarna finns förstås därför inom politiken. Här hör du några av dem. Julia Gillards brandtal om sexism och hyckleri Australiens premiärminister Julia Gillard tryckte till oppositionsledaren Tony Abbott om sexism och blev en riktig snackis i såväl sociala medier som i internationella nyhetsmedier. "Den största segern vinner man i motståndarnas hjärta" Under sitt tal till kongressen som just valt honom till partiledare den 1 oktober 1969, hyllar Socialdemokraternas Olof Palmeden avgående partiledaren Tage Erlander. "Vägen går genom våra allra kärleksfullaste kritiker" "Någon sa att det här var en otacksam uppgift..." 1970 blev Gösta Bohmanny partiledare för Moderata samlingspartiet efter Yngve Holmbergsom avsatts. ”En människa kan mördas, men inte idéer” Två framstående politiker har mördats i Sverige i modern tid.

Utah Mom Complains Over Gay Kiss In Local Play; Theater Company Responds Perfectly "Deathtrap" may have debuted more than 30 years ago, but one Utah mother was "disgusted and infuriated" by a surprise gay kiss in the plot after seeing the Ira Levin play at a local theater. The unnamed woman wrote an angry letter complaining to Chris Lino, the managing director of the Pioneer Theatre Company on the University of Utah campus in Salt Lake City, after she and her son attended a recent performance of "Deathtrap." She apparently thought Lino's playbill should have provided a content advisory about the same-sex kiss. "I am normally calm, mild-mannered, and don’t get upset, but last night, at the close of the first act of 'Deathtrap,' I was infuriated with the explicit, homosexual display on stage because I had brought my teenage son to see the seemingly innocuous play," she wrote in the letter, reposted to Facebook by Pioneer. The woman wrote that she left at intermission and demanded a refund. Her letter continued thus: (Hat tip, The Bilerico Project)