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Teaching Empathy Through Digital Game Play

Teaching Empathy Through Digital Game Play
Digital Tools Quandary The playful approach to learning a new concept that kids usually take when playing a video game can be just the right jumping-off point for diving deeply into a topic. Quandary approaches the broad topic of ethics by helping students understand how to take a different perspective and learn how to empathize. “We see games as an organized space for playful exploration and through the process people encounter and form new ideas and concepts, they begin to construct knowledge.” The game currently has three episodes that follow a similar pattern. “Every time I play a fact, the value of each drops down, so I can only play them a limited number of times,” explained Peter Stidwill, executive producer of the Learning Games Network in an BrainPOP Educators webinar. After the fact-finding stage, the player must make a recommendation to a council back on Earth and justify why he’s urging that course of action. [RELATED: Empathy: They Key to Social and Emotional Learning] Related Related:  Games and quizzesKet gamesTVT opetuksessa

Quizlet for learners: a step-by-step guide Quizlet is a website that enables anybody who wishes to learn anything to make flashcards related to that topic. In the case of English language learners, it is a very useful tool for learning and revising vocabulary. Using Quizlet, learners can make their own sets of flashcards, then use these flashcards in various modes for studying, testing themselves and playing games to improve their recall of the vocabulary. I have just finished making a step-by-step guide to Quizlet, so that my learners can try using it themselves at home. My materials contain step-by-step instructions and screenshots, showing learners how to: find Quizlet(!) Of course, if you, as a teacher, are unfamiliar with this website, you could also use these to help you get to grips with it, so that you are more comfortable recommending it to your students! Here is a link to the materials I have made: Using Quizlet! I hope these are useful to you. I will write a follow-up post in due course (there’s a surprise! Like this:

Sähköinen oppimateriaali ei ole vain kirjan jatke - Pääkirjoitukset - Pääkirjoitus - Helsingin Sanomat Vieraskynä-palstalla julkaistaan asiantuntijakirjoituksia. Noin 4 300 merkin mittaisia tekstejä voi tarjota osoitteeseen Toimitus editoi julkaistavat artikkelit. Interaktiiviset työalustat ja simulaattorit tarjoavat oppilaille perinteisistä kirjoista puuttuvan, kokemuksellisen ja vuorovaikutteisen väylän oppimiseen. Keskustelu oppimateriaaleista kääntyy helposti painettujen oppikirjojen ja sähköisten oppimateriaalien vastakkainasetteluksi. Perinteisten kirjojen kannattajat leimataan usein yhteiskunnan teknologisen kehityksen jarrumiehiksi. Vastakkainasettelu on turhaa, sillä oppimisprosesseissa on tilaa ja tarvetta sekä perinteisille oppikirjoille että sähköisille oppimateriaaleille. Käsitejärjestelmä, jonka avulla hahmotamme nykymaailmaa, on satojen vuosien ajattelutyön seurausta. Sähköisten oppimateriaalien todellinen vahvuus ei ole siinä, että perinteistä kirjaa voidaan rikastuttaa liikkuvalla kuvalla, äänellä tai linkeillä taustatietoihin.

Two Case Studies: How Connected Educators Can Transform Schools Figuring out which new teaching practices or pieces of technology might work in a classroom can feel like a full-time job. Lots of educators spend their free time researching new ideas and connecting with other educators, but there are plenty more that find the process confusing and overwhelming. How much easier would it be to have a dedicated staff person whose job is to bring new ideas into the district, support teachers and smooth the way with administrators? That’s what Kris Hupp does for Cornell School District, a tiny district in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Our teachers want to learn and try new technologies, but if they try something and it blows up in their faces no one is going to be upset.” The most important thing about his job is to create trust with both teachers and administrators who sometimes find themselves on opposite sides of labor disputes and budget issues, Hupp said. Hupp also runs a Professional Learning Community (PLC) of both teachers and administrators.

Murder Winks Directions: The students stand in a circle, and one of them will be the "murderer". This student will "murder" other students by winking at them. To choose the murderer, you can either a) have them close their eyes, walk around the circle, tapping one student on the back, or b) put one square of paper for each student in a hat, writing "murderer" on one piece and "innocent" on all the others; the students silently choose a piece of paper to determine who is the murderer. Now the game begins. If the murderer "winks" at a student who is looking back at him/her, then the student is "dead" and must sit down. (The "dead" student can exaggerate his/her death, but must not reveal who the murderer is.) As more and more people "die" and the group gets smaller, it gets very difficult to be the murderer without getting caught. Students will want to play this game over and over.

Gamification About the Course Gamification is the application of digital game design techniques to non-game contexts, such as business, education, and social impact challenges. Video games are the dominant entertainment form of modern times because they powerfully motivate behavior. Game mechanics can be applied outside the immersive environments of games themselves, to create engaging experiences as well as assign rewards and recognition. Over the past few years, gamification adoption has skyrocketed. Companies use game thinking for employee motivation in human resources, team building, productivity enhancement, training, health and wellness, sustainability, and innovation. Game thinking means more than dropping in badges and leaderboards to make an activity fun or addicting. Subtitles forall video lectures available in: English, Russian (provided by Digital October), Turkish (Koc University), and Ukrainian (provided by Bionic University) Course Syllabus The course is divided into 12 units. 1. 2. 3.

Save This List! 21 Top Websites for Social Studies Teachers Every day on our Facebook page, teachers post "Helpline" questions and receive resource recommendations, lesson and classroom management ideas, career advice, and so much more. Recently, a high school teacher asked readers to suggest their favorite sites for teaching social studies. The list was so awesome, we just had to share it! 1. iCivics 2. Teaching Tolerance 3.

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Koodaus on in Useimmille meistä tulee koodauksesta ensiksi mieleen pitkät kryptistä komentokieltä sisältävät tietokoneohjelmoinnin ajolistaukset. Merkkeihin perustuvat ohjelmointikielet ovat toki yhä olemassa, mutta kun Virossa jo ekaluokkalaisetkin koodailevat pelejä on jokin muuttunut. Koodauksen maailmaan oli syyskuun lopulla Tallinnassa tutustumassa reilut sata opea ympäri Eurooppaa eTwinning-työpajassa. Pelkistäen voisi todeta, että pitkät ja monimutkaiset ohjelmointikoodit on tehty nykyisin visuaaliseen muotoon koodipalikoiksi. Näitä virtuaalisia palikoita yhdistelemällä saadaan erilaisilla ohjelmilla aikaiseksi liikkuvia robotteja, pikkuohjelmia älypuhelimiin ja tietysti pelejä. Luovaa ajattelua tarvitaan siinä vaiheessa kun poukkoilevan robottimonsterin toimintaan halutaan saada logiikkaa ja pelattavuutta. Virossa on tietotekniikkaan satsattu vuosien aikana reilusti, reilusti enemmän kuin Suomessa. Opettajat kokeilevat kulkeeko robotti suunnitellusti.

5 Research-Based Tips for Providing Students with Meaningful Feedback In recent years, research has confirmed what most teachers already knew: providing students with meaningful feedback can greatly enhance learning and improve student achievement. Professor James Pennebaker from the University of Texas at Austin has been researching the benefits of frequent testing and the feedback it leads to. He explains that in the history of the study of learning, the role of feedback has always been central. When people are trying to learn new skills, they must get some information that tells them whether or not they are doing the right thing. Learning in the classroom is no exception. The downside, of course, is that not all feedback is equally effective, and it can even be counterproductive, especially if it's presented in a solely negative or corrective way. So what exactly are the most effective ways to use feedback in educational settings? 1. For example, feedback like "Great job!" 2. 3. 4. 5.

Engelska spel Det engelska språket omger oss alltmer i vardagen. Spela dessa engelskaspel så att du kan, vågar och vill använda engelska i olika situationer. Här har vi samlat alla spel inom ämnet Engelska. Spelen passar förskolan, grundskolan och ändå upp till gymnasiet. Sortera på hur populär spelen är, hur nya de är eller efter namn. Food Årskurs 1 0 av 3 nivåer klara Para ihop olika matord på engelska med rätt bild i detta spel. Am / is / are 0 av 2 nivåer klara • Verbet är - am/are/is Träna verbet "är" som på engelska heter antingen am, is, eller are. Wild animals Ett spel där eleven får lära sig vilda djur på engelska. Engelska glassmaker • Glassorter• Frukter• Sötsaker Glassmaker på engelska. Glosor från Minecraft 0 av 5 nivåer klara • Stavning• Engelska• Glosor• Minecraft Stava rätt på glosor från MInecraft. Oregelbundna verb • Verb• Oregelbundna Träna tio oregelbundna verb i de tre formerna. Practise Colours • Igenkänning• Engelska• Färger Öva färger med hjälp av bilder. Engelska julord 0 av 16 nivåer klara

Koodi ei kiinnosta? Varaudu häviämään työelämässä lapsillesi - Pääkirjoitukse... Oivallus iski pari viikkoa sitten. Olen hieman alle 40-vuotias nainen, enkä ymmärrä koodauksesta käytännössä mitään. Eikä se ole hyvä asia. En ole digitaidoton. Kulutan digitaalista sisältöä aamusta iltaan ja lataan puhelimeeni sovelluksia minkä ehdin. Minulla ja muilla keski-ikää lähestyvillä on kuitenkin työuraa jäljellä helposti 30 vuotta, jos terveyttä riittää. Sovellukset ja digitaaliset palvelut ovat jo nyt arkinen osa yhteiskuntaamme. Vastauksen pitää olla ei. Puhuin koodaustaidottomuudestani kahdelle ystävälleni. Hän oli juuri aloittanut Aalto-yliopiston kaikille avoimen koodauskurssin verkossa. Ystäväni perustelut osallistumiselle olivat selvät. Olin vaikuttunut. Yhä useammassa ammatissa on jo nyt pystyttävä hahmottamaan, millaisia palveluja digitaalisessa maailmassa voi tuottaa tai miten helppokäyttöisiä eri sovellukset ovat. Koodaus on lisäksi tasa-arvoasia. Jokaisen aktiivisessa työiässä olevan pitäisi ottaa vastuu omista digitaidoistaan, edes perustasolla.

OSPedagogy | Now you see IT – How technology works best This guest post was written by José Picardo @josepicardoSHS. Last week we handed out just short of 400 iPads to pupils in years 7 and 12 and new staff in the first phase of our staged 1:1 iPad implementation. This initial roll out was preceded by months of research, preparation and multitude of staff training sessions exclusively dedicated to tablets and other digital tools. Pupils have also spent a great deal of the last week immersed in iPad-related vocabulary and syntax: setting up their iCloud accounts, configuring their Exchange email addresses and enrolling on our Mobile Device Management program. Witnessing how words and phrases that were completely foreign to many of us can quickly gain currency and become part of the vernacular is remarkable. However, this is much more easily said than achieved. The key is not to remain at this stage for long. We often refer to the transformative potential of technology with unbridled enthusiasm. About the author

Access More Than 1,000 Socrative Quizzes Sorted by Subject One of the nice administrative aspects of Socrative is the ability to share quizzes with colleagues and import quizzes that are shared with you. This morning on the Socrative Facebook page I found their massive spreadsheet of more than 1,000 shared quizzes. The spreadsheet is arranged by subject and grade level. Socrative is accepting submissions for more quizzes to be added to their spreadsheet. To create a copy of the Socrative quizzes spreadsheet, sign into your Google account and select "make copy" from the file menu while viewing the spreadsheet. Disclosure: Socrative's new parent company, MasteryConnect, is an advertiser on this blog. Mikä on Koodaustunti? | Koodaustunti Koodaustunti on yhden tunnin johdatus tietojenkäsittelytieteeseen, joka toteutetaan haluamanasi ajankohtana. Koodaustunnin tarkoituksena on tutustuttaa "koodaamiseen" ja tehdä sitä arkipäiväiseksi Ja vähentää aiheeseen liittyvää "mystiikkaa" tarjoamalla mahdollisuus oppia perusteita pienellä kynnyksellä. Koodaustunnin (Hour of Code) idea on peräisin Yhdysvalloista ja projektia tukevat monet merkittävät tietotekniikka-alan vaikuttajat kuten Facebookin perustaja Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoftin perustaja Bill Gates, Twitterin Jack Dorsey ja Dropboxin Drew Houston. Tänä vuonna Hour of Code vietetään 8.-14.12.2014. Tämän suomenkielisen sivuston tarkoituksena on madaltaa suomalaisten käyttäjien kynnystä perehtyä aiheeseen. Tavoitteena on osoittaa, että kuka tahansa voi oppia perusasiat: olla TEKIJÄ, KEKSIJÄ, INNOVAATTORI! Katso esittelyvideot!