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Channel N: Brain and behavior videos All About World Bipolar Day By Sandra Kiume For World Bipolar Day on March 30, 2014, Matthew McKenzie of London, England created a video to celebrate and inform. Continue reading… » High Tech Suicide Prevention Two suicide prevention advocates from Grassroots Suicide Prevention talk about developments in e-health, including search engines, smartphones, and social media. Mathias Poulsen » Blog Archive » New to games & learning? I keep writing about how I perceive and work with games in education. If you are new to the field, however, there are far better ways to get up to speed. Why not listen to the worlds’ finest experts across research and practice? I always try to do that, and now I’ve attempted to aggregate some of the best videos from around the web & world, where truly inspiring and passionate people are introducing their perspectives on games & learning. Each video is accompanied by a few of the most relevant links as well as a brief introduction, yet I don’t want to take too much focus away from the actual videos; they’re what matters in this post. Sit back, watch ‘em all in a row, or come back later.

SurfTheChannel - Home August 28, 2014 Question 1 of 4: How often do you use Mozilla Firefox? Question 2 of 4: How satisfied were you with the previous versions of Mozilla Firefox? Question 3 of 4: Top Films of 2000s Top Ten Films of 2000s Return to Main Film Page 1. INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS (Quentin Tarantino) 2. WILD GRASS (Alain Resnais) 3. ANTICHRIST (Lars Von Trier) 4. FANTASTIC MR. Video // Current To Our Faithful Users: Current's run has ended after eight exciting years on air and online. The Current TV staff has appreciated your interest, support, participation and unflagging loyalty over the years. Fan films get serious This article was taken from the October issue of Wired magazine. Be the first to read Wired's articles in print before they're posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online No longer characterised by camera shake, badly made capes and dingy multistorey car parks, fan films, like Casey Pugh and Annelise Pruitt’s Star Wars Uncut, are growing in ambition.

Google Videos MoreEven more from Google Sign in Videos Privacy Terms Settings Advertising Business About Donnie Darko A new theory to help the viewer unravel the cult classic. Erik A. Coburn n recent years, Donnie Darko, directed by Richard Kelly, has become a cult classic. While most people who watch this twisted film will love it, few will understand the intricate, multi-layered timeline residing within. But if you analyze the film, you will notice that every little detail, every single line, has significance in determining what really goes on in Middlesex.

Top 6 Sites that Inspire and Educate If you’re a professional who likes to be intellectually stimulated and you enjoy keeping up with the latest news and breaking trends, the internet provides you with an endless choice of carefully curated sites to visit. Today, we bring you six of them that we believe are leaps and bounds above the rest. These sites will not only educate you on topics ranging from business and technology to art and design, they’ll motivate you to find your own, original ideas and see them through.

Transmedia is killing Hollywood will kill Transmedia : Brooke Thompson : And you, Mr. Transmedia Producer, are holding the gun. This was not what I had planned on posting today. I’ve got a post in the making taking a look at various things transmedia is used to describe and what is great (and difficult & challenging & wonderful) about each. It’s a good post.

FreeTube - Watch TV Online for Free with 100s of Live Internet C Free Website and Blog Hosting P4O Hosting is 100% Free, which means you can start and experiment with site creation, advanced dynamic programming, marketing, and other webmaster skills all in the comfortable and secure environment of your own personal hosting space. Unlike other free hosts, offers features and services that rival paid hosting, including htaccess, script installers, webmail and addon domains to name a few. We offer you the premium features that other free hosts are scared to empower their users with.

Watch the Best Online Short Films The Un-Gone is a near-perfect hard sci-fi short. Unlike recent crowd pleasers The Raven or The Gift, it eschews flashy visuals in favor of providing entertainment that is thought-provoking and like much great sci-fi, disturbing. In further contrast to those films, reliant on chases and characters who are ciphers, it also happens to possess a recognizable narrative with definitive closure.

Top 6 Sites to Find Cool Gadgets and Gear & Life Scoop Whether you’re an early adopter who gets excited about purchasing the latest tech toy, or you’re a busy professional looking to find the perfect gift, everyone knows that searching for products can be a long and frustrating experience. Lucky for us, we now have top-tier websites who can guide us through it all. Today, we’ve chosen six that not only possess expert knowledge, they have the discerning, carefully curated eye that we can rely on to give us the best products that fit our own, personal style. From the more tech-savvy blogs like Engadget and CrunchGear to the design-centric websites like Uncrate and Coolhunting, we’re confident that these sites will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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