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Triple Boot OSX 10.5.7 on MSI Wind for OSX Newbies – OSX On Extended Partition (XP, Ubuntu, OSX) using GRUB » Skillful Means - not THE way, but A way This installation process includes working wireless and sound on OSX running on MSI Wind (without replacing any hardware), and OSX installed on an extended partition. Yes… really… The Break Down 1. Background – how I got to OSX on the MSI Wind U-100 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Background A few months ago I did a little research on what netbook I wanted to purchase. Fast forward a few months, I had purchased my MSI Wind and really fell in love with it. i decided to make the leap, change carriers, and pay the monthly charge for the IPhone. Pop back into mind the OSX on my Wind idea and with it the idea of learning what it would take to develop an application for the IPhone. Experience with running OSX on a VM After scanning the internet for instructions for how to get OSX on my MSI Wind, I thought it might be more trouble than it was worth. My first attempt was on Sun’s VirtualBox. My second attempt was on VMware. The operating system installed this way was so slow that it was not useful to me. 1. 2. or

GParted Live (ZIP-Version) Um die Partitionsgrößen von Festplatten während des laufenden Betriebs ohne Datenverlust zu verändern, benötigen Sie Spezialtools, die Ihnen dabei helfen. Genau hier setzt GParted ein. Mit dem Linux-Tool können Sie Ihre Festplatten-Partitionen überprüfen, vergrößern, löschen und kopieren. GParted Live: Windows partitionieren Damit auch Besitzer von Windows in den Genuss der Vorteile der Open-Source-Software kommen, gibt es diese spezielle Live-Version, welche auf beliebigen x86-Systemen läuft. Diese bringt neben einer Linux-Oberfläche (Xorg, Fluxbox und dem aktuellen Kernel) auch die Programme parted und fdisk, vi, ntfs-3g, partimage, testdisk, Terminal und Midnight Commander sowie ein Tool zum Erstellen von Screenshots mit. Dabei werden alle gängigen Datei-Systeme wie EXT, FAT und NTFS vom Tool unterstützt. GParted Live Update: Neue Linux Version Mit der neuen Version 18.x bekommt GParted die aktuelle Linux-Software als Programmoberfläche.

How to build the OS X Dell Mini 9 Hackbook – The Easy Way There are several guides on the Internet on how to install Leopard OS X onto a Dell Mac Mini 9. This setup creates a netbook affectionately known as the MacBook Mini or MacBook Nano. Most of these guides involve the creation of a USB installation drive or the use of an external DVD drive. In today’s tutorial I will explain how to avoid those ponderous steps. Building the fastest and most responsive Dell Mini 9 Mac for a price less than the stock Dell Mini 9 with the same specs and lower grade components from Dell is really quite simple and should take less than an hour. The one caveat is you will need to have access to a genuine Intel Mac machine. One of the nicest features of the Dell Mini 9 and OS X is that everything works right out of the box. This project should cost around $450-500 if you buy things frugally. You can pick up the base model which usually has a 4GB SSD (Solid State Drive), Ubuntu for the OS and 512MB of DDR2 memory since we will be replacing all these parts. 1. 2.

DivFix++ is #1 AVI Video Repair & Preview Utility Bona Fide Reviews - Make your CD/DVD burner go from internal to external Article There are few options for portable DVD burners. Most cost quite a bit more than similar internal versions. One of the available options is to make an internal DVD external by putting it into an enclosure. This option is not a well-known one, and because of that, not many people are willing to spend the money to see if it actually works. This guide is to help out in setting up an enclosure and drive so that the mystery and uncertainty is dispelled. Enclosures have many options available, such as what interfaces are available inside and out, how the power is processed, and what size it can handle. An important factor in choosing what enclosure to buy is the communications chipset. Enclosures also offer something that an external drive cannot, the flexibility to change what is inside. Here I present you a how-to guide on setting up a USB2 enclosure with a DVD+-R/RW drive. - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives Paul's complete guide to installing OSX Leopard on your MSI Wind / Advent 4211 - Netbooks @ MoDaCo Last update: 14/07/08 - video and images online! What you need to install OSX on your Wind Here's a list of what you MUST have to install OSX on your Wind... - An external DVD drive- A DVD containing Kalyway 10.5.2 install (you can find this on the usual 'torrent sites')- The Kalyway 10.5.3 upgrader (as above) on a USB stick or CD/DVD- The official 10.5.4 DELTA update from here on a USB stick or CD/DVD. And here's an item you really SHOULD have to install OSX on your Wind... - A proper licenced copy of Leopard Now, of course you could install without the above item, but i'm in favour of being fair to Apple. I also have upgraded my RAM to 2GB... very cheap indeed at! Disclaimer Of course, installing OSX on your Wind is gonna wipe whatever is on there already. Also, if anything goes horribly wrong, you're following my guide at your own risk m'kay? Before you start - ensure you have BIOS version of at least 1.05 installed! Step by Step - installing OSX on your Wind 1. 4. 26. 28.

OpenOffice Portable ist eine Version der Office-Suite für ein mobiles Medium: USB-Speicherstick, Speicherkarte oder einfach ein Verzeichnis auf der (mobilen) Festplatte. Sie funktioniert unter dem Betriebssystem Windows ab Version 98 (für Version 3.x ab Windows 2000 mit letztem Servicepack) und speichert Ihre Einstellungen auf dem mobilen Installationsmedium oder in dem Verzeichnis der Festplatte. Die aktuelle Version von Portable umfaßt das komplette Büropaket - mit einer Textverarbeitung, einem Tabellenkalkulation, einem Präsentationsprogramm, einem Zeichenmodul und einer Datenbank - alles gepackt als portable Anwendung. Sie können damit alle Ihre Dokumente sowie auch die notwendigen Anwendungen, die Sie zu deren Bearbeitung brauchen, überall hin mitzunehmen: Ihr Büro für die Hosentasche. Die aktuelle Version können Sie hier herunterladen. Diese Version enthält auch den Python-Support.