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The LightLine of Gotham

The LightLine of Gotham

Video Projection Mapping by battleROYAL created a major production in celebration of the 125th anniversary of MADSACK Mediengruppe. MADSACK invited the city of Hannover to join them in celebrating their anniversary with an open-air festival and spectacular show event. 50,000 visitors gathered in the heart of the city for an evening of live performance, music, and entertainment. For the grand finale of the night, battleROYAL developed an innovative show experience combining live performance with advanced mapping and video design. Stunning imagery and powerful music combined with historical facts from MADSACK Mediengruppe wow’d the audience.

How to make no-bake strawberry cloud cake in less than 10 minutes This is a super simple and easy way to make strawberry cloud cake that requires no baking. If you are too busy to cook for hours, you should try it. The no-bake cake recipe using only 4 ingredients: cloud cakes, whipped cream, chopped strawberries and strawberry glaze. Get the recipe from Pinkwhen Vortex Mobile Geodesic Domes - Vortex Immersion Media - Vortex Immersion Media Geodesic Projection Dome Venues: Geodesic Domes are transformed into immersive environments and experiential branding venues. We offer a range of sizes from 36′ diameter up to 120′ diameter. These domes feature an internal “negative pressure” projection screen that allows for seamless interior immersive projection. The geodesic projection domes come with a range of options from printed exterior skins to lighting and exterior projection packages. Vortex Mobile Geodesic Dome Size Options Vortex Mobile Geodesic Domes Portfolio Geodesic Domes Blog Category

How to find free music, images, and video you can use or remix in your own creative works Creative Commons Resources Below you will find a list of services and websites that provide content that you can use as building blocks in your own works. From music, to video, to images, these services give you public domain and/or openly licensed (ie. CCMixter :"This is a community music remixing site featuring remixes and samples licensed under Creative Commons licenses. OPSounds :"All sounds in the Opsound pool are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (a copyleft license similar to those used in the free and open source software communities) or are placed in the public domain (the license information for each song can be found under the song link." Incompetech: "This one is super easy to browse through. SectionZ :" On we use the audio specific licenses........Each of the Creative Commons icons means something regarding the type of conditions for each license. Creative Commons:

Permaculture et construction naturelle : la terre crue de A à Z | Une importante partie du sous sol français est composé de terre argileuse, une aubaine en permaculture car il s’agit d’un des meilleurs matériaux de construction, durable et naturel. La terre est composée de sable, de limons et d’argile. Il faut généralement creuser à 20 ou 30 cm de la surface, sous la terre végétale, pour trouver de la terre utile à la construction. On note la différence de terre par un changement de couleur net. Pour faire une analyse basique de la terre dont on dispose, on utilise un bocal. Le taux d’argile dans une terre va donner la technique la plus adaptée à utiliser car toutes les terres ne sont pas adaptées à toutes les techniques. Pour stocker la terre, le mieux est de la mettre sous un toit avec des courants d’air (un hangar). La bauge La bauge se trouve traditionnellement en Normandie. L’adobe L’adobe est d’origine arabe. Après 2 semaines, on peut les entasser selon une disposition précise avant de les bâcher pour les protéger de la pluie. Le pisé Le torchis

Category: 3D & Holographic Archives - Vortex Immersion Media - Vortex Immersion Media 3D Autostereo Displays Bring your content alive with the 3D Autostereo Displays. Their astonishing ‘real’ 3D effect immediately grabs the attention of the viewer and are ideal if you want to make an unforgettable first impression – the perfect choice for Point-of-Sale, Out-of-Home, Digital Signage Networks, Trade Shows & Events and much more. 3D Autostereo Displays are modified industrial grade LCD flat panel displays ranging from 22″ – 65″ that are enabled to display crystal clear, high-definition 3D video content without the use of any special glasses. This multi-stereo technology is made possible through the precise combination of proprietary hardware, software, connectivity and content creation services. This “optical illusion” is perceived by the brain as a true 3D image. Holographic Displays Available in 40″ and 72″ display sizes, these displays are only recently available for US Sales. Holographic Foil Displays Real-Time Interactive 3D Autostereo & Holographic Displays LED Video

Aie Prod Audiovisual Label Margaret Heffernan Competition an incentive to cheat videoprojectiontool (tutorial VPT) This post is really an announcement for an updated version of my videoprojectiontool + a new handy cornerpin keystone application. But first some lines about another program, vvvv: The last few months I have spent some time working with vvvv, which is a graphical programming language similar to max and pd, but with a few distinct differences. First of all, it is windows only (It is based on directx instead of opengl), which is the main reason why I haven´t used it before. Second, it has a clearer focus on 3D than max/jitter. I had an interesting exchange with one of the jitter developers in the cycling74 forum a little while ago, where I was complaining about how such a useful thing as cornerpin keystoning is not available in jitter. And now, to the announcements: cornerpin keystone + v2.5 of videoprojectiontools I have made a simple application, based on the above-mentioned exchange in the cycling74 forum, for a very simple but effective cornerpin keystoning.