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L'enfer, c'est les autres

L'enfer, c'est les autres
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Jim Butcher - FaerieCon East 2013 - Transcript - Traits, Tags, and Character IntroductionsBlog Original Recording Credit: Dennis Young Jim Butcher's Lecture When you're creating this protagonist character, the most common mistake that inspiring writers make is that they are too inhibited, too conservative, too cautious with their character. There's got to be a certain amount of exaggerating involved with your protag. If you don't, you're going to have characters who seem a little bit flat, who seem a little bit uninteresting. Almost all of your characters are going to have one or two of these exaggerated traits. The most important thing you can have about your protagonist, the absolutely most important trait -- and this is important not just for the reader, but for you as a writer -- your protagonist has to be driven to get his goal. Other than that, the really important thing that you do is set up your tags and traits for your protagonist correctly. Tags are words that get associated with a character. There's a number of ways you can introduce your character.

Hola – Access ALL of the web (free VPN) & faster browsing The Writing Café Commas Summary: This resource offers a number of pages about comma use. Contributors:Dana Driscoll, Allen BrizeeLast Edited: 2017-10-31 02:17:11 Comma Use 1. The game was over, but the crowd refused to leave. The student explained her question, yet the instructor still didn't seem to understand. Yesterday was her brother's birthday, so she took him out to dinner. 2. a. While I was eating, the cat scratched at the door. Because her alarm clock was broken, she was late for class. If you are ill, you ought to see a doctor. When the snow stops falling, we'll shovel the driveway. However, don't put a comma after the main clause when a dependent (subordinate) clause follows it (except for cases of extreme contrast). INCORRECT: The cat scratched at the door, while I was eating. CORRECT: She was still quite upset, although she had won the Oscar. b. Having finished the test, he left the room. To get a seat, you'd better come early. After the test but before lunch, I went jogging. c. Well, perhaps he meant no harm. 3.

3 common copyright myths that really, REALLY need to die off List of Monsters on Wiki Don’t Write What You Know - Bret Anthony Johnston Why fiction’s narrative and emotional integrity will always transcend the literal truth Every Wednesday, I teach an introductory fiction workshop at Harvard University, and on the first day of class I pass out a bullet-pointed list of things the students should try hard to avoid. Don’t start a story with an alarm clock going off. Don’t end a story with the whole shebang having been a suicide note. Don’t use flashy dialogue tags like intoned or queried or, God forbid, ejaculated. The idea panics them for two reasons. In the spirit of full disclosure, I should admit I’ve been accused of writing what I know on a good many occasions. The facts are these: I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, the part of the country where most every word of fiction I’ve published takes place. Instead of thinking of my experiences as structures I wanted to erect in fiction, I started conceiving of them as the scaffolding that would be torn down once the work was complete. Was Toni Morrison a slave?

Collaborative Creative Writing Community - StoryMash jimbutcher: Stuff I Been Doin' Okay, for the folks who want to know, here's what I'm up to lately. :) Over the past four months, I've been busy working several different things. First, I've been getting in some quality LARP time on weekends at least once a month. Hooah! It's really cool to not work weekends! Oh, and some writing too: First, our LARP organization is putting together a second rules set, one which hopefully will effectively transcend the stickiest problems of the current system. I've done a trilogy of short stories with linked characters in which Bigfoot is Dresden's client. But that will probably have to wait. Someone have a word with the people who schedule the weather, will you? I'm just about done writing short stories.