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Round House Design Offers a Unique Architectural Experience

Round House Design Offers a Unique Architectural Experience
This beautiful Round House is a unique home design concept where soft curves replace the dusty corners of a typical four-sided home. Developed by L.A.-based architecture firm Johnston Marklee, the completely open interior space is enclosed by floor to ceiling windows, allowing light to radiate throughout the space from all around. For more privacy, sliding doors can be pulled closed to section off the space into separate rooms. To top it off, the roof terrace, including swimming pool, provides residents with a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding scenery. The project is part of Solo Houses, a program developed in 2010 to revolutionize the world of architecture. Johnston Marklee websiteSolo Houses website via [MoCo Loco]

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Eco-Housing Plan Has Humans Moving Into Forest Trees Denmark-based architect Konrad Wójcik is on a mission to remind humans just how much we have changed the natural world. With urban sprawl and a global population explosion, we have deforested much of the planet and left it a mess. He believes that the only way to cure this is for humans to get back to nature and let the planet heal itself. His proposal is called Primeval Symbiosis. It consists of small homes which look and behave like trees. Solar panels cover the tops and sides of the pyramid-shaped structures, drawing energy from the sun just as trees do. Domebuilder's Blues Buckminster Fuller didn’t invent the geodesic dome. The first guy who stitched together a soccer ball did. Soccer balls are made up of the same configuration of hexagons and pentagons. Just take a soccer ball and cut it in half — in your mind’s eye, anyway — and you’ve got the basic design.

Wavy Apartment Building With Cantilevered Balcony Spaces This French housing unit is equipped with wavy balconies that extend the living space and create a fascinating visual effect from outside. Each balcony alternates wavy parts with the balcony below it, providing residents a surprising amount of vertical space. The idea behind the project was to call to mind stacked villas which are wide open to the environment. Timberline Geodesics Geodesic Structures Pre-Planning Architectural Options Construction Finishing Geodesic Structures

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Amazing Tiny Treehouse Boasts the World's Widlest Swing 8,350 Feet Above the Ground Calling all adrenaline junkies! If you've been inspired by some of the swings we've previously featured here on Inhabitat, do not miss this latest one—it's absolutely insane! Located in Baños, Ecuador, "La Casa del Árbol" (The Treehouse) is a seismic checking station perched atop a tree. Though the structure itself is cool, the real attraction here is attached to the branches. The “Crazy Swing” hangs above a cliff edge 8,350-feet above sea level. If you don't suffer from a fear of heights (or a fear of death) you can swing yourself over the precipice and take in the magnificent views of Baños' Tungurahua volcano.

Green, cheap and efficient straw bale dome homes :) - Energetic Forum Hi easyrider. The dome structure is very solid, it now supports around 3-4 tons of weight with all the clay and straw bales. The work is rather hard and weather dependent, if it is raining, you need to cover the dome with something to prevent water damage, if it is sunny, you need to remove the rain protecting plastic or whatever so that clay can dry better.

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