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Online Library - download and read ebooks for free | Download free Fiction, Health, Romance and many more ebooks : Allows you online search for PDF Books - ebooks for Free downloads In one place DOCS TORRENTs Feedbooks | Free eBooks for Android & iPhone/iPad Read Easily - Ebooks Online Library Free PDF eBooks Download Free eBooks Scrap tuition fees? Yes we have | John Hemming Liberal Democrats in government are about to scrap student tuition fees for 54.2% of students. This may come as a surprise, but that is because this side of the story isn't really being told. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has shown that for 54.2% of students in the future it does not matter how much their tuition actually costs. They will pay the same 9% of income over £21,000 a year for 30 years. In other words this new system is a graduate tax in all but name. It is why Vince Cable, the Lib Dem Business Secretary, calls it a graduate contribution. It is, however, not an open-ended graduate tax as it has a cap. To me, that seems – given that we have a coalition government – a reasonable way of fulfilling both the Liberal Democrat policy of scrapping tuition fees as well as the NUS pledge in which we stated we would campaign for "a fairer system". So to that extent the adage "if it quacks, it's a duck" seem appropriate. There is more in the proposals that makes the system fairer.

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