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Amazingly Functional 136 Sq. Ft. Molecule Tiny Home on Wheels

Amazingly Functional 136 Sq. Ft. Molecule Tiny Home on Wheels
on November 4, 2013 If you already haven’t seen this 136 sq. ft. Molecule Tiny Home you’re in for a treat. To me, it’s one of the best designed and best built little houses on wheels out there. And it’s their 5th design and build. But they were still able to add a lot of functionality, comfort and beauty to the home as you’ll see. One of the most notable features is the fold up deck but there’s a lot more that will stand out once you go inside. Images: Molecule Tiny Homes I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour as this one has lots of unique features you’ll probably like and want to implement in your future design: ..or better yet, you can have Molecule Tiny Homes do it for you. I think you’ll be surprised as to how many great features they were able to pack into this tiny 8’x17′ structure. Let me take you inside.. It’s a REAL staircase in a TINY house! Video Tour Lots of Storage in this Tiny House Extra Storage/Sleeping Loft Micro Kitchen in a Tiny House Door that Leads to Bathroom Closet Related:  Tiny houseideasCamping

I Like Tiny Houses But I'm Not Tiny, What Do I Do? The other day we got this comment on one of the new Tumbleweed tiny houses that just came out. How well can someone over 6 feet tall and over 300 pounds live in this? And the best answer I could think of, was this: If you’re asking that, you may want to look at this instead, will probably be better for anyone who likes the idea but needs more space: Then I thought, “I better write about this really quick while the ideas are in my mind.” Let me show you the interior below: Bathroom Kitchen and Living Area Sleeping Loft Entrance and Staircase For more photos of this Park Model tiny home click here. This might not be the best design for you but if you’ve been wondering about more space, maybe a park model is a better option for you than a tiny house? The main difference is that you have to pay a professional driver to move it for you because it exceeds the 8’6″ width and road height requirements for most areas. Which would you prefer and why?

Another Couple Living in a Debt-free Tiny House: Meet Shaye & Tom Shaye and Tom are a young couple who decided to design and build their own tiny house in West Auckland, New Zealand. It measures 7.2 meters long by 2.4 meters wide which translates to approximately 24′ x 8′. Or a total of 15 square meters (or 161 square feet). They’ve only been living in it for two weeks as of the filming of the video tour and interview you can watch below thanks to the folks at Living Big in a Tiny House. What’s really inspiring is that the couple had never built anything like this before. They were able to learn most of what they needed by watching videos on the Internet. What might be even more inspiring is that they’re only going to spend a total of about $20,000 to build it themselves. Images: Living Big in a Tiny House / YouTube I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour (and interview) below: Kitchen and Staircase with Storage to the Loft Kitchen (Still Unfinished) Living Area Nice open living space and notice the built in storage drawers under the built in seating.

Man Turns his Toyota Echo into Stealthy Micro RV for Car Camping This Toyota Echo Turned into Stealthy Micro RV for Car Camping is a guest post by an anonymous reader – submit yours here! Have you ever thought of converting your car into a stealthy car camper so you can easily sleep in it while traveling without being noticed? This way you don’t have to spend so much extra money and time getting in and out of hotels while you try to get somewhere. So I wanted to show you what I’ve been working on for the last few days. Of course it’s considerably smaller than your average tiny house so I’m not sure if you’re still with me but even if you’re not… Isn’t it fascinating what can be done to make an economy size car a comfortable place to sleep for the night? Man Turns his Toyota Car into Micro RV for Stealthy Car Camping Who would guess this unassuming Toyota Echo would be able to sleep 2 people comfortably (if a little cozily, you do have to like your traveling companion)? When we make cross country drives it can get expensive to stay in a motel every night.

Tiny House From Reclaimed Wood | Reclaimed Wood Blog by Greg Cater September 27, 2013 Recently I went on a field trip with my friend Kent Griswold from Tiny House blog. We headed west to a little town on the California coast called Point Reyes Station, which is located about an hour north of San Francisco and is situated on the northeast side of Point Reyes National Seashore. We were invited by a homeowner named Colin to pay a visit to his tiny house, which measures 8 feet wide and 18 feet long or 144 sq ft. Colin’s home scores big for his use of reclaimed wood and other salvaged materials including windows and doors. The only wood product that was purchased new for the home was the sheeting plywood, as it can be a challenge to find structurally sound reclaimed plywood. Moving from build sit to current location I asked Colin about where he found reclaimed wood for the project. T & G fir flooring The vertical is on top and horizontal on the bottom, which adds interest and gives the house a great look. Kent & Colin talking about the Tiny house

Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans: Big Enough to Start a Family? Published onSeptember 23, 2013 I thought I’d let you know that Dee Williams and her team at PAD Tiny Houses have made the Sweet Pea tiny house design available to the public. It’s a design that was created for their friend Gina who wanted a tiny house that she can maybe start a family in. What do you think? Can you see yourself starting a family in this tiny house? Photos by Chris Tack Do you think this tiny house is spacious enough for a young family who enjoys simplicity? Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans: Do You Think it’s Enough to Start a Family In? Exterior – Hitch Side I love the little bump out that gives you just that little bit of extra space. Interior of the Sweet Pea Tiny Home I really like how there’s a lot of open space when you come in. Looking Towards the Sleeping Loft and Kitchen Pretty Big Kitchen for a Tiny House, Right? Closet Space I think closet space might be one of the biggest challenges for a family living in a tiny house like this. Bathroom in the Sweet Pea Tiny House

Wildflower II | Tiny Green Cabins Wildflower II Base Plan The Wildflower II tiny house, micro home is built to the specifications of our healthy homes series. It is 8′ x 22′ with a 3′ covered front porch. The hardwood finish is a Tung oil hand-rubbed finish, steel roof that is classified as Class IV hail resistant, steel lap siding, and a 3/4″ x 6″ White Ash Character grade paneling, with white ash cabinetry and custom white ash doors. To see what the inside of the most recently completed Wildflower II looks like follow this link The Grand Tour Featuring: Healthy LivingBarrel VaultStairs to LoftSpace for Washer/DryerElectric in-Floor HeatAbundant StorageSteel FrameHardwood PanelingHardwood FloorsCovered Front Porch Dimensions Cabin Size: 8′ x 22′Sleeps 1-3Road height when mounted on Trailer: 11′-8″Approximate weight: 10,000 – 12,000 lbsPorch: 7′ x 3′Loft Height: 2′-8″Ceiling Height: 6′-3″

The Emerald Cut (Part 2) A 156 square feet tiny house on wheels in Morrision, Colorado. Built by Tiny Diamond Homes. More info. here. Vivre en autonomie en France : une réalité Si vous pensez que tout plaquer pour une vie d’aventures n’est possible qu’à l’étranger, détrompez-vous. Pas besoin d’habiter à l’autre bout du monde pour vivre sa liberté. Nico, Marina et leur tribu prouvent que tendre vers l’autonomie n’est pas utopique en France. Vous me direz : C’est bien beau tout ça mais ça demande un certain budget et des conditions. Tout dépend de ce que vous voulez vraiment être. Nico, expatrié de la société de consommation C’est dans la montagne ariégeoise, sur deux hectares de terrain-forêt que l’aventure de Nico commence. Un village à proximité n’est malgré tout pas de refus Ne le prenez pas pour un ermite, cet ingénieur informatique est un vrai entrepreneur. Avec sa compagne Marina et leurs 5 enfants, ils tendent vers l’autonomie Tant matérielle que psychologique. Parce que le rapport temps/argent imposé par un système qui s’écroule ne semble plus adapté. Deux amis proches se joignent à la tribu pour l’aventure. Dans des yourtes disséminées à flan de montagne

Amazing Tiny House on Wheels: Truck Converted Into Gorgeous Solar Powered Off Grid Home The off grid home is truly a self-sufficient design providing energy via roof mounted solar panels. Built by Joseph Tayyar, this wonderful example of ingenuity and sustainability is a tiny house worthy of the name. How would you like to live in this? It doesn’t come cheap at $225k, but that cost is spread out over several years. Though this home is not quite affordable for many folks looking to move off grid right away, it does show what is possible with designing and building with recycled/repurposed vehicles, and high-technology. This tiny home is self-sufficient, and mobile. via: via: Images: Comments comments

Sustainable Tiny Homes on Wheels YahiniHomes, a tiny house company led by Danny Yahini has been designing and constructing sustainable and energy efficient homes for over 25 years. The company is based in Athens, Ohio, and offers several different types of tiny houses with off-the-grid capabilities. The houses Danny designs and constructs can be set up on a trailer, or placed on all types of foundations. They can also easily be added to later, in case the owner needs more room as the years pass. YahiniHomes currently offers four different basic types of tiny homes. The Butterfly Cabin, currently the largest cabin Danny offers, is designed to be mounted on a dual axle trailer and can be moved around easily. The interior finishing includes pine ceiling and trim, while the floor is solid maple. The smaller cabins YahiniHomes offers are insulated with 6″cellulose in the walls and 14″in the ceiling. These cabins also feature:

Cat's Tiny Home | Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful — William Morris (Including the house itself! – me) Tiny Modern Leaf House in the Yukon Speaking of tiny houses, check out Version.2, which is the second tiny house built by Leaf House and Laird Herbert in Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon, Canada. Herbert appears to be on a roll because his first home was sold and two more are on the way, provided this second home finds an owner. In any event, Version.2 is a 20-foot rolling house of luxury with a sofa bed, full kitchen, full bathroom, and dining area. Including the 55-square-foot loft, Version.2 has a total of about 215 square feet of living space. It was built with FSC tongue and groove cedar siding, metal siding, triple-pane Northern Windows, steel stud construction, spray foam insulation, Energy Shield wrap, low-VOC wood finishes and paint, a Sun-Mar composting toilet, GE propane range, Kohler sink, Pegasus shower, tankless water heating, Ecoheat electric baseboards, Broan ventilation, LEDs, dimmable CFLs, birch plywood and ultralight drywall finishing, etc. Leaf House is selling sold Version.2 for $44,500.

Comment vivre légalement sur un terrain agricole? | verslautonomie Il y a plusieurs solutions qui peuvent vous permettre d’habiter légalement à l’année sur votre terrain. J’en parlais déjà sur cet article. C’est possible, pour preuve, nous sommes domicilié dans notre mobilhome :-) Mais cette solution n’est pas pérenne. Dans 3 ans, la commune pourra effectuer les démarches pour nous éjecter si la situation n’avait pas évoluée. Heureusement, malgré les déboires avec la Région Wallonnne notre projet de construction d’une maison en paille suit son cours grâce à l’achat d’un deuxième terrain collé au notre. Après réflexion et avec la petite expérience que nous avons vécue et acquit, je pense que solution la plus adéquate et la plus viable pour vivre légalement sur un terrain agricole est d’aménager un camion. En effet, vous seriez tout à fait mobile et en quelques minutes il vous serait possible de déplacer votre véhicule. Suivant les modèles de véhicules, vous auriez énormément de place pour l’aménagement. Beau volume à aménager. Quand à la domiciliation.