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Holidays worldwide

Holidays worldwide
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L.O.V.E. – activity/lesson plan | ELT stories St. Valentine’s day is approaching so here’s a lesson plan on the topic of love and friendship. Students warm up by playing a word game (stages 4-5) that encourages them to think deeper about what they read into a range of concepts related to love and friendship andpushes them to recall vocabulary on these topics The lesson ends in a discussion activity (stage 6). Level: B1-C1Length: 30-60 min (depending on whether you do the discussion activity)Focus: speaking (a conversation class)Materials: Worksheet Stage One. (Collage produced using [Optional] If the students came up with the topic of St. Say ‘I’m thinking of one of these pictures. unitysupportfriendshipvow (for a B2-C1 class) Get the students to quiz each other in new pairs: one person chooses a picture and says their associations, the second guesses which picture is being described; listen in an board some of the students’ associations. Stage Two. Stage Three. Stage Four. Stage Five.

Resource calendar Our cookie usage We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive these cookies. Find out more about how we use cookies. Find us on Privacy and cookies Resource calendar Browse this article: The events in this calendar are celebrations, awareness days and action weeks all covering topical issues relevant to schools. As well as accessing the resources online, you can also download the Global Citizenship Calendar as a PDF, with links to resources for each event. Centenary of the start of the First World War - August 4 Events and resources to commemorate one hundred years since Britain's entry into the First World War. Hiroshima Day - 6 August Hiroshima Day commemorates the day in 1945 when an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, destroying the city and killing many thousands of its inhabitants. International Youth Day - 12 August World Humanitarian Day - 19 August

Teach by Calendar - Skip to content The Swedish Curriculum stipulates “living conditions, traditions, social relations and cultural phenomena” to be part of the content of communication. One way of fulfilling this requirement is to bring various holidays and yearly celebrations into the classroom. Here are some recommended materials for most levels behind the actual date in the Calendar. General events

Love is Blind - level 1 Hi Lang I’m writing in English to practise. I’m sorry I didn’t answer your email. I started school the day after we arrived in Boston and I’ve got too much work to do. I hate it here. I can’t understand what people are saying. I miss Shanghai and I miss playing in the band with you. Hey, I’ve got to stop. Please write back soon. Deshi PS: I think I’m in love! Deshi turned off the computer and opened his English book, but it was difficult to concentrate on irregular verbs. Deshi couldn’t sleep that night and he was late for school the next morning. School didn’t go well that day. Deshi thought about how unhappy he was as he went down the stairs. Brendan Dunne

Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy – a lesson It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and although I don’t normally do anything for it, I thought that this year I would take the opportunity to share one of my favourite poems with my students. Here’s the plan in case you want to do it too. Ask your students what day it is, and whether anything special happens on this day in their country. What do they know about Valentine’s Day in the UK? What kind of gifts do people normally give for Valentine’s Day? Give each group the word cloud. Show them an onion. Ask the students to close their eyes and put their heads on the desk (but try not to fall asleep!). Ask them to discuss how similar the poem was to their ideas. You can then do some pronunciation/speaking work. They talk about why you pause in those places – it’s because of line/stanza breaks, and also phrases within the lines. They can chose whether to read Valentine, or an anti-Valentine poem. In groups with other students who have chosen the same poem, they practise reading it. Like this:

Black Friday - Mary Glasgow Magazines Thanksgiving is a holiday in America. Every year it’s on the last Thursday in November. People visit their families, eat a special dinner, and think about what they are thankful for. The day after Thanksgiving, is called Black Friday. This year it is on the 28th of November. On Black Friday, a lot of things in the shops are very cheap. Big crowds wait for the shops to open, and run in to find items. This year, Black Friday has come to Britain! Do you have Black Friday in your country? What do you think about it? When do you start to buy Christmas presents? Abs Diet Workout Plan When you construct your schedule, make sure to: Leave at least 48 hours between weight workouts of the same body parts. Your muscles need time to recover and repair themselves after a workout. Take 1 day each week to rest with no formal exercise. Download the Abs Diet Workout to your MP3 player Download the Abs Diet Bonus Workouts to your MP3 player The three components of your weekly schedule 1. 2. 3. (If you need to familiarize yourself with the different parts of the Abs Diet workout, click here.) Your Weekly Workout Schedule Here, you're going to do circuit training to optimize your muscle-building potential. By alternating between body parts, you'll keep your body in constant work mode and be able to perform the movements back-to-back without rest. In the first 2 weeks of the program, do the circuit twice. Monday: Total-Body Strength Training Workout with Ab Emphasis Complete one set of each ab exercise*, then complete the rest of the circuit twice. Tuesday (Optional): Wednesday:

Talk2Me English : My Valentine - A fun lesson for Valentine's day I discovered the song 'My Valentine' by Paul McCartney this week and thought it would be perfect for a Valentine's day lesson. The song is so romantic ♥ My lesson ended up being rather funny and very lively, I hope your students will enjoy it as much as mine did :-) Level: IntermediateLesson activities: Talking about Valentine's day, using sign language to learn vocabulary, listening practice and fill the blanks exercise. Warm up questions: 1. Task 1Tell students that you are going to show them a You Tube video of a song by Paul McCartney called 'My Valentine'. Task 4Hand out the 'fill the gaps' exercise, play the song again from the beginning and get the students to complete the missing words. Task 5 - DiscussionDiscuss what the general meaning of the song is. Quick quiz - Look at the lyrics and:1. Happy Valentine's day ♥

Special Days Calendar - Occasions to Celebrate Every month is full of days and weeks to observe and celebrate. Many of those days, like Halloween and Mother's Day, are quite well-known. Others are not so well known. Have you ever heard of Backwards Day? If you click on the link for a month, you will find a full list of days to celebrate that month. You will find what the entire month is set to commemorate as well as certain weeks in that month. January 2016 Special Days New Year's Day is the best known holiday in January, but there are plenty of other special days to celebrate during the month. Trivia DayAppreciate a Dragon DayNational Kazoo Day. January is also National Book Month and International Creativity Month. February 2016 Special Days February is full of fun holidays and celebrations, many more than just Valentine's Day. Read in the Bathtub DayWorld Thinking Day Tell a Fairy Tale Day. February is also Black History Month and includes International Snow Sculpting Week. March 2016 Special Days Other fun days for gifted kids are: