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George Nakashima Woodworker, S.A.

George Nakashima Woodworker, S.A.

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Craft In America / Nakashima, George and Mira George Nakashima George Nakashima (1905-1990) was a woodworker, born in Spokane, Washington. He attended the University of Washington and received his Masters in Architecture from M.I.T. During WWII, he was placed in an internment camp where he learned woodworking from a Japanese carpenter. Willow Bark Slip Whistle The Willow Bark Slip Whistle is a nice easy little project requiring only a small knife and a piece of freshly cut willow. The piece of willow should be about thumb width in diameter and about a hand span (150mm) in length (this will be plenty for the whistle and also give you a good length ‘working handle’ to carve with safely). For this example I’m using a piece of Grey Sallow as it is locally abundant in the area, but any willow will work just as well.

Afteroom Afteroom Journal SS 2014 Collection AFTEROOM – SS 2014 Collection SaloneSatellite 8-13 Apr. 2014 Booth N° D17 Catalogue Nous vous proposons de télécharger directement à partir de ce site notre catalogue. Nous privilégions ce vecteur de communication, car il nous paraît plus simple, plus rapide mais surtout plus respectueux de l’environnement. Plaquette de présentation Capers With Carroll: Japanese Landscapes @ the Clark On Saturday, I celebrated my birthday with a visit to the Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture, and took along my wife and my father. I try to get this museum as often as their exhibitions change, and Near and Far: Landscapes by Japanese Artists. Rotation 1: Imagination of Nature closes December 22. Its companion, Near and Far: Landscapes by Japanese Artists. Rotation 2: Idealization of Reality, opens January 6. We arrived just a few minutes past 1:00 pm on Saturday, just a little late to catch the beginning of the weekly docent tour.

untitled Για πολλούς είναι ένα ζιζάνιο, για αυτούς όμως που ξέρουν, είναι ένα από τα πιο θρεπτικά και θεραπευτικά φυτά που συναντάμε στην ελληνική ύπαιθρο. Η τσουκνίδα στην αρχαιότητα έχαιρε μεγάλης αναγνώρισης από τους γιατρούς της εποχής. Στην προσπάθεια τους να θεραπεύσουν τους ασθενείς τους, μελετούσαν τα βότανα και ανακάλυπταν τις ευεργερτικές τους ιδιότητες. Brian Chilton » Tool and Tack Brian Chilton is a furniture designer and welder based in east Austin. Like most folks in Austin, I first found out about his work while eating at Contigo, our go-to restaurant whenever we have visitors in town. With clean lines and workhorse materials, Brian’s furniture maintains a rustic, yet modern feel.

Convertisseur Analogique Numerique - achat/vente Convertisseur Analogique Numerique - Rue du Commerce Bowers & Wilkins A5 - Enceinte sans fil AirPlay Free Woodworking Software See also: Free online ww software, Free trial ww software Here is an assortment of free woodworking programs than can be downloaded and run directly on your computer. Most of these programs have been around for awhile so you can feel reasonably secure that they are virus and spyware free. AnglesawExcel workbook that calculates the angle of a jeweler's saw blade or scroll saw blade if you are inlaying any material into another. Arc Layout Excel spreadsheet to calculate the path of a circular arc in a work piece given the length of the arc bottom and the rise at its midpoint.

Makers & Brothers – NoHo Design District The Standard East Village, 25 Cooper Square Friday May 18–Monday May 21, 12PM to 7PM The Irish team behind Makers and Brothers will present an exciting, interactive showcase of contemporary Irish craft and design. Titled MAKING 01, the event will highlight the making of a simple stool, looking at process as an intellectual and physical activity. La télécommande pirate This Site has been suspended for breaching Zymic's hosting T.O.S. If you are the owner of this website, Please ask for a member of the Zymic Abuse Team on Zymic IRC Abuse Notice You will not get away with abusing our service. We utilize human review checking as well as automated abuse checks which will suspend and ban your account.

Carvings from Poland Carvings from Poland Posted By admin on October 22, 2009 Those little carvings and metal work are made by Wiktor Siwanowicz from Poland . Mantis pendant and box design toronto Claesson Koivisto Rune + Mjölk exhibition January 27th, 2013 On Wednesday night we hosted an exhibition for Claesson Koivisto Rune . We are so honored to be presenting their first retrospective in Canada, and debuting “CEREMONY”, the serving set designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune and produced by Mjolk with the expertise of local artisans Alissa Coe, Scott Eunson, and Adrian Kuzyk. It was such a pleasure to be able to spend time with such a brilliant firm, whose personalities are as equally warm and charming as their work. For those who didn’t have the opportunity to visit the exhibition during the opening night, the show will continue in its full installation until January 31st, and after that a stripped down version of the exhibition will continue until February 8th.

we design brands NY Zuienkai Tea school is pleased to announce that So'oku Sen, 15th generation Grand Master of the Mushakouji Senke Tea School, will be visiting New York during Asia Week to give a special Contemporary Tea Practice demonstration at Christie's. Mr. Sen So'oku will give a lecture and demonstration on contemporary tea practices using his newly invented tea table and chairs called Ten'yujoku. This event is open to the public, but please RSVP soon as space is limited. This Zuienkai event is proudly supported by All Nippon Airways.